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Nami Build Guide by suite01

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League of Legends Build Guide Author suite01

Welcome to the Support sea!

suite01 Last updated on December 19, 2012
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Nami the tidecaller

6300or 975

Welcome to my first guide!
Hi! My name is LordBubbles (EUW) and I'd like to share my support style with Nami.I recommend her very much, because supporting with Nami is pure fun, and she can do everything what you and your teammates need from a support character (stunning, healing, damaging, buffing your allies and an enormous-upknocker-tsunami-wave)! Your enemies gonna be water phobic!

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Pros / Cons

+ a healer-stunner mermaid with those cute little sharks!!
+ nice CC
+ easy KS with her Ebb and Flow (good for trolling when playing with friends ^^)
+ lategame seamonster
- squishy
- no spammable skills
- need skill to use her Aqua Prison
- hard earlygame

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Runes & Masteries

For my playstyle this alternative build works perfectly.


Greater Quintessence of Gold

Greater Mark of Armor

Greater Seal of Gold

Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

  • Health: Durability gives you extra health (+108 at level 18) it's useful during the whole game.
  • Magic resist: Resistance and 9x Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist gives you +6 magic resist at level 1, but it will be increased to +29 at level 18. I chose these runes because I believe that you won't meet the ap carry until mid/lategame, so you don't need too many early magic resist.

  • Mana regeneration: As a support mana regeneration is very important for you. It's a key to be able to spam your skills! Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration and Meditation gives you a medium amount of mana regen, but this combination with your ingame items will give you a pretty high mana regen.
  • Cooldown reduction: It's the second key of spell spamming! Intelligence gives you a small amount of cdr (6%). You'll have to increase it with your ingame items! Artificer is a new mastery which helps you to reduce the cooldown of the activated items - it will be useful during the mid/lategame when you have the items. Mastermind reduces the cooldown of your summoner spells by 10% and Summoner's Insight helps more for your Flash's cooldown reduction. I know that Summoner's Wrath would be more effective, but you need that +1 point in the utility tree.
  • Gold: 3x Greater Quintessence of Gold and 4x Greater Seal of Gold + Greed gives you 6 golds/10 sec from the beginning. Since the new patch you have Pickpocket , which is perfect for you. You should spam your normal attack on your enemy from the bush - it gives you some extra gold and you harass your enemies, so they cannot concentrate on their creep kills! Gangplank: "Harr harr! That sounds good! Now give the gold to me!!"
  • The not recommended common ones Biscuiteer and Explorer .. lots of players use it, but I don't recommend it. A 60 sec ward does not worth it for me, and that cookie helps one time maybe ( if your team plays well you will throw it out) and gives no lategame advantage.

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My reccomendation:

As a support I believe that Exhaust and Flash are the perfect summoner spells.
With Flash you can escape easily and Exhaust weakens the enemy (always put Exhaust on the enemy carry!)

Common support spells:

- Nice spell, but I don't use it - Ebb and Flow works perfectly for me.
- Just use your Aqua Prison to check bushes, at other places put a ward down :)
- You have large mana regen from the runes and shard of true ice will give mana regen to your allies.
- I see some players using it, but i don't recommend it, because your passive gives you movement speed bonus.

The please don't take these ones:

ignite, revive, ghost, cleanse, barrier, smite.
They are the 'greedy' spells so they don't really fit to a support!

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Skill Sequence

Skill description:

Surging tides is the passive of Nami. When her abilities hit allied champions, then the champs gain +30 movement speed bonus for 1,5 seconds. Abilities = all of her skills even Aqua Prison and Tidal Wave!

Aqua Prison - it's the stunner skill! It helps you to escape, save your allies and during invades it kicks ***! It even helps you to check bushes! If your Aqua Prison hits an enemy unit in the bushes it will reveal it, so don't be shy to use it before warding! Placing Aqua Prison needs skill so I recommend to practice it before you rush into a ranked game, because you can fail easily, then the team would start flaming - In that case you would not be able to concentrate, so you would fail more and more.

