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Rumble Build Guide by Fuggernought

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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fuggernought

What a sweet kitten:D or is it a mouse?

Fuggernought Last updated on July 7, 2011
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Perfect Build/ vsDPS/ vsCaster

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Changes and Notes

-some minor and major changes

-changed the guide name because of my lack of creativity
-some minor changes
-keep changing the name, because i cant come up with a good one

-changed CDR runes to defensive runes due to the fact that rumble doesnt need any CDR

-today went 26/2/25 EPIC!!!!!!!! First time such a good KD with Rumble.
3 Man Premade 5v5
Dorans Shield, Mercury Treads, Sunfire(sold dorans shield), Abyssal Scepter, Rylais Scepter, Deathcap, Lichbane
Allies: Cassiopeia, Trundle, Olaf, Ashe
Enemies: Karthus, Xin Zhao, Fiddlesticks, Teemo, Cho'gath

-went 12/0/10 today

-Rumble recieved a minor nerf a while ago, his Flamespitter has a 1 sec longer CD and his passiv wont trigger spellvamp or Rylais Proc anymore. This i find very sad because i really liked the spellvamp of his passiv.

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Explenation of Builds above

The first build is for balanced teams

The second build is for physical heavy teams

The third build is for magic heavy teams

The last build is a pretty effectiv Build, but is undergoing some tests right now!

All builds focus on the hybrid aspect between AP/DPS and being tanky.

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Please read the damn guide! And yes, i call Flamespitter Flamethrower.


Hi, i am Fuggernought and this is my very first guide to Rumble, the tanky melee caster.
Because i am not a native english speaker and i am new to writing guides, i am open to critics.
Of course i will update it, so i make this a work in progress guide.
I will try to upload videos if possible.

This guide is for 5v5 normal game and i didnt try it ranked yet. It works fine for me and i always have positiv stats, even while loosing, i am the MVP... AND i have to say this guide is no Bible of LoL, so you can change and tweak it whenever u want.

Rumble is a melee caster like Blitzcrank, Maokai and Mordekaiser and excels in 1v1 situations AND team fights. All his Skills and ,when overheating, his autoattacks are magic based.
Thx to his CC he is a great asset for every team.

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Videos recorded with Fraps are broken....sigh

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-Spammable skills
-no CDR really needed
-Unique rescource system called Heat, no mana
-Overheat is extremly strong
-relative good AP ratios for spammable skills
-very very tanky, doesnt die that often
-has 2 built in soft CC skills, with Rylais Scepter 3
-good Sidelaner
-good pusher
-DoT based
-Most importantly: Deals huge damage even without alot of AP, because of poor AP ratios and relativ high base damage


-last hits can be difficult
-very hard to keep track of your heat-meter, accidently overheating
-main ability has short range
-ultimate is easily avoidable
-this build is EXPENSIVE = Kills and assists are a must!
-timing with his abilities is key
-smart enemies stack magic resist = waste gold AND an item slot on void staff
-DoT based (can be pro and con)
-No mana (is a pro and a con)

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust for a hard CC.
Ghost for chasing and escaping.

Exhaust decreases the enemies damage and defenses, so i prefer it over ignite.

Ghost has a much longer duration compared to flash AND the Scrapshield, so its vital to succes too.

These are the skills I use and everyone has his own preference.

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Nine points in offense masteries are selfexplaining.
Except the 3 points in crit chance....why crit chance?
Because i strongly believe that if u do crit, the damage is much higher than if u put the 3 points in bonus ability power. Its really up to you to decide!

The reason i choose defense masteries for Rumble over utility masteries is:
1. His CD is already super low, he has no mana and he doesnt die, played right
2. He is a MELEE caster, who needs to autoattack and stay close to his opponents to deal damage, therefor boosting his survivability is KEY!
3. He wont use his summoner spells often
4. He gets around the map quite fast with his Scrapshield

So the only reason i can think of to choose utility over defense is to get the experience boost, which isnt that neccesary.

