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Warwick Build Guide by StarChannel

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author StarChannel

Warwick Jungle Guide S5 (will be updated)

StarChannel Last updated on November 25, 2014
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Threats to Warwick with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Fiddlesticks When playing against fiddlesticks, try to get his second blue buff by rushing lvl 6 and warding it. You can steal his blue buff and kill him easy when you are lvl 6. When Even though he will be a teamfight beast in the lategame, you should wait until he uses his cc, then isolate their caary's by diving them or killing fiddle while tanking their backline.
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Hi readers,

This is a quick guide to warwick in the current preseason 5 jungle. This is my first guide, and it will be updated as soon as new patches arrive. This guide is is pretty standard and doesnt provide any strange or rare tactics. The build in this guide has won me alot of games and i wanted to share it with the world. I will also add new things that i learn and try to stay as up to date as possible. I'm not an experienced guide maker, but i hope you guys enjoy.

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Early game

In the early game you should try to farm up and get as many camps as possible. Try to rush lvl 6 and contest an objective. You can help a lane with pushing down towers really good with warwick, so i recommend helping the lanes to push a tower whenever possible. You must really try to get the first drake of the game. So you can take it over and over again.

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At this point in the game you are trying to finish your core items and push down all the outer turrets. Also get as many drakes as you can, communicate with your team to make sure you are all on the same page, warwick is a champion who can use his power to secure objectives really quick with the help of this team. Make sure you rotate with your team and burst down objectives. If you have an advantage you should always abuse this with warwick, he is really good at this.

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In the early stage of the lategame when you have finished your core items, you want to try to splitpush before you have any tank items. Nobody can take you down 1v1 unless they're really fed, so you can put a lot of pressure on the enemy team because they have to send more than 1 summoner to the lane that you are pushing. You can also almost one shot people with your ultimate, so try to trap them into getting to close to you. Also try to time every drake over and over again, so you get alot of stacks. You can solo drake in the lategame. If you or your team manage to catch someone of the enemy team, you should rush a baron or turret. This is really easy to do with warwick because of the amazing attack speed your team gets with your w. As soon as you have finished some defensive items, you can try to teamfight. In teamfights you want to shut down the enemy carry's. This can be done easily because of warwicks ultimate. Always try to use your ult when it cannot be interrupted. This requires some patience in some fights. What helps is to try to throw the enemy team of balance by isolating someone. This will make ulting someone alot easier.

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Power spikes/Pros

Warwick is all about abusing his power spikes, powers spikes are moments when a champion get stronger than other champions for a short time. Warwick's power spikes are: Lvl 6, when Finishing your devourer enchantment and when you have finished your wits end. The power spike with your wits end wil sometimes even allow you to one-shot people with your ultimate. You can delete anyone on the map during these power spikes and it allows you to create so much pressure on the map. Try to abuse these power spikes by ganking a lane or contesting an objective. Warwick is also really strong at taking down people who are out of position, making him very strong in low elo, because in low elo, there is almost always someone out of position.

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Clearing the jungle

Warwick has amazing sustain in the jungle, the best in the game. Warwicks pre-6 ganks are really weak, and thats why its important to clear the jungle quickly so you wont fall behind. You want to start with Gromp, smite it then take blue buff. You want to do this because after gromp you will be lvl 2 and have alot more sustain to take down blue buff by yourself, also you will have the buff from smiting gromp, wich improves your cleartime. Now you have 3 choices. You can take wolves, red buff or the raptors. If there is no pressure at all i recommend taking wolves then golems, smite it then take red buff. From there on you can chose to continue taking camps or you can choose to go base, gank, or ward some areas. If you think you have to get your red buff quickly because it will be stolen, or you want to back and get your smite upgrade quickly, i recommend taking redbuff after blue. You can also take the raptors, smite it and be sure there wont be any wards in your jungle, so you cannot be suprised. You should continue farming and getting vision control until lvl 6. Try to farm as much as possible when you cant contest an objective or when your ult is on cooldown etc.

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Warwick has alot of situations and moments in the game where he isnt that strong, im going to explain some of these situations wich you should try to aviod. The first situation is opening a teamfight. As soon as you get to higher elo people will know how to counter warwick and will play in a way so you wont be able to just walk up and ult their carries. They will counter you by building quicksilver, ccing you, or bursting you down before you can really down anything. It isn't impossible to open a teamfight with warwick. In low elo there is almost always someone out of possition who you can just walk up to and ult.