Ebb and flow - the healer-damager-bonucer skill! It gives a pretty good heal, but you have to remember that it won't bounce if there is no enemy around! It bounces 3 times and there are 2 ways to use it. Cast it on ally, then it's route: ally (heal) -> enemy (damage) /LE ULTIMATE KS TIME/ -> ally (heal).
If you cast it on an enemy champion (which I do not recommend, because you are a healer support, not a damager): enemy (damage) -> ally (heal) -> enemy (damage)

Tidecaller's blessing - the ultimate ally buffer! When you cast it: it gives the movement speed bonus (because of your Surging Tides), a 3 times basic attack damage buff (for 5 seconds) which also slows the attacked enemy's movement speed!


Tidal wave

The rapetrain mode activator!!! This is my favourite skill in the whole game. It has a large range, it knocks up the enemies and it gives the movement speed bonus to those allied champions who are in it. I'm always smiling when I cast it, but Sivir can ruin your happiness with her Spell Shield.. yeah I cried :'(

Skill order:

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I start with Q Aqua Prison because it's more effective at lvl 1 fights than the other spells. As a support I just use it for stunning, so I max it last.
Usually your teammates survive until lvl 2 but after that it's wise to start leveling your W Ebb and Flow. It gives a large healing amount on casts, so I max it first.
Tidecaller's Blessing is very effective during the beginning-midgame, so I max it after Ebb and Flow

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Starting items:

sight ward x4 x1
Because of Wealth your starting gold is increased by 50 gold. I buy Faerie Charm for the mana regeneration, 1x Health Potion for emergency situations and 4x sight ward.

Early game items:

philosopher's stone
kage's lucky pick
At first b I rush to buy the Sightstone because it will help you to save money that you would spend on sight ward. Upgrade it to Ruby Sightstone asap - it gives you health too! Don't forget: with Sightstone you can put down 2 wards at one time, with Ruby Sightstone you can put down 3 wards at once! After the Sightstone, time to buy the philosopher's stone for the gold/sec and the health+mana regenerations, Boots of Speed for the movement speed and kage's lucky pick for the ap and gold/sec. Last but not least buy the Eleisa's Miracle - it gives +10 health regen and +15 mana regen. If you level up 3 times with this item, you will consume it and you will keep the stats(Buy it before lvl 16!)!

Mid/lategame items:

Time to upgrade your Boots of Speed! The usual item is Ionian Boots of Lucidity. If the enemy has lots of CC I buy the Mercury's Treads, vs attack damager teams I buy the Ninja Tabi. For tier 3 upgrade I suggest the Enchantment: Captain, because you are a support :).

Shard of True Ice Next upgrading is the shard of true ice. It still gives you gold, so with the runes & masteries + this item you will gain 1gold/sec! It also gives mana regen to you and your allies. It's skill can be cast on an ally. It decreases the surrounding enemies movement speed by 30%. And it gives ability power! You'll have some damage and greater heals! :)

Third item for me is the Mikael's Crucible. It's active is like a Cleanse + Heal combo, in plus it gives you mana, manaregen and magic resist. It's very powerful during teamfights in mid/lategame, it saves your ally's. Best to use it on the carry!

Shurelya's Reverie Old good Shurelya's Reverie is still in my build because it's active is still very effective in escaping and aggressive mode. In plus it gives you +10% cooldown reduction, +250 Health, +10 Health regen and +10 Mana regen.

This it the item that makes your whole team tanky including you.

Questionable items:

sight ward Does not matter if you have Ruby Sightstone, IT'S NEVER ENOUGH!

Useful to put it down near Baron nashor and dragon to keep them clean from enemy wards.

It has time limit now, so it makes you a moving Vision Ward for 5 minutes. Best to activate it when you are out of teamfights and you are in safe (and ofc near ward places)

I don't like this item so I don't buy it. It gives a very small advantage in early game and after that you'll have to sell it - so you'll lose money with it.

Silly name for a very good item! This item stops the turrets for 2.5 seconds. It's good at undertower teamfights, or when you run out of minions near a tower.

Very nice item during the game. Gives armor, cdr, health and health regen + it shields allied champions in the aura when activated!

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Easiest part. DO NOT FARM! You have Shard of true ice + runes & masteries that means you get 1 gold/sec! (little more in early game when you have philosopher's stone)
You will feel like a mighty pirate!

