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Warwick Build Guide by thebeastfromhell

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author thebeastfromhell

Warwick that will carry you to Gold (at least) [s4]

thebeastfromhell Last updated on February 11, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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First about myself:
Hey all, my name is Leon and im from Israel and im 30 (!!) years old :)
This is my first guide, but ill try to make it a detailed as possible and will try to update it frequently .
My summoner name is THEBEASTFROMHELL, i started playing about 6 mounts ago, climbed from B4 to S1 in season 3 and reached G5 in preseason of Season 4. Season 4 i started in S5 and i reached gold after about 150 games. My main this season is jungle ww, i also enjoy playing fiddle support or top with Nasus or Teemo.

Now about the guide:
The reason i make this guide is i disagree with most of the guides i saw so far regarding ww.
ive player over 100 ranked games with him ( all in silver tier) and after about 30 games with him i started to deviate from the standard guides and ive found that they work much better for me. My stats with ww are 7/3/13 (after 100 games) which im sure will be much more impressive if i could include there only the last 70 games with him.Somewhere in silver 2 i had a streak of 15 games in which i had less than 1!! deaths per game average. Right now when i play i can say for sure that if i die more then 2-3 times a game that im doing a ****py job, since WW should really die only in very specific situations that may even not accrue during full 40-60 minutes game

here are stats of some of the good games ive had :
In this guide ill try to give you some tips to become a better jungler, at least better then the jungler in the enemy team, but regardless all that you will read, there is no real substitute for practice.

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The seals/marks/glyphs are standard, flat attack and deference for early game ans scaling magic resist for late game.
Greater Seal of ArmorX9
Greater Mark of Attack DamageX9
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic ResistX9

The quints - all attack damage/lefesteal/movement speed are all valid choices.

Greater Quintessence of Life Steal X 1
Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage X2
Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

Attack speed is also popular but i would not recommend it

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This is very un-orthodox but i believe you need points in all 3 of the trees - try it , if it wont work for you go for the standard 0/21/9 or 9/21/0 or even 21/9/0 masteries.
I do believe that 9/9/12 is more suitable to this guide

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

In other words : R>Q>E>W and again E>W !

This is one of reasons i make this guide, unlike most guides i think warwick "e" is way way way underestimated, it offers much more for your team in terms of map pressure and chasing abilities than your "w".
Your "w" will be needed the most in late game 5vs5 tf, but in early stages "E" is more important

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flash and smite. nothing other is viable.
Flash & Smite

you need smite in the jungle and you need flash to escape or to initiate.

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I play same 5 items in most of the games (unless you are getting a very bad start), 6th item is the only one that vary.

Order is the following, you start with Total Biscuit of RejuvenationX2, Hunter's Machete , Stealth Ward and Warding Totem. You should use the first biscuit when you stealing enemy red and the other one will might be used in ganks.

ill explain my regular start in the jungling section

with your first back you should get:
Spirit Stone to help you will your mana issues and Ninja Tabi (i build them almost every game, unless their apc is fb adn getting fed)
the items you should rush next are:
Spirit of the Ancient Golem, Wit's End, Spirit Visage and Iceborn Gauntlet
i believe you must have an item with slow build in it, since you will be allays able to catch your low health opponents, cause of your "e" but with this item your teammates ill be able also.

last item is situation dependent, choose one of the following:
Frozen Heart / Zephyr / Ravenous Hydra / Blade of the Ruined King / Frozen Mallet

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Pros / Cons to Jungling

first of all - about the role of jungler,
i saw this somewhere on the web and its quite correct
Jungler is the only role that really HAVE TO MAKE DECISIONS. Those are not decisions like :
if i should go back to shop to buy items or i should kite or i should go all in and get a kill..
The decisions you make must be for the greater good, in which you will not benefit directly, like a decision to counter gank just so your teammate wont die or to stay around a line and babysit just so your mid lanaer akali could farm till lvl 6 - in those kinds or decisions you will only lose your farm and get behind your enemy jungler but it will be more beneficial to your team later game.
Another time of decisions you will have to make is what lane to gnak. All your lanes would love if you will come by and get a kill or force a flash, but there only 1 jungler for all 3 lanes and you must farm/get buffs/get drake. This kind of decision is harder, and most likely you wont have all the information ( like which lane will be stronger and will have the ability to carry you) you need.
It's a hard life, and be ready to get flamed if you dont gank enough or gank to much or losing your buff or not getting a kill when you gank. There are players that will see you as the one and only reason why they lost their lane and those exact kind of players will see themself as the one and only reason why they win their lane.. but the button line is - YOU will make the calls that will decide of the game in the late stages, for example calling when you do baron or when you trap it. Most of the games are decided by barons, whenever you spot the exact moment when your team is gathered mid and the enemy adc is farming bot so the baron is free or you will successfully steal baron or you will lose it - those decisions are the ones that will decide the game, if you want to be the decisive factor of the game and carry it ( not exactly by playing as a carry, but by making the calls when other players are your pawns in a game of chess) - jungler is the role for you