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Skill Sequence

Get Flamethrower first. At level 3 u should have one point in every skill.
Simple reason:
You need ALL THREE skills in order to overheat faster when u need to overheat. Get the point?

After that, skill like this:

If u need more survivability:


Guide Top

Skill Usage

In the laning phase, the flamethrower and the harpoon are giving u some nice harassment tools. So use them!
Bread and Butter, this skill deals all the damage. It is the most important one and makes Rumble who he is! It is a DoT and to take full effect u have to leave the enemy in there for the duration of the spell. It deals damage in front of Rumble, not where the animation is, it can be very missleading.
Used right, people should look like this:

Early game stand in the brush, reach 50 heat, come out and harras. U dont need to Autoattack, just walk to them and after Flamethrower has worn off, walk back into the brush.
Your Dorans Shield allows to outheal any harrasment they may throw at you.

Short Movement boost and a Shield, that absorbs all damage.
Nice to have, but the duration is way tooo short. Learn to time it to prevent any unnecessary damage. It can block Karthus Ultimate and Vladimirs ultimate for example, but only if timed right. This skill saves ***!
The Movement speedbonud isnt that good, because the shield only lasts about 1-2 seconds, so ghost is needed for escapes.

The CC and the damage nuke. Slows an enemy. U can shoot twice at the cost of 20 heat and hit multiple opponents or the same opponent twice. Always Always shoot the second shot. Dont waste it.

Early game, stand in the brush, come out if u have a clear way to your opponent and shoot. Walk back into the brush for the Cooldown or farm minions, if the Opponent has to bluepill from your harrasments. This skill allows for easy last hits on minions.

(R)The Equalizer:
The Ultimate. It has a really long range like Kog'maw's ultimate. After the initial burst of damage, the marked ground burns and deals massiv damage over time. Enemies walking throuch the area are also slowed. The trick with this spell is to keep the enemies in the AoE as long as possible. Use ur electric Harpunes or get an ally to stun the enemie in it to take the full damage. Other uses of it are Preventing escapes, escaping and close jungle paths with it. U can also Killsteal with it or seal an opponents demise with it. It kills every Low HP champ from far away. Late game it can be used to farm minions due to a low CD.

Important: Always Always try to hit as many dudes as possible with it!

(Passiv)Junkyard Titan:
All abilities of Rumble cost 20 heat.
At 50 heat and above all normal abilities do bonus damage or have bonus effects.
At 100 heat Rumble is silenced until he cools back down to 0.
During that time all his Autoattacks deal an extra amount of magic damage.
After a short period of time not using any ability will let the Heat cool down back to 0.

To have succes with Rumble is to master his passiv. Always try to stay at 50 Heat so u can use all abilities with bonus effects. This is extremely hard and sometimes u end up accidently overheating, which can spell disaster! Timing is key...

Overheating can be very nice, especially in 1v1 Situations, where every bit of damage counts.

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In many guides the most detailed part.
In my eyes not the most important one.
In this section i explain why i buy the items i recommend.
Dorans Shield:

The best item for Rumble to start with.
He can out heal harrasment with this item and he gets a nice health boost.


Rylais Scepter:

The only REAL core item for Rumble in my opinion. He gets a massiv HP boost, AP and a slow on all of his spells, including his bread and butter skill Flamethrower(Q).
This item must be obtained ASAP and it is mandatory to succes!


Abyssal Scepter:

The other good item. It reduces enemy magic resistance by 20 and gives AP and magic resistance.
This item must be gotten, if the enemy has alot of Casters. It can be gotten, if the enemies are physicals.
Rabadons Deathcap:

A massiv AP boost. Every caster needs it! Get this sooner, if u faceroll. Get it later, if u need a better defense first.


