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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Singed Build Guide by ThePooE

Who can STOP that Singed ? :: Singed SOLO TOP Ranked 5v5

Who can STOP that Singed ? :: Singed SOLO TOP Ranked 5v5

Updated on April 28, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ThePooE Build Guide By ThePooE 19,885 Views 3 Comments
19,885 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ThePooE Singed Build Guide By ThePooE Updated on April 28, 2012
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Please READ!!!!

Well, as you can see in his status, he has 3.5k HP and 2.0k Mana, This isn't TRUE
We have Rod of Ages's passive that will grant you 360 HP and another 400 Mana.

Because of his Empowered Bulwark, 25% percent of his mana will be change to health.
2475 X 0.25 = 618.75 more HP.

TOTAL = 978.75 more HP!!!!!

So, this will pull him up about 4000+ HP.
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Update Logs

- Completed guide
- Added Links to skills/items/champions
- Added Ability Sequences
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Hi BRO!! Have you ever thrilled when you outran your opponents in chasing/fleeing from them and cause them a huge amount of damage? This will be your guide to achieve that.

There are also many guys that you would do this to them but Singed is the easiest to understand and play him. As you might have been played, used to played him before, or never played him before but you must at least encountered him once. After you got through this guide, I hope that you find things that you needed and turn your's mind against Singed. As he is one of the most Over-Timed damage dealer. Enjoy !!

P.S. This is my first guide, I just wanted to share this one with you guys if this one does duplicated any of guides, my apologize.
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For runes, I actually use Greater Quintessence of Piercing Present (Magic Penetration) X3 and Greater Glyph of Warding (Instantaneous Magic Resistance) X9 instead of the top of the guide. However, this can be adjusted. You might prefered to have movement speed runes instead of Magic Pen. but the damage you cause to the opponent will be lower which I suggested not to because of his Insanity Potion (Ultimate) with haste of Boots of Swiftness and Force of Nature surplus Ghost will already allow him to move faster beyond any of his opponents.

I recommended to keep the Armor Runes because when he is going to dive through minions, he will be injured badly from towers in Early Part of the game.
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This set of masteries is for the one who loved to play aggressively and deal HUGE amount of damage to any of his opponent. As you can see that masteries go 21/0/9 this is because to maximize the champion's potential power.

However, if you wanted to play tanky, I'd recommended you guys to pick another one but if you REALLY love this guy and wanted to play him tanky, fine. I will add the guide later.
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Look at his ability power when he has full set of items, 224. Wow that is OP!!!
This guide which is SUPREME FLEXIBLE, will give you an example of the QUICKEST way to grab it.

Firstly, look at you opponent. If he is easy to take on first game, why miss a chance to farm a champion? grab your Boots and Health Potion. If he is tough, take the Ruby Crystal or the Sapphire Crystal & Health Potion to make you live longer in lane.

Try your best to grab your first Rod of Ages (after your boots) as this item will increase your survivability and increase the damage of your Poison Trail.
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Summoner Spells

I think this is the best form for me. The Poison Trail match up perfectly with Ignite as it is the one of the most damage overtime skills. When you are engaging those squishy champions, try to use both of it at the same time, you will see that MOST of them won't manage to alive with this combo.

At the same time, Ghost could be combo with your Insanity Potion in every way such as Chasing or Escaping.
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Ablility Sequences

Standard Set

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
This set of skills is use for maximize your skills on damage, not being ultimate helpful to your team-mate but asLVL.1 Mega Adhesive have enough power to slow down all champion.

Utility Set

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
This set of skills is use for maximize your helpfulness on team-fight, chase or gank. To levelling your Mega Adhesive before Fling will not suffer anything to you, it just lower the bursting damange you will be able to do.
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Think about it, average from minion in wave = 20g. When you kill champion (No assistance), you got 300g. So, 15 minions killed = 1 champion killed. However, creeps in jungle will provide the relatively same amount of gold, 1 minion set is about 120 g and 1 group of forest monster is about 100g.

The Trick to Archive FULL SET of items in 30 mins.
  • Move before minion waves with Poison Trail ON
  • Move to the last Caster
  • Return to your minions and look ALL of enemy's minions fall at the same time.
If you've came to the point that you outran your enemy and he turn his style and playing super defensive. I suggest that after you push minions wave ask permission of your Jungler.

If he say OK -> Farm @ Jungle
If he say NO -> Farm @ Jungle Harder

This is how the Singed got OP.

IMPORTANT :: Singed is the person who need early money. If the killing opportunity is open, go for it.
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Early Game

Early Game Combo

If their team have a Jungler :: 1 top
In your lane, don't even think to engage until 6 unless of the ganker would help you to. Because of low damage on your Poison Trail and this will make you suffer from the attacks more than the damage you dealt to him/her. Once you've reach the point that you surpass his/her damage, farm minions and kill the champion.

Most of the player will think it is safe to hug the tower with Singed, No it isn't. Singed is one of the most powerful turret divers in the game. His combo is made to do this.

*** If possible, always use your Insanity Potion/ Ghost before engage. It will help you reach your target easily and regenerate from the damage you suffered from turret.

*** Try to have Rod of Ages before engage as it will help you regenerate your HP if you levelled up and upgrade your Poison Trail to the level that you haven't seen before.

Start with slow them Mega Adhesive [W]. You won't take any damage from tower because you just SLOW them down, not to deal any damage from him.

Run to him with Poison Trail [Q] turned ON. Again, this will help to maximize the damage dealt to champion and minimize the damage from minions as you've killed them all.

Fling [E] him out. At this point, he will suffer damages from our trail and if he is stupid enough, he will attack you which led all of the minions focus him.

After you flinged him, continue running as because most champion will flee after you slow him down, so you have passed the 1/2 of the turret range already. Why suffer more damage, let's run to the nearest point. This is not to receive less damage but it is also a great move. If the minions wave appear to just have reach the 2nd tower go on and farm them with your Poison Trail.

When you have flinged them, your HP might be low so wait until levelled up and grant Catalyst the Protector's passive, which will help him regenerate HP and when that happen, the ultimate Insanity Potion would be ready for you to engage again :)

This is very dangerous things to do if you ain't comfort with him.
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Late Game

After you've pass the early game, and yet your team did good non of them fed any of their team or you are fed/well-farmed grab 2X Rod of Ages

If you are fed, then you are the one of carrier, walking tank AP carrier. Your duty is to stay with friends BEFORE the team-fight started.

When team-fight started use all of your ability to grab the enemy carrier and throw his/her back and our team will 5v1 with her, by this point there are 2 choices for them to choose.
  • Abandon the carrier and back
  • Rush-in to help carrier
The game is already 5v4 so it is fine for you on any choice they've made.

*** Beware those bruiser to rush in your carrier, Fling them off, Slow them and do whatever it takes to block them from your carry(-ies). Don't chase when your team-mates are in danger.

*** Don't EVER throw Amumu to your team. EVER!!!!. Because he will AOE Stun All of your team.
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Ranked Play

Coming Soon
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Pros / Cons

- High Movement Speed
- Higher Damage compare to tanks
- Nice Tower Diver
- Hard to be ganked and easy to gank any champion.
- Hard to chase as he dealt damage on the way.

- No good with chicken-eye team
- Can be Crowded Control easily (Stun, Surpress, Slowed)
- Can be easily trapped in 5v1
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Q&A - From Comments

Q: Why don't you start with Poison Trail first?
A: Because it isn't any effective on the start of the game and Fling will help you on jungle invasion.

More on this section ...
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Coming Soon
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