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Warwick Build Guide by Sir Reborn

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sir Reborn

Warwick, King of the Lane's

Sir Reborn Last updated on April 23, 2012
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 0

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 9

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Hello everyone. This is my version of how I think Warwick should be played. This is my first guide so please post a comment if you think there is something I should change/add to my guide.

I think that the lane suits Warwick the most. In this guide You will learn how to play Warwick, The King of Lane's, and dominate League of Legends.

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Team Work -- Why Lane-Warwick?

Many think that Warwick should be a jungler, at least during the start of the game. I think differently. I believe that the lanes suit Warwick the most. Why?

-Lets say that Warwick jungles when he was supposed to go top. The lanes now look like this
Top - 1 vs 2
Mid - 1 vs 1
Bot - 2 vs 2

Believe it or not, these uneven lanes make a Big impact on the game. Just as Warwick will get stronger in the jungle, the 2 enemy champions will be feeding your top lane champion and getting immensely stronger themselves. Much faster than Warwick if he jungled.

These two that farmed will easily reach 18 far faster than all of our teammates. And basicly, that's game.

If, however, Warwick would be at a lane, everything would be even. He would also get more champion kills and a big chance at 'Firstblood'.

**Note: Warwick would be better off at ether the top or the bot.***

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Marks and Quitesences

Greater Mark of Desolation
Greater Quintessence of Desolation

Lowering the armor of champions is essential. It doesn't matter if you have 300 attack damage, if your opponent has 50% physical damage reduction your only doing 150 damage. You've just wasted about 9000 gold on AD items that would have no effect. To solve this is simple, You just have to add some armor penetration. This will be useful throughout the game. At the start because you will be doing around 20% more damage than usual, and near the end because some random champion stacked on armor.

Greater Seal of Armor

Seals for Armor are extreamly useful with this particular build. Because in this build there isn't any armor based items until the last two, which would be near the end, the evasion runes will help you early on in the game.

Greater Glyph of Attack Speed

Glyphs on Attack Speed. Attack speed is crucial. The item builds also focuses on attack speed. It is very important and does more jobs than you think it might do.

- Say you have hit 100% attack speed and have 150 attack damage. You're now basically doing two hits instead of one. In other words that 150 damage is now actually 300 damage.

- It shall increase the speed at which you life steal, which will keep you alive longer when nearing low health

- For some items that have a stacking effect, like say your first item, The Black Cleaver, It shall stack faster and penetrate your opponents armor faster.

- If an opponent runs to a turret, you have more time to kill them before they reach the turret.


Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Attack Speed

Greater Quintessence of Lethality

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This skill is very useful in many ways. It not only slows opponents down but it also brings down their Attack Damage and Ability Power greatly!

  • If you are slightly losing a fight, use this skill and you will have the advantage!
  • If an enemy is at low health and is running to their turret, use this skill (along with Hunters Call) to take them out before they reach their turret!
  • If you are at low health and someone is chasing you, use this skill to make a getaway to one of your turrets! (Although Flash would be a better way to do this, the Exhaust skill has more overall uses than a Flash)
  • Also, a more strategic maneuver to use this move would be...
    when an idiotic enemy attacks you in your own turrets area and tries to leave, use this skill on him to allow the turret to attack him more before he leaves the turrets range.

Is also very effective to give you that extra edge in fights.
  • It shall make firstblood a high possibility at the start of a game.
  • If your champion is weaker, use this when he reaches half his health to win. It's better to use it halfway because if he has Heal, then its heal effect is reduced, giving you a greater shot at killing him than near the start, where the effect of it would ware off before he used his Heal
  • If you are fighting two champions, one of which is a support and has a healing ability, you can use this skill to minimize the healing effects the support is giving your enemy.


It is helpful when you are chasing someone, but its not as effective as you think. The enemy will still be able to get to the turret in time. This is only good for if you meet someone in the jungle or if someone is 1 hit away from dying.

This is every champions 'fallback skill'. Its good with any champion but there are better skills for warwick.

Is a good parry with exaust. It will increase your attack speed to kill them quick. It can help you when they are running away or in a 1v1 fight and your losing. The reason its not on the main build is because your (W) skill does these things.

Is good for when you have low Hp and the opponent is fast or has slowed you. Use this for a quick getaway. It also for chasing enemy's. Use this to go infront of them when they have low Hp, and running faster than you. If you do it behind them, then you only get 1 hit in IF YOUR LUCKY. if you go infront of them you could get as much as 3 hits in. Its not on the main build because Exhaust will do most of these things.

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For masteries, I believe warwick should go for a 21/0/9.

If you are not level 30, then don't put a single thing on utility and focus on Defence. The reason you want 9 points up for utility is because of Runic Affinity . It is extreamly useful but you need 8 points in utility to use it. Until you hit 30, Focus on defence instead of utility. It will be more useful than getting the other utility buffs that come before Runic Affinity .

You want 21 points up for Offence to get the last offence mastery, Executioner . It is very useful and works well with warwick's Blood Scent.

Sadly, with 21 offence points and 9 utility points this leaves nothing for Defence.


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Ability Explanation

Eternal Thirst: Think of this passive skill as a small life steal boost. Its useful near the start of the game but near the end you barely notice it working.

Hungering Strike(Q): This is a very effective skill. It both damages your opponent and gives you health. It is useful at any point in the game, beginning, middle, or end.

Hunters Call(W): This ability is very useful. It not only Greatly increases your attack speed greatly, but it also helps other champions near you. This is a very useful skill that you should always activate when engaging an enemy.

Blood Scent(E): After you upgrade this once, you shouldn't worry too much about it. It is indeed a useful ability but the level 1 upgrade is good enough and upgrading it further barely increases its usefulness. Upgrade this to level 2 after all of your abilities have been maxed out.