Gangplank: "harr harr! who said gold?"

Naturally in emergency situations it does not matter who farms, so farming is allowed when:

  • You have to protect a turret and you are alone
  • Superminions are eating your base
  • Your teammates completed their builds and they don't need creep kill stacks
    ( The Bloodthirster!) - ask it always if you are hungry for those minions

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Hard to accept it, but jungle is not ours. Never ever enter when enemies are alive and are not visible on the map!

Now here are the reasons to enter the jungle:

  • Teamfights
  • Warding
  • Warding!

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As a support, warding is one of your main duty to have map control for your team. Ruby Sightstone gives you 3 wards for once, don't be lazy to use it. Usually it's not enough to have the map control, so you will have to buy some more (+ you can ask your teammates to buy sight ward). If the game's going well you can buy an Oracle's Elixir to be a roaming Vision Ward for 5 minutes.

Here's a list with a picture from the ideal ward places:

RED - The must be warded spots ( Vision Ward recommended!) - Baron Nashor and Dragon watcher
GREEN - The ideal earlygame warding spots - protecting your lane from ganks
BLUE - The buff warding spots - gives you nice junge control
YELLOW - Earlygame/Midgame even Lategame warding spots - protecting mid from ganks
PURPLE - Ward these spots just before your team does Baron Nashor or Dragon - it secures the kill
WHITE - Other possible warding spots

When you have an enemy with stealth ( Evelynn, Twitch, Rengar), it is wise to place more Vision Ward.

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Team Work

As a support you'll have more time to use the chat, watch the minimap, check the stats.

The early game
The beginning:
The game usually starts with a pull/damaging in the jungle. Your duty is to cover the jungle entrance near your line. If one or more enemy approach, alert your teammates (ping is enough) and try to ward your buff monster's bush and leave that zone. After that the team will decide what's the next step (Invaders must die! :P).
When your team is the invader your duty is to protect your carry and to try not steal the kills.

The laning phase
In this phase you have to be the cool & smart guy who says: 'chill man' and does the warding. After leaving the jungle, place a ward in the river to see the enemy jungler. From now your duty will be to stay close to the carry and heal him/her when needed.
The carries like to play in aggressive mode because they believe that they are the chosen ones and they push the lane and they can pentakill. You know that it is not true, unless you are playing vs lvl 1 newbies. Your duty is to spam the chat with "pls don't push so hard", "just last hit man", etc etc... Be nice -> they won't report you (if your carry does, noone will care with that in the tribunal they will see that he is an ***hole).
So the map is warded, safeplay is ok too - now what to do? Let your carry to farm, harass with your normal attacks ( pickpocket!), check the minimap for jungler attacks (for all lane). If you see that a red icon is missing from the map, tell "ss mid/top/bot/character name"! You can save a life. Don't bother if your mid/top forgot to tell ss you have time to type it. :)
When you see that your jungler is coming to gank, time to stun! Use your Q ( Aqua Prison) to stun the enemy, then put your E ( Tidecaller's Blessing) on your carry. If healing is needed use your W ( Ebb and Flow). If CC is not enough, time to use the ultrasuper R ( Tidal Wave). Now the enemy is sleeping with the fishes. Time to push the lane or spend the gold!
Gangplank: "ˇHarr harr! Who said gold?

You have Sightstone or Ruby Sightstone but it does not mean that you have enough wards. Warding is one of your main duty, so buy some when you are at base. It's a teamgame and you don't need damage, so your build is not as important as a warded map. It does not mean that you are the only one who has to buy wards. Ask your teammates to buy some too!

Lategame, and teamfights
As a support your duty is to protect the carries, so stay close to them ALWAYS and heal them if needed. If they have to escape activate your Shurelya's Reverie. The shard of true ice and Mikael's Crucible are very useful too. When the situation is hot you have to sacrifice yourself, because you are the support and the carry does the damage. Imagine that you saved your life and your carry is dead: the enemy is attacking your base and you cannot do anything.

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December 19, 2012 - Added Warding section
December 15, 2012 - Updated Intro, P&C, R&M, Spells, Skills and Items sections
December 9, 2012 - Guide Released