There are 2 viable picks.
Mercury's Treads
For the teams with alot of Mages and CC

Ninja Tabi
For the teams with alot of Autoattackers/Physicals

The boot choice is enemy dependant!

Against Physicals:

Zhonyas Hourglass:
If you need the AP and the active. 50 Armour helps ALOT against physicals!

If the physicals really **** u up, this is the ultimate answer...or almost.
Watch the enemies kill themselves with this beauty.

Try to get only one of the items listed above. If u really need both, u have to say goodbye to Abyssal Scepter.

Against Casters:

With Abyssal Scepter u are already doing good, but if u need more magic resistance, buy:

Lich Bane: 30 magic resistance doesnt seem much, but with this and Abyssal Scepter, u get 140 magic resistance. A Force of Nature would be overkill and Lich Bane helps you get rid of these pesky Annies fast with little to no effort.

Force of Nature:
Great item to get for Rumble, but i only advise to get it, if the enemy mages have like 700 AP.


U have a good game, U are in the zone, U are facerolling, the enemies run in fear...
When your items look like this: Rylais, Abyssal Scepter, Mercury's, Rabadons, Zhonyas....
Then u can get:

Warmog's Armor.
With the items listed above u have 140 Armor, 150 Magic resist and u deal TONS of damage.
So Flat HP helps u out alot more then other items...and demoralizes the enemies pretty hard.
This item will let you live forever and have more fun with your prey...

Void Staff:
If the enemy finaly uses his brain and stacks magic resistance...

Lich Bane:
To deal 500 Damage autoattacks.
This item will end the game if it is going well for you...nothing more to say.

Some new ****:

Will of the Ancients/Hextech Gunblade:

The Reason for these shiny items is the Ap and the Spellvamp.
With on of these Rumble will heal himself with all his damage abilities, especialy with his Flamethrower.
I prefer Gunblade over WotA, but both are good and viable picks.

I personally prefere Warmogs as my sixth item because i like to have fun with flamers and ragers!

I think Frozen heart would be a good choice for rumble, if he would have mana...this makes me so saaaad....

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Other important Stuff

After playing a few games and experimenting, i found out that the Sunfire cape/lich bane combo works pretty fine. Both together give u 45 Armour/30 Magic resist, 450HP, 8% Movement speed, 80 AP and the passiv of Sunfire and Lichbane are just great. Sunfire is also not super expensive.

The Stats are not as good as the Zhonyas Hourglass/Warmogs Armour combo(50 Armour, 100 AP, 1200 HP), but the passivs are way better and Sunfire/Lich bane is much cheaper (1-2k Gold).

So try it out, it works, i swear!

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Working in the Team

Rumble is an offtank.
Tanks are the ones with hard CC and alot of natural health and defense to soak all the damage and protect their carries and supporters.

Rumble should be build tanky and with this build u have around 150 Armour and magic resistance, but u still shouldnt go in first! Many times ive seen Rumbles fail because they got Mejais and never bought any defence besides Rylais.
Rumble is more of a Caster/Offtank with good dps and goes in second, right after your teams tank. He needs to get close for his Flamethrower to take full effect and to get the highest dps possible. Therefore he needs to be build tanky to survive that trip. But dont be fooled. Even if Rumble looks tanky, he melts like butter, if the entire enemy team focuses him.

So in order to be a team player, go right AFTER your tank in, hit as many as u can with your Ultimate, focus on the enemie carry or support with Flamespitter and Electric Harpune and take them out on after the other. Never forget to use your shield. The shield makes all the difference between an ace and a retreat. And you do zero dps dead. Never overextend!

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Rumble is my one of my favorite champions because he is really fun to play and one of the easy to learn hard to master chars. I hope he brings you as much fun as he brings me.

This guide is not complete and i will work on it over the time. Rumble will undergo some changes because he is a new character and so will this guide.

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For all the haters

As long as this guide is up and everyone gets to see a good way of playing Rumblewritten by me i really dont care much about u.