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Draven Build Guide by shizonme

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author shizonme

Welcome to the League of DRAVEN!

shizonme Last updated on June 25, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I want to give credit to the only person i've actually gotten credit from.


guide on making a guide -

She did a great job, i actually stole some of your images as well so i hope you don't mind!

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Alright, so I know that Draven is a pretty decent AD Carry and a lot of people are falling in love with this champion at a staggering rate but I wanted to put my own information to a guide. I found after playing against and as Draven that he relies heavily on his support, almost more than any other AD carry, from early to late game he needs to have that sustainability from his support in order to be successful, so when using this guide, make sure you have a good sustaining support or else it probably won’t work.

Prior to this build I created a build and there were some comments directing me to seek some coding information surrounding the use of the guide editor and such. After reading that girl’s guide on how to create a proper guide I took the time to test out my newly learned tricks and tips within this guide. If you would like to leave me some general feedback on how you think I did, please do so, I’m really looking forward to hearing from you. However, please remember I’m still learning how to create a great guide and in order to do that I need to practice with the editor and other tools.

If you want to play or looking for some queue partner, add me – T R I B U S H

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Pros / Cons


  • Great killing ability
  • Capable of getting quad to penta kills no problem
  • Best guide for mobility
  • Easy to poke the other team
  • Late game carry will be the ideal option for this build
  • Great finisher in team fights


  • Easy to be killed if focused
  • Won't be successful without Sustaining Support
  • Must be farmed consistently throughout the entire game
  • No initiation method
  • Requires tanky front line of team mates

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Team Work

As mentioned above in the introduction, you’re going to require a good sustaining support. I always play Draven if I know my support personally, however, as long as you have someone who you actually know or at least think is a good support than playing Draven is pretty much safe. I require my team mate to pick a good healing support, shield supports with Draven aren’t really beneficial, having that extra sustain in the lanning phase will allow Draven to farm up, which is super required to even play Draven properly.

Here's some supports that i enjoy playing with:





Here’s the support picks I strongly recommend:

Alistar = He has a very good sustain Triumphant Roar, he also gives Draven the tanky front line Unbreakable Will required to be successful - # 1 Pick Overall

Soraka = Mega sustain Astral Blessing Infuse, however doesn’t really provide you with the tank front line that is required - # 2 pick overall

Galio = Mega tank front line, however, there’s no real sustaining other than his shield Bulwark. Really good choice if you require tankiness on your team over sustainability

Here’s the support picks I don’t recommend:

Lux = Minimal sustain, will KS your kills in bottom, weak character unless played with a strong initiating AD carry

Lulu = Not much to be said other than its Lulu, don’t play it.

Jarvan IV = Provides you with the tankiness but not really the type of support to sustain you throughout the entire match

Blitzcrank = Good tankiness but no sustainability, his grab is alright, but really won’t help you in the middle to late game phase

Choose one of the two

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Runes & Masteries

The rune setup within this guide is really subject to change depending on how you like to play your AD carries. Personally, I love putting the extra armor penetration runes in the mix with some flat attack speed runes. The more you hit them, the more damage you’re going to do, so, building Draven with some attack speed and armor penetration secures a little sustain and poking capability in the early-mid game.

If I was going to change anything with the rune setup, you might want to look at the other pages I have made to show you a few different setups that would work with Draven and this build.

It’s really personal though, runes are meant to be that way, so, changing the rune setup to help you is important, if you don’t like the rune setup, move on and change it, it won’t effect this build in a negative way, unless you’re looking to build an AP Draven, which I hope you are not.

Masteries on this guide are subject to change as well. I don’t like telling players how they should set up their personal files; however, I can guarantee these masteries will be beneficial to you.

A lot of people run 21-0-9 with Draven so they can secure that little extra health and other key components of the utility chain. Myself, I like having the extra health at end game along with the magic resist that you get in the defense chain selections.

If you’re going to change it, I would highly recommend going the 21-0-9 way like a lot of AD carries are played, it only makes sense to use this instead of the one I’m suggesting.

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With Draven I always start Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potion, gives me the early sustainability that is required when playing early game as Draven. You can start with doran’s blade if you’re feeling lucky I guess, but if you want to utilize Draven’s speed and ability to poke with those Spinning Axes than I suggest starting with the boots x3 build.

Once I got the Berserker's Greaves I always try to build into a B. F. Sword in order to get me the early game damage that I need. Depending on my farm when I go back, I look to see if I can build a B. F. Sword before getting Berserker's Greaves, it all depends on my kills or the amount of gold I have. Whatever the case may be, I always go B. F. Sword before building anything else.

Quickly build your B. F. Sword into one of the following depending on your need for sustain or damage output.

I immediately build an attack speed item; in this case Phantom Dancer would be the ideal choice, regardless of the B. F. Sword and what you built it into. The Phantom Dancer is pretty standard and straight forward, not much explanation required. Of course, as you know it gives you the critical chance increase, so building it after Infinity Edge will provide you with a wicked chance of doing some major crits on the opposing players. Along with attack speed and critical chance boosts, it delivers an awesome speed boost to Draven, which if used in correlation with Blood Rush you’ll see the major advantage of having a Phantom Dancer

The Frozen Mallet is pretty self explanatory, provides you with a large increase in health points and also a cc slow so that you can pick off opponent players you catch in the jungle or running away. Of course it gives you a little more attack damage which is also an awesome boost coming from this item. Frozen Mallet is a must buy, you need to have it with Draven because of his speed and how often he hits the enemy, he can literally scare them away and by doing this will provide him with the opportunity to deliver some wicked shots to your face. Make sure you buy Frozen Mallet or you’re going to be unsuccessful in delivering the proper ganking opportunities to your team mates.

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As with any AD carry you play, you want to focus on getting the farm in there as much as possible. Eliminating the opponent in the early-mid game lanning phase is important but don’t get out of control with greediness or else you’ll fall behind and chances are will run into your death more than often.

Draven is a very important champion introduced into the game, his Spinning Axe ability is perfect and if you’re good with catching them than chances are you’ll be successful with playing Draven. Hopping into and out of fights using your poke as much as possible is the main key ingredient when achieving victory.

I know that this guide may seem a little different in format and a little hard to understand at some times, if you have questions or general feedback I would highly appreciate it, seeing how I want to only get better with making guides, please leave me some tips that I don’t know of. Don’t just comment and be like, you did this wrong, comment and tell me what I did wrong and how I can fix it so I know for further guide makes I come up with.

You can follow me on twitter @thegaminblogger and also my IGN is : T R I B U S H

Have fun summoners!