Infinite Duress(R): Warwicks ultimate is indeed a powerful skill. It greatly damages your opponent, while greatly healing yourself. It also counts as normal hits so your items stacks also...stack up... like The Black Cleaver's stacking power for example.

***Note, in this section, when I say 'skills' I mean abilities.

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Ability Sequence Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Infinite Duress Is your #1 priority. As soon as you hit 6/11/16, upgrade it.

Hunters Call Is your 2nd priority. It helps greatly in a fight and just gives you that extra edge in a battle, and it also helps teammate. When you reach a turret/inhibitor, use it. If an ally is on his way and is close to you, wait until he arrives to use it so you both benefit. For inhibitors however, I would use it immediately, because the enemy will quickly come to the inhibitor to kill you.

Hungering Strike is your 3rd priority. Just because its third doesn't mean its useless. On the contrary, its one of the best things about warwick. It's just that Infinite Duress and Hunters Call are more important.

Blood Scent Is your last priority. Upgrade it as soon as you hit level 3 and then don't upgrade it until you have all other skills at 5/5. It's useful, but its upgrades aren't THAT much better.

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My reasoning for having Boots of Speed as your first item is for the sake of helping you get 'firstblood'. Also, if mid requires help, you can get their faster.

The reason I do not have the tier 2 boots as your first main item build, is because the '1 movement boost' isn't as effective the second time. What I mean by that is the first movement boost point increases your movement speed by about 40 points. The second one, and every one after that, only increases it by 20 points.

Life steal is very helpful at the start, but you don't need the tier 3 zeke's herald any earlier than your fourth item. Get the Vampiric Scepter after you get your second main build item (the boots), and then finish building it into zeke's herald after you get your third main build item, Wit's End.

Main Build

  • : This will greatly help because of its passive stacking ability,
  • : This is good because at this point people will start to avoid you and thats when you need to chase them down.
  • : This is very important as it is your only protection from magic based attacks.
  • Zeke's Herald: This does many things for you and your team. The cooldown reduction will greatly help your ult, and your aura will make your team work together better.
  • : This is a great roundabout last item, Greatly increasing your hp, increasing your damage, and a very very good passive skill.
  • : This is a very good upgrade for your last item. It increases armor, attack damage, and attack speed, all of which will greatly help warwick. But the real reason you want this is because of its passive skill. Along with all the attack speed you have acquired from previous items, this passive skill will have an enormous effect on the end game. On top of basic attacks, it shall also stack with your ult (R) move which gives it all the more reason to get it.

    Because of its overpriced value of 3800, It shall take time to acquire, and by the time you would have acquired it at ether the start or end of the game, you would have been fed. This is why you should only get it as your last item.

Some alternative Items you might think about would be...


Instead of buying Berserker's Greaves, buy Ninja Tabi if your in a game with lots of Melee opponents, and your having a rough time.

If, however, the opponent mainly consists of mages, and there are mages in your line. Instead of buying Berserker's Greaves, buy Mercury's Treads

Trimate. This is useful for end game and early game. Early game because you will gain minion kills, levels, and gold much faster. End game because around level 14 ish the summoners will start to attack in large groups. This is very useful for that time, because no matter how much your AD or AS is, you can still only hit one at a time.

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Lane Partners

Picking your lane Partner.

Partners that you should try to avoid - Ranged and Mage types. Here are some examples.
, , , , .

Partners that you're OK with - Pure Offence and Support. Here are some examples.
, , , , .

The Perfect Partners for you - about 60% tank and 40% offensive power. Here are some examples.
, , , , .

My reasoning for this is because, ranged and mage types don't help much when two enemy's are ganging up on warwick. They don't share the damage, and if they did that would make the player a complete noob. This is very important at the start and early mid of the game when warwick isn't that strong.

Same reason for support as the range and mage types. But support is better as they not only attack the enemy, but they heal you and give you buffs. It sounds good but its not. The buffs and heals are weak at the start and thats when you need them the most. Thats why their better than ranged and mage types, but not the perfect set.

Pure offence people are good but they die WAY to fast at the start/mid of the game. Almost 70% of the time your going to be by yourself in the lane's when you have a pure offensive partner.
They do take some damage for you and leave the opponent quickly at low health or dead.

  • Between the pure offence and the support, I would suggest to go with the pure offence.

The Perfect partners for warwick would be ones that not only take most of the damage at the start, but also damage them and doesn't die often. They will help the most at the start and early mid of the game which is where warwick needs them the most


***Note, many people suck as Mordekaiser, but the people that know how to play as him will make good lane partners.

***Note Cho'Gath does fit this description but warwick just doesn't work well with him. Cho'gath is more of a mid lane/solo type of guy.

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Level 10 - Slight Jungling

When you hit level 10, there are a few things that you need to start doing.

There is a golem that gives a blue buff. It is a Very useful and important buff that will give you another edge in battle. You need to start making it a habit to go to kill it when you can.

HOWEVER, If one of your turrets is being attacked, or your lane partner requires assistance, aid them first. Always make it clear to the team when your going to leave your lane for something.

Here is the location of the golems

Second, There is a dragon. At level 10 you should be more than strong enough to take him. Kill him to give everyone on your team extra gold (190). In actuality, you could kill both the golem and the dragon earlyer, but you would spend much more time in the fight giving your lane partner a very hard time.

Here is where the dragon is located

It's respawn time is fairly short so when it appears kill it pronto.

**This does slightly count as jungling but its only for 1-2 minutes at most.**

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Special Thanks

A Special Thanks To Jhoijhoi, Who's Guide Helped Me Create My Own.