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Singed Build Guide by NeshkeBGD

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NeshkeBGD

Watch out I'm fast and toxic!(solo top guide)

NeshkeBGD Last updated on June 5, 2012
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Welcome to my Singed-Solo Top guide.
I will explain the paths of the build:
2.Who is Singed?- Singed's lore.
3.My masteries.-explaining what my masteries grant me.
4.Why do we use this skill sequence?-giving a clear look on early game,and a bit more.
5.What do we get of these runes?-explaining what my runes grant me.
6.What is primary use of my build.
7.Why Ghost and Teleport?
8.Will I survive?
9.Pros/ Cons.
10.Do I need a mate to help my lane?
11. Singed is very special!-I compare Singed with similar characters.

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2.Who is Singed?

Singed is a Mad Chemist.He was born in Zaun and he is battling for Noxus.We will hear something about his lore:

Singed descended from a long line of Zaun's revered chemists. Even in his youth, his talent for concocting potions far outstripped that of his peers, and he quickly distinguished himself from his less extraordinary chemist compatriots. It came as no surprise to anyone when he was selected for apprenticeship by the infamous Warwick, master apothecary on a lucrative retainer with the Noxian military during their campaign against Ionia. Within Warwick's laboratories, Singed toiled without end, rapidly absorbing every detail of his predecessor's deadly craft. Singed had little concern for the death and destruction that was the fruit of his labors. By the time the curse of lycanthropy descended to claim his master, Singed was poised and eager to make the transition from workhorse to innovator; he was ready to share his genius by bringing a new brand of suffering to the Ionian front. His zeal for progress was unquenchable, and when suitable test subjects proved to be in short supply, the eager chemist was often thought to turn his volatile mixtures on his own flesh.

When the uneasy peace created by the League of Legends settled on the world, Singed journeyed to the one place where he was still able to showcase his beloved craft: the Institute of War. By this time he was barely even a man, his body both ruined and sustained by his ingenious craft. A thousand burns – accidents of shadow and flame – mar his ravaged form, and exposure to such harsh conditions has deadened his nerves, hardened his body, and strengthened his physique, transforming him into a veritable juggernaut. This, combined with a formidable arsenal of deadly concoctions, make Singed a force to be reckoned with on the Fields of Justice.
My deadliest dose shall bear my patron's name!
Singed, having just christened the Insanity Potion.

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3.My masteries

My masteries are 0/18/12.

I'm picking a bit of Armor and Magic Resistance,HP per level and HP regeneration.Also,I get a bot more HP,movement speed and cool-down reduction form my Defense masteries.

I choose to master Teleport,more mana and mana regeneration,faster Recall and even more movement speed for my Utility masteries.

If you like (but I would not choose that) you can even get Magic Penetration in your Offense masteries.

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4.Why do we use this skill sequence?

It is so easy to guess.I am maximizing Poison Trail because of Singed's great mobility.I go then for Mega Adhesive because that way I can kill my enemies with ease if I am using my Poison Trail smartly.When I get Insanity Potion I am not afraid to attack.As long as it's off cool-down I cannot die.Of course I will grab it on the level I can,without exception.

It should be looking something like this:
1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16 -17 -18

Huh,sorry guys,I didn't know how to separate numbers other than lines.If someone knows,please tell me.

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5.What do we get of these runes?

- Greater Mark of Mana-gives me more mana early game which is very important for my Poison Trail and a bit for my passive(or if you like more-innate).

- Greater Seal of Health-gives me a bit of HP early game,which can improve my survivability.

- Greater Glyph of Magic Resist-gives me magic resistance which is good against AP solo tops(or don't have to be solo).

- Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed-gives me a bit of movement speed for bonus mobility.

If you would like to count to see how much stats you get:
1.mana- I get 53.19 and HP- 13.2975(I didn't concentrate to get HP early on but I've got 13.2975 which can help if you are lucky to survive an ignite).

2.HP-I get 48.15 HP to aid me early game.

3.magic resistance-I get 12.06 magic resistance which is useful.

4.movement speed-gives me 4.5% more movement speed.

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6.What is primary use of my build?

