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Warwick Build Guide by Phinis

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Phinis

Warwick, livin' in the jungle: Infinite sustain

Phinis Last updated on November 30, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello my name is Phinis and I am Silver III in the BR server. However my low elo tactics are simple and effective, great for silver/bronze players.

In this guide I present you Jungle Warwick the master of sustain.

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For Runes I take:
- 9 armor seals.
Great for surviving the first clear and early fighting.
- 9 scaling magic resist gliphs.
As you will be jungling until lvl 6 you will mostly not encounter magic damage until late game.
- 9 scaling attack damage marks.
By the time you start building tank items your damage will not scale well so these marks will ensure you to be a pest in the late game too.
- 1 Health quint.
To survive in the jungle until lvl 6 and early battles.
- 1 Percent Health quint.
To make you more tanky as the time goes on.
- 1 Scaling Health quint.
Scales well with the percent health quint.

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For the masteries I take 5/4/21 focusing AS, Lifesteal and Spellvamp, jungle monsters damage reduction, improved pots, money and movement speed.
My masteries are mostly focused on farming giving lots of sustain and clear speed.

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Skill Sequence

Start with your W to give more power to your leash and max your Q asap for damage and sustain. Take your E at lvl 5 to win chases and get kills.
Overall the skill priority is R-Q-W-E.

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For Spells I mostly take Smite and Ignite (\m/...(>.<)...\m/) But if you wish Flash, Teleport, Ghost and Exhaust are good choices too.

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Creeping / Jungling

You should start jungling always on krugs with a leash from the bot or top lane and smite it to take the buff. Then proceed to the raptors and use a pot after you finish them to replenish your health. Then go to the red buff, your smite is ready now, smite and kill him. Then proceed to the murkwolves and fight them using only your W, you should be with about half mana here. After killing them go to the Gromp and smite him to take his buff. Kill the Blue buff with your autos and skills. Then make this route until you are lvl 6 or have 1850 gold: Raptors-Krugs-Murkwolves-Gromp-Raptors... using smite on Krugs and Gromp, using your pots when you are low on health. You can solo Dragon at lvl 8-9 depending on your items.

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Defending from counter jungling.

If the enemy jungler is a Shaco, a Rek'Sai or other invader you should forget about the chapter above and focus on playing defensively:
Start on the red buff and smite it . Then go to the krugs, just kill them. Then proceed to the raptors and smite them for the buff. After killing them ward the blue buff bush and go to the Gromp and just kill him. Then proceed to the murkwolves and smite/kill them if you want. Kill the Blue with smite if you didn't use it on the murkwolves. Then make this route until you are lvl 6 or have 1850 gold: Raptors-Krugs-Murkwolves-Gromp-Raptors... using smite on Raptors and Murkwolves, using your pots when you are low on health. You can solo Dragon at lvl 8-9 depending on your items.
If you find them in your jungle try to fight them or run away and ward your jungle defensively.

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You should avoid ganking below lvl 6 because you have no Gap Closer nor CC and ganking now would just delay your farming, giving no good reward.
When you reach lvl 6 follow these steps:
1-Find a lane (the closer the better)
2-Go there
3-Ult someone
Try to make this combo: R-Smite *wait for your ult to wear off* Q-W-Botrk. If he is escaping with low health and your laner will not make it in time use your ignite, try to leave kills for your teammates, you made yourself quite a lot of gold just farming.
You can dive a little if you have 100-50% health and you are sure to kill him.

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You trained the whole game for this, time to shine.
If you have enough health and defense you can start teamfights from nothing, otherwise try to find a window to ult the enemy carry. After you ulted him/her, his/her team will be focusing you, use your skills and spells to kill who you ulted, if they didn't die give up and go back to your team. Even with your E if you chase him/her/it you will probably die. After you ulted immediatly attack someone, you will be needing the lifesteal. Try to flee if you see that you will die. If you win the Teamfight and you survive it use your E to find and kill who try to get away.

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If you farmed correctly and the enemy team isn't very fed you can splitpush. In order to splitpush you need to be sure that you can 1v1 anyone on the enemy team, then you should buy an Elixir of Ruin to help you. Let your team know you will splitpush and tell them to not fight but keep poking and winning some time for you to take a tower or two. If someone come to stop you kill him/her/it/teemo, you can dive for it, unless it is in the inhibitor/nexus turret. If 2 people come for you, go back a little and tell your team to fight, as they will most likely win.

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Goodbye and thanks for the fishes.

This concludes my guide on Warwick jungle, Patch 4.20 preseason 5.
Leave a comment if you agree or disagree and if you would like me to make other guides on other champs. Thanks for reading.