why WW :
* you will always be full health in the jungle so people wont even think coming to your jungle, on the other hand should spend as much as possible of your time in their jungle
* gank after lvl 6 = kill
* ww is strong in every lvl of the game
* most of the game you will be the fastest champ in the game cause of your "e"

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Team Work

This is the most important section in the guide, since no matter how good are you, or how good is your score and how fed is your adc and mid you most likely will lose the game if the other team have a better teamwork.

As far as i see it teamwork has so many aspects, and all of the important, so lets start



. I see it almost every guide but i rarely see players buying wards after the laning phase is over. After the rules changed in Season 4, buying a pink ward which cost just 100g is not really a big deal. If 2 or more players will place pink wards in strategic places (baron/drake/bushes in the river) your team will get so much map control that after you will catch 1 or 2 enemies and kill them (which will return your "huge" investment) the enemy team will fear to go even in their jungle , which will leave to your team more free farm and also will benefit your team as physiologically and will cause their team to flame their support which is a great thing! :)



Informing lanes if you think they will get ganked. You dont have to gank to help your laners, a simple ping can save a life of a teammate. Since unlike other players in your team, you dont need to last hit or to avoid skill shots while you farimng in the jungle, you should spend this time looking at the map/lanes/items on the other champs/predicting where the enemy jungler is.
For example if your top lane is warded and enemy jungler is going top, you should be most likely to see him coming a few seconds before the top laner since he is busy farming, so a single ping on the map can make a difference between death of your teammate or wasted time of the enemy jungler.



grouping when needed



taking objectives together or split pushing



Understanding how all other players in your team play (smart/defensively/aggro/flaming/good with the mechanics of their champ)

the order of those is from the most important to lest important, but you really should get all of them this way you can make better calls.

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Here ill explain how i usually start my games ( when opponent starts in blue as well)

You should ask for help with your blue and inform your teammates that you are going to steal red.
Also ask the top/bot lane to ward your red buff at 1:45.
After blue you go directly to the enemy red buff, on the way you ward the bush (marked with yellow star with your trinket. After this pull the red lizard to the bush (marked with green circle) and start killing it. While you are doing this keep your eyes on the closest lanes to you - mid and bot/top if you see any of them going back - STOP and go back to your jungle( this usually means that they warded their red).

After stealing red, you will need to make your first decision, look at the health of your closest lanes (mid and top/bot), look who is pushing, and decide
* if you want to try a gank top or bot always approach from behind (marked by black 4 point star) and leave your ward in that bush so you will know when the enemy jungler will show up.
* if you decide not to gank bot/top you should go to your red, you will go through your mid lane, so try to make a best out of it, again approach from behind ( marked with black rectangular) most likely you wont get a kill, but if your mid laner have some kind of cc you might get a flash
* after this leave your ward to cover the entrance from the river to your red (marked with blue triangle). At this point you should understand when the enemy jungler is - its possible he stole your red if it wasnt warded or you should see him passing your yellow totem. Here is where you need to make another decision. Sometimes the enemy jungler will be sure that after you stole your red he can steal yours and will just go straight to your red. this way you should just hid and start asking for assistance since this is a guaranteed a first blood for your team, since you will see him entering your jungle from your ward.

After all this action (whenever you got a kill/assist or just you stole the red buff) you must focus on farming. You dont need to go back cause of your "q" and your passive so just go camp to camp and clear it.

The next action should be happening around 7th minute, when blue buff respawning. If by some chance enemy jungler will try to make a gank around 6:20-6:50 you can go straight to their blue and try to steal it, when you do this again you must pay attention to enemy champs and also try to use your yellow trinket so you will be able to see them and will have a time to escape.

You should always ask your mid laner (if he a mana champ) if they want blue - many times mid laners pass on their blue for their reasons - those are good news for you since you will hit lvl6 after second blue.

ill stop here and will wait for responses ( if they come)

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Since its my first guide im sure ive made many mistakes making this guide so id appreciate your responses.