To be honest,it may look stupid,but it isn't at all.My point of build is to run around with Poison Trail toggled on.That will damage to your enemy a lot more than you can imagine.
Along with all items I posses: Ninja Tabi- will reduce all attack by 10%,will give you armor and movement speed, Banshee's Veil- will block next spell,will give me both mana and health and magic resistance, Rylai's Crystal Scepter- will trigger slow when I am using Poison Trail,also gives HP and AP, Frozen Heart- will slow enemy attack speed,and gives me mana(with mana goes HP) and armor, Force of Nature- will give me imaginable amount of HP regeneration which can be combined with Insanity Potion to get crazy amount of HP regeneration and give me magic resistance and movement speed,and finally Rod of Ages (which I build first) will give you crazy amount of HP,some mana and AP.

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7.Why Ghost and Teleport?

I use Ghost and Teleport for a high mobility and movement through the map.With Ghost I can chase,slow(with Mega Adhesive or Rylai's Crystal Scepter), Fling enemies backwards and deal damage as well with my Poison Trail.With Teleport,I can almost guarantee my team that I won't lose any tower,and I can Teleport back in my lane when I am in my base or anywhere at the map.

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8.Will I survive?

Sure!Singed is really one of the easiest champions to master,and if you ask me,he is one of the best solo top champions in the game!How can I survive,I will show in the next chapter.

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-One of the most mobile champions in the game.
-Deals heavy damage with his Poison Trail.
-Very good survivability.
-Very annoying laugh for enemies.
-Very high speed.
-Very good sustain.
-Can beat multiple champions when he has Rod of Ages.
-Has an excellent innate(passive).

-Crowd control effects break him(such as slow and stun).
-He is not so strong until he gets Rod of Ages.
-His Poison Trail is not so effective early game.
-He is dead(like many mages) when he is out of mana.
-Must always tower dive,because of his giant HP(so if you get caught be enemy champion who has stun and slow(such as Leona), Singed is down).

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10.Do I need a mate to help me in my lane?

No,you can easily defeat 2-3 champions mid-late game when you get Rod of Ages,but ganks are always good.

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11.Singed is very special!

To show you how different Singed is from different tanks or mages we will give a few champions as an example:

Singed vs. Cho'Gath

-Very Mobile.
-He must have ultimate to be efficent.
-Has no burst damage, Singed is DPS.

-Not so mobile.
-He can use ultimate anytime.
-Has good burst damage.

Singed vs. Maokai

-Can only slow.
-Cannot dash.
-Doesn't have a ranged damaging ability.
-Does have DPS ability.
-Very fast champion.
-Can run to save himself.
-Spends mana slowly over time(when he gets Rod of Ages he overcomes that problem).

-Can knockback.
-Can dash.
-Has ranged damaging ability.
-Does not have DPS ability.
-Does not need to be fast.
-Must endure to save himself(can also run but Singed is running more efficiently).
-Eats mana like crazy(most of the time)!

Both Maokai and Singed are twisted.

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Singed will easily farm with Poison Trail when he gets Rod of Ages(just to save his mana for champions).

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In this chapter I will gather everything I know a about Singed.

If you are playing as Singed:
-He is very mobile champion,use your insanity potion],[[mega adhesive, Poison Trail and Ghost to damage your enemies badly.
-When running,always be sure toggle on your Poison Trail.
-Also when running,often change your direction,so enemies will be poisoned few times while chasing you.
-When farming toggle on your Poison Trail and walk through minions,you can also pull this way.
-Be sure to toggle on Poison Trail when you Fling your opponents behind yourself.
-When you are using Mega Adhesive,be sure to use it near allied turret with no enemy minions and Fling enemy champion back into the turret range.
-When retreating,it would be good to use Mega Adhesive in front of enemy champions.
-You can use your Fling to toss enemies back into friendly champions.
-Use Insanity Potion whenever you can on the battlefield.
-Find a route while being chased by enemy champions(try to find a circle to run around it) and leave Poison Trail behind.
Buy early Sapphire Crystal and 2 HP potions and be sure to turn that into early Rod of Ages.
-Do not build Sunfire Cape if you are going solo top because it is in recommended section.

Fighting against Singed:
-Avoid chasing him.
-Avoid to face him near tower as he can always activate Mega Adhesive and Fling to toss you back into turret range.
-You will be a bit more secure if you buy Banshee's Veil when he buys Rod of Ages.

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Thanks for seeing this guide,voting or leaving a comment(or both).
I wanna say thanks to BBCode guide.