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Build Guide by KaOticLuc

What Is My Profession!? --- PWNAGE

By KaOticLuc | Updated on January 10, 2011

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Welcome To KaOticLuc's Season Build #2

Hi and welcome to another KaOticLuc Season Build with an all time favorite named Pantheon, The Artisian of War. I have done a test with this build with 10 straight games and out of those 10 games, I won 9 of them and I wasn't even premade. The lost was just a bad match and a 3v5 but still came out with 11 kills and gave them a run for that nexus. Pantheon is one of the consider OP champions in the game and all honesty, if he gets his build going he is OP. But alot of people don't know how to get his build going. I have seen different builds base around Armor Penatration and Attack Speed from his Youmuu's Ghostblad when in doubt thats great and all but they are missing a key item for his Mid and Late Game success. And that my friends is the item that was strictly built for him in my eyes, the .
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Summary of Pantheon, The Artisan of War

Pantheon is a DPS Melee Caster who specializes in Anti Carries. The reason being is that he has the survivability from his Passive which allows him to block Base Damage after he deals 4 Auto Attacks or with his . Not to mention his Ultimate allows him to be anywhere he chooses like Twisted Fate just doing an Aoe Effect on Arriving doing damage to targets. So very good to Ult on to their carry thats trying to farm a lane by themselves, and wiping out the minion waves and getting a free Kill.

Now you have a general idea on his purpose in the game and pretty much I haven't played a game with him where i go 7-0 and have not won. Because once your that fed, its gg they cant do nothing about it. But to do very well your first main item you want early game is the SoO and the reason is simple, everytime you recieve a stack from this item, Pantheon and his abilities become stronger. You recieve stacks everytime you kill or get an assist, 2 for the kill and 1 for the assist, and its quite easy to do since he can go BOOM where ever he plzs with his ultimate is up and its pretty low cooldown of about 70 seconds? I might be wrong there since iam not actually looking at it at the moment but using it, killing someone and then recalling ... you will see it about ready in a short of time to do it again. Getting the SoO and the will make farming for your so much easier its rediculous.
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Pros & Cons

o Destructive in laning phase
o High nuking ability
o Ultimate allowing you to be at every teamfight
o Stun in his abilities
o Awesome tower diver with his Passive (blocking a tower attack)
o Last Hitting a breeze with his E's Passive to 100% crit anyone under 15% health including minions.
o Early game fed, can dominate before 15 mins in.
o Lacks escaping abilities.
o Focused down in team fights.
o Low Mana Pool and can run out of mana if not properly used.
o Very Squishy without his Passive.
o Large Cooldown on his Abilities
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Runes & Masteries

My Runes and Masteries are based around his fact to escape losing battles that you wouldnt without these. By giving him more Health and Defense will make his laning phase much easier on yourself but making sure to grab the armor pen to allow your attacks to do more damage until you get ur items.
Greater Mark of Desolation
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Item Build [Core and Build Ranking]

You main goal is to get Berserker's and Occult before the laning phase ends and build up to your Infinity Edge using your Blade of Avarice passive of 5 gold every 10 seconds. And once you get Infinity Edge you can finish your Youmuu's and get that Bloodthirster but if they have alot of CC then get the Banshee's Veil first to make yourself more effect in teamfights since they will start to focus you down but try to do your job and be the anti carry and take out their carry as soon as possible before their CC and tanks focus you. If your sword of the occult is getting no stacks then i would advise selling it and trade it for a The Black Cleaver for the arm reduction and attack speed.
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Laning Phase Lv 1-11

Your laning phase should start off with a Meki pendant and 2 health pots to allow you to harass / Last hit and / stay in lane longer just incase they harass you back. But your main goal is to get as many creeps as possible till your Level 4 and thats when you can start your combo to drop their health or even get a kill.

You will want to do your combo from a bush when you notice they use their ability or 2 so you know its on cooldown and can jump on them and they are forced to run back with no abilities to use since of the CD. You combo consists of ::
to get that little harass going and low CD of 4 seconds.
to jump on your target and stun them for a short period of time of 1 second (Level 1)
the moment you stun them chain this instantly to get the maximum damage. if their is more then 1 target try to position yourself so that you can possibly hit multiple targets to deal massive damage.
as soon as they start to run away out of range of ur Heartseeker since it should be up by then and after that u can run back into the bush and recall and more then likely they will come back and stay to farm more since they will be 1/4 health more then likely and you just Ultimate on top of them and do the combo again even if they are by the tower to have a garunteed kill!

I usually ultimate on low health targets to garuntee kills, especially on other lanes if they are harassing your team and low mana... Making Pantheon an excelent ganker and tower defender.

But your main goal is to lane until you can get your sword of the occult and once you have that, try to get at least 8-10 stacks by level 11.
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My Personal Input

I love pantheon and his abilities to hold his own and usually i go positive score unless my team feeds extra hard on the other lane and making it nearly impossible for me to keep up with their item purchase. I believe is way worth the buy and a skin if your wiling to use Real Life money. I give pantheon a 10 out of 10 as a balanced champion and yeah he is a bit OP but there is ways to beat Panth and the best ive seen it is to anti carry him, you need to have someone on your team to sacrifice their laning creep phase to harass him like crazy ... leaving pantheon with no money from creeps makes it hard for him to be useful in team fights as he will die quickly.
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Purchase Status

Pantheon is worth the buy
RP: 975 ==== IP:3150

Thank You and this is my Pantheon Build from KaOticLuc.