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Alistar Build Guide by Christopher100

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Christopher100

We keep our milk in the jungle

Christopher100 Last updated on July 1, 2012
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Alistar Jungle

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey, i'd like to welcome you to my guide of the most over powered jungler in the game, forget lee sin, forget trundle, forget all of them GO Alistar JUNGLE! your team deserves the best give them alistar!

Anyway, all that aside i'm Christopherr100 of Eu East/Nordic I decided i'd make this guide as I always play alistar jungle and every time I do I tend to get "omg troll alistar is support" and end the game with an average of 5 friend requests and people asking me to "learns me alistar junglez". I currently have 12 "students" and they don't regret asking me to help them lol

Comments are appreciated

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Pros / Cons

You're a cow and that means you've got too many jokes to taunt the enemy with.
You have a self heal.
You have the summoner Spell Cleanse Buffed and built into you.
You're Alistar you just cannot die no matter how much they try hard.
2 Stuns nuff said.
You harass like a boss harasses his secretary.
There is no escaping Alistar
your bot lane doesn't 100% need a support you can put a counter AD (like mantheon) on bot lane instead.
??? what are cons? lol I don't see any downside to alistar

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For runes i use Armor seals and Mooooove speed quints (get it?) other than those I would say your rune page is open to variation. Magic Resist always helps with ganking mid lane and magic pen just means your spells including your passive does more damage.

Before i bought my magic pen marks i use AP marks and they worked fine but the moment i changed i started getting more kills on ganks and shaved off 3 seconds from my average jungle time.

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Before i start talking about items let's face it you're a tank.

Boots of Mobility with this you can gank bot lane then mid within a 60 second window
Philosopher's Stone If you can give me a reason not to get this I'll eat my socks.
Heart of Gold Kage's Lucky Pick Gold Per 10 Items mean even if you fall behind you don't become useless and you will always get gold for your build.
Thornmail Gotta have armor AD Carry's hit like a truck if they're not killed.
Athene's Unholy Grail What can i say? it's Blue Buff with AP
Shurelya's Reverie help your team escape or catch that ace who could escape without this item.
Randuin's Omen This item's only down side is it doesn't have magic resist.

Potential others:
Force of Nature Magic Resist and move speed AND health regen? thanks i love it!
Warmog's Armor Well you are a tank aren't you?
Trinity Force This helps You with health an on hit slow an on hit extra damage extra AP Extra Move Speed Extra Damage all around.
Rylai's Crystal Scepter Make Everything you do more potent and make Pulverise a slowing effect on top of stun.
Rabadon's Deathcap Extra AP never hurt anyone.. except your oponent.
Soul Shroud Well you could always have a little extra mana regeneration if you're hitting a spell every time it's off cooldown.
Spirit Visage Magic Resist and heal yourself a little more? got guys give the enemy a chance!
Frozen Heart

I am sure i've missed some items but if i went through every item that is good for alistar i'd be here all year and probably say something stupid like "alistar would also be good with an AK47"

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Summoner Spells

Smite Is a Must have for ANY jungle I don't care what any of you say if you don't smite as jungle you're not a jungle you're just a roaming laner. Without smite you can't secure baron or any of the buffs or dragon and on top of that for alistar using smite could save your life as it lowers the cooldown of your heal (I won't go into detail on how many times it has for me)

Flash Flash is just plain op I mean for alistar I am sure you can't name any other summoner spell that lets alistar get behind the enemy in a split second allows him to headbut them to the turret then stun them in place then put on his shades and walk away as with the ziggz explosion in the background like a real action hero

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Alternate Summoner Spells

Alternate Summoner Spells for Alistar Jungle are as follows:
Ghost Well what can I say? it's Shurelya's without the gold cost and With Shurelya's only Miss Fortune with Ghost and Boots of Mobility will escape you.
Clairvoyance Well it'll save you wasting time checking the buffs and helps if you have a lazy support on top of that there is nothing more funny that standing the other side of blue buff at the start and smiting it before they can secure it :D. On top of that it allows you to jump walls and get that ad carry who thought they'd escaped you
Clarity Face it you're going to run out of mana at some point.
Heal You have your own heal but this one is more potent.
Exhaust Yeah.... you don't have enough disables do you?
Ignite Secure that kill or make sure that the one you ganked must go back with no other choices available.
Cleanse For when your ultimate is on cooldown.

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Skill Sequence

Pulverize should ALWAYS be first on Alistar Jungle or else you won't survive blue buff. At Level 2 you must decide "will i gank level 2 or level 3?" if the answer is level 2 get Headbutt and gank the nearest lane to you (I prefer mid or top lane as bot lane is probably the only lane that could kill you as they can 2 man you down).
If you answer your own question with Level 3 get Triumphant Roar and gank after you get red buff. Once you hit level 6 you should put on your "No Fear" T-shirt and gank even if they're under the turret.

Maxing Triumphant Roar after Pulverize is essential if you don't do this you aren't Mr shades who can't die you're almost as bad as teemo with a tanky build.

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As Alistar you are the most powerful ganking champion in the game to make the most of your potential gank from behind and initiate with Headbutt and then walk up to them ( Flash if required but try not to waste it) then Pulverize to stop them escaping... If all goes well you will have secured a kill. If all goes wrong you'll push them out of lane. If all goes extremely wrong then you will literally have pushed them out of lane and should rethink how you was ganking.

At level 6 you will grab Unbreakable Will and whenever this isn't on cooldown you should use it to dive turrets and gank the enemy under the turret. I am sure you've all jungled before and thought look at that veigar there sitting under his turret while he's all like "hehe jungler can't get me i'm safe under turret mid can't get me without taking turret damage" with alistar this isn't true. pop your ultimate get behind that turret headbut that veigar to your mid and let the gragas sing as there is no fat lady.

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Right i'm going to tell you exactly how to do your jungle sequence any variation are up to you but this is how I do it.

Start with wolves and get those protecting you to assist with killing them while you tank the damage once they are dead rush to blue get mid to pull. the moment mid pulls hit Pulverize and keep punching him like moohamad ali smite to finish him off, after you've killed blue assuming you continue jungling instead of start ganking go for wraiths and hit Pulverize wait for your passive to finish before hitting Triumphant Roar once they are dead go straight for red and same rules apply as with wraiths and make sure you kill with smite.
Now you're ready for ganking from now on wraiths are free farm for mid laner and you should make sure they know this.

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Team Work

In Team fights your job is pretty much everything, you initiate you heal you tank you disrupt and above all you never die coz you're Alistar.

To initiate Headbutt to get into the middle of their group and instantly hit Pulverize so they can't do anything then hit Triumphant Roar if you get focused with cc's or damage you should hit Unbreakable Will you must make sure that anyone who is low can't escape and anyone who is trying to kill your AD carry gets a face full of your fists with Pulverize.

Staying near minions is always best for alistar as it means he can heal himself and his team more if you are low but noone is around stay near minions and just spam Triumphant Roar as you farm up more gold. If you are running from the enemy and you're low health near minions Triumphant Roar hit smite on the nearest enemy minion then Triumphant Roar again and you've regained a fairly large chunk of your health.

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This is my Second Guide and first one never got any comments or anything. I will keep updating and Will highly appreciate your critisisms please when commenting keep in mind this guide will never be finished.