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Warwick Build Guide by TheDogDK

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheDogDK

Warwick Jungle, last alive (Not a fast guide, but also not t

TheDogDK Last updated on February 2, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Warwick and Me :D

Warwick is a melee champion, who are able to jungle without problems. In this guide am I going to explaing why he is great as jungling, and also how i jungle with him. This guide is my first guide(not only on mobafire, but at all)

I hope that I can get some comments, and maybe also some new items/guide ideas, althrough that I never have tryed a better build.

I Sorry a lot for my very bad English (specially gramma) :) But i am from Denmark and Danish are not just even a little like English

Another fact that i have found out through comments ;) Is that i have alot text, but I admit it... I am not good to make short texts.

I am still working on the guide, and try new items and the jungle changes, that come from season 3. Soon there will be new balanced items to could work in any game/situation. This build is still great for you never die, mostly few times and you damage will not be low in any way.

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Pros / Cons

-Easy jungling
-Fast jungling with the right items
-Dont need Cloth armor in start
-Early ownage...
-Hard to counter (With this build)
-Ulti with supress and nice damage.
-Looking really nice, special with Feral Warwick skin, just to show that YOU are the hunter, who never are getting hunted.

-Weak vs 2 or more, before getting HP items most of the time
-Are counteret alot by ignite (also before getting HP items)
-Are counteret by miss fortune 100% and others with reduce the health regeneration and the healing effects received by 50%
-Hard to really master (i do not meane hard to play but i meane really master him)
-Many call him noob champ XD.

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Summoner Spells

I recommend the use of Flash and smite.

I do that because Smite is the normal summoner spell that is used to finish big monsters like blue, red, dragon ect. Without taking too much damage, but also for stealing dragon and baron.

For this build gives alot HP so that you easy can go in steal baron and flash away.
Flash is recommendet because of its ability to give kills, or save your as*. Its a great spell and almost everyone have it.

You can also use ghost instead of flash, but sometimes i find it better to flash over wall + you have your E so that if an enemy are on low hp, you already run fast.

I haven't tryed other summonerspells on ww, because i dont find any of the usefull, he already got the healing, barrier can be helpfull, but you get so tanky anyway.

Teleport, Cv, Clarity are 100% not usefull. Through Cleanse can be used to remove effect like ignite so you don't get countered.

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This build is a high damage early build, so it need a few skills (yes skills, even as ww) The early attackspeed by Recurve bow is amazing to jungle fast + also make gank alot easyer if you have red buff (apply debuff faster and often). The Frozen Mallet do so that you not are so sqiushy in the lower levels,.

Always try to stay in the jungle (and gank) undtil you can afford Recurve Bow, when recall. After getting Boots and Blade of the ruined king, are the damage of ww insane, but in level 10-15 is he getting a little low on hp, not really low thanks to the Frozen Mallet, thats why i buy so mutch hp, its owns to be an offtank, and are also fashionable :).

All go offtank this days (as all champions) There is not really much more to say, only that with this build (and the runes) so can you as ww solo baron early, but then all are level 18 so are the baron so strong that you maybe need a teammate to damage it. (and i hate that, but it dont do anything important, 1 ally and the baron die easy.

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Skill Sequence

As Warwick, do i take Q first to get the extreame high healing. That makes jungling easy, after gitting blue buff can you spam Q as much as you want to. Then W for the attack-speed and increased healing from eternathirstww´s passive.

Last ability in early game (level 3) are E, you can't gank without E. And of course take ulti then possible (lvl 6, 11, 16).

An important note is to always try to spare you ulti if you have red buff, for then you have redbuff, then does your basic attacks slow the enemy and so would it be waste of ulti, while instead can you catch someone who use escape abilities like flash, Shaco´s Q, Katas jump, Le sin´s jump ect with your ulti you just spared.

I have seen many playing ww who wasted Ulti as the first ability for getting close to the enemy, while they acturally was having red buff, but if you have red buff so is it better to flash, or just run over to the enemy... You have boots for god sake. BUT remember "sometimes" is it better to use ulti to engage, that is a situational awareness.

If the enemy are close to tower (still outsite tower range) or a caitlyn trap is closeby, or you need to kill the enemy and get away fast ect. Then can it be better to press R and just get a nice kill, and then hopefully get away/survive.

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For runes do i use a little unormal choice. I take alot armor and a little MR. I do that because so I don't need to think about armor before mid-late game + as ww, can you take baron solo with only Boots, Rageblade and Frozen mallet (only if this runes are being used). For me does it mostly happends at level 16, so do i have the items, and just solo Baron.

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The masteries are for early survival + solo baron early like the runes. Its also give longer buff time, which are nice and very usefull.

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Creeping / Jungling

As Jungle ww, do I always go for blue early, so I can spam Q.

So i start Wolf, and fast go on to the blue. Most of the time is blue being pulled/damaged, if that is so, so is 1 potion enough to use(Keep the other potions for the dragon, if possible). But if no one pull, do you need 2-3 potions .

After blue are Wraths the target, but they are easy, after Wraths is it random if i take red or Golems.

But after taking both red and golem, is it (hopefully) time to first gank. After this is it just the route again and again. With some ganks ofc.

If it happends that the enemy team not have a jungler, then are the other jungle a nice "tablet of cooked food" for the hungry wolf... Always nice and a sure win when happening.

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Team Work

After through you are the jungler, then do you need to learn how others play so that you can do it right then you gank. It can be difficult, after some play good, others bad. (Dont rage over bad players).

In teamfights are you mostly one who wait for the enemy to engage, or let a tank engage. Are you in lategame when are you often the one who engage, especial because of you 4k hp and GA.

So is there nothing more to say to teamwork, besides work hard to learn how the common people play and use that experience to win games.