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Ezreal Build Guide by KingHeshieh

AD Carry Welcome to the future. Hi i'm Ezreal.

AD Carry Welcome to the future. Hi i'm Ezreal.

Updated on May 27, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author KingHeshieh Build Guide By KingHeshieh 8,361 Views 2 Comments
8,361 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author KingHeshieh Ezreal Build Guide By KingHeshieh Updated on May 27, 2015
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Who am I? And why I made this guide!

Hello everyone, I'm KingHesham. A simple silver player from Eune Server, OKAY I'M SORRY DON'T STOP READING MY GUIDE ;-; I have mained Ezreal for quite the time and I would love to help other Ezreal players get to know this champ and get better with him, as known, everything come from practice.
From all the champions, why Ezreal? Why I chose him to be the first champ i'm making a guide on?
Well simple, Because he's awesome! His kit is one of the greatest kits for a sustainable damage adc, As he is very safe, Easy to pick up and play effectively.
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Pros and Cons

Pros :
+ Decent Laner.
+ High Kill potential, depending on the match-up.
+ One of the safest ad carries in the game.
+ Good kit.
+ shines mid game/ late.

Cons :
- Easily killed, if not positioned correctly.
- Weak early game.
- gets out damaged by other Adc's at some point in the game, can't really get back if behind. (looking at those IE champs)
- In need of peel, tons of peel to do full damage effectively.
- Bruh, Skillshots.
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Okay, there are some basic tips, and some other mental tips for the player himself.

> Okay, As Ezreal, try to kite and poke a lot, before teamfights, gives your team the confidence needed for engage, and perhaps better outcome after the fight, might not end up losing any teammates and acing the other team.
> Use your Ult to engage, Not to just grab on kills.
> Know how to position yourself. Ya know, Simple adc mechanics, hide behind your tanks, and always move while attacking.
> at some point, you ain't gonna catch up to the enemy, but your teammates can, use your W to give them more attack speed, and grabbing a free assist. Yes, assist are better than nothing.
>Kills aren't everything, Don't go "report team ks noobs" every time you don't get a kill, boo hoo, no one cares if you don't get 23/2 every game, help your teammates catch up, specially your tanks, since they peel for your squishy butt.
> Use W,E to get yourself more attack speed, while killing a turret, or proc your sheen/Iceborn, gives out more damage son.

Okay now, some mentality things for you Ezreal players.
Look at the enemy adc, damn son, IE, Shiv, LW, damn this guy can auto the fudge out of everyone. guess what,this kind of thinking is your worst enemy as ezreal, it gets you afraid to auto attack, so you only rely on your Q's, well, unless you're DoubleLift, And don't miss a single Q or R. Don't forget to auto, It doesn't really matter if you don't have IE as ezreal, You're strong! Go for the trade, Auto attack, get your Q's on, you do more damage than you expect. Auto, Q, Auto Q. Use your W, help your teammates, those AA reliant top laners, mid laners, Or if you have a braum, more autos, faster stuns.
If you're not confident on choosing Ezreal, don't. because it will put you on tilt, Remember that game where the enemy Vayne got a penta? yeah, will happen again. This kind of **** will make you lose confident in your play style, and Ezreal skills and outplay potential!
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Marks - Take 8 physical damage marks, standard for any kind of Ad champion, I like to take 1 crit mark for a lucky hit in a trade.

Seals - Standard armor yellows.

Glyphs - As ezreal, you're in need of CDR to get your maximum damage on, and for better trades early, easier and faster spam when you get your tear. Some times, i tend to get 3 scaling Magic resist glyphs, just for the extra defense vs an ap support and midlaner.

Quins - As an Adc, you really need the attack speed, no matter what type of Adc you are. specially, you'll hit hard as ezreal with all that attack speed and damage.
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Okay, Items discussion.

(Okay I'm sorry this isn't such a fancy guide i never done this ; - ; So i'm just gonna put the names instead of icons.)

I'll be talking about the items that confuse people when it comes to buy only.

Okay, the great war, every Ezreal player gotta get in every single game.
3 words.
"Tri or Iceborn?"

Well, it's pretty simple. Look at your team and the opposing team.
They got hard engage, Malphite? Ahri? Jax?
Your team is okay, but needs more damage out put?
You're too fed? Team is kinda sloppy, so they just protect you?
Then Go triforce, try to escape those tanks, survive, it gives you tons of good stats.

You're getting **** on early game, yet still farmed up and got a nice set of kills and the enemy adc falls off late game?
Your team lacks CC, and the enemy has no reliable escapes?
Your team is doing awesome, and you don't want to look useless?
Wanna get tankier?
Then go Iceborn, Better deffensive stats, be just effin annoying. It gives more power to your ult than tri, more ap. Personally, I prefer this item over triforce, I just love to bring more cc to the team comp, even if i'm in a heavy cc comp. CC and sustained damage are the key in teamfights in my opinion.

And now, What lifesteal item you should get?

Well, Best choice is Blade of the ruined king.
This item gives you so many good stats, specially in the current tank meta, and bork's passive is proced by Ezreal's Q. You're gonna melt tanks with it very fast. Just imagine the damage you do with blade, Last whisper, Muramana active.

Second choice you go with Bloodthirster.
You take this item if you can't survive that much in team fights and getting focused, or when they enemy team comp is basically carries, it gives you the needed sustain and the damage to one shot them.

Okay, Now to the least choice. Reaver.
Reaver is a bit overrated in my opinion, as it's very pricey, I recommend it for new ezreal players, who can't really manage their mana, and running trifoce and looking for that extra CDR.
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Thank you!

Thank you all for checking out my guide! I hope it helps you, it's my first guide after all, so it has tons of mistakes. Please, If you have more information about ezreal in high elo, hit me up so i can change some of the things i've said.

Please Like it and help it reach to the top!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author KingHeshieh
KingHeshieh Ezreal Guide
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Welcome to the future. Hi i'm Ezreal.

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