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Sejuani Build Guide by RST1123

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RST1123

WHO SAYS BOARS CAN'T DUNK [Sejuani Season 6] Dec13

RST1123 Last updated on December 18, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Greetings, my name is BBQ PORO RIBS, I play on NA and am currently Silver 2. When I picked up the game this May, my first champion I mained was Nasus, I moved on to Vi where I really became comfortable in the jungle, but now after having played Sejuani a decent amount and have gained a decent amount of experiance, I feel there is no comparison to her utility. I hope to share some of my insights in the hopes that it helps someone. I have read through some of the other guides, even the top rated Sejuani Guides and find that they speak very generally and don't go into very much detail. I will try to get into more of the actual mechanics of sejuani in the skill sequence section and will try to spare you any general statements that apply to any jungler.

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Why Sejuani?

With so many capable junglers your question may be, Why Sejuani?

    +Superior Engage (Put's Vi's Q to shame)
    +Excellent Disengage (Q again or E to slow enemies down after W)
    +Can Charge through 99% of terrain
    +Building Tank Inherently increases your W damage
    +Can be underrated by enemies*

*I want to make a point that many players (perhaps at my ELO) will misjudge just how much damage Sejuani can do, perhaps because not all Sejuani players will rush into the Liandries as early as this build calls for. In addition, the W is damage over time, so this can lead to enemies overstaying their welcome and rushing out too late, but that's fine because Sejuani excels in chasing down prey.

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Skill Sequence

This will make the difference between a decent Sejuani player and a Dunkmaster. The way you engage will set up just how effective your ganks will be. If the enemy laner is on their side of the river, you will have to make a quick play from the bush and land a Q as they inevitably start to run back to their turret. At that point all you have is your W and E and you just have to hope that your teammates are on point and can use the tight window to secure the kill.

Now if the enemy laner is pushing your teams turret and is passed the river, you will be able to make a sneaky play to get behind the enemy so you can charge them in the direction into your teammates. However, the best skill sequence if you're in this position is actually not to use your Q to engage into the enemy. You will want to simply run into the enemy carry (ideally) USE CHILLING SMITE so you can... land a W with ease and then... bust an E to slow them down. At this point your team should be wailing on the ganked opponent. If they blow a flash or (for example) Lucian jukes/flashes away in a random position, you will still have your Q available to make an easy stun. Once you Q into them as they are running away, you can now bust another W, E (if cooldown is up), and/or god forbid an R to finish them off with another 2 second stun. (If they are not already secured by the Q stun (you should save the R for the next gank or the counter jungler.

The ultimate should only be used in two scenarios (When not in ganking stance as described above)

1) TO secure a kill on a target running away and out of range of team
2) TO CC the anyone who is posing and immediate threat to your Mid laner / ADC


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Creeping / Jungling

I like to start on the Krugs, immediately smite after landing your first W to get the stun in before being hit. If your team gives a good leash, you should be able to clear the whole jungle or maybe everything but the Gromp.

Always make sure to get the Red buff before team fights as it adds bonus to your AOE abilities.

if your team is pushing their towers and you have no lane to gank, and you have cleared your Blue and Red, you should not be afraid to venture into the enemy jungle and try to steal a camp or hope to run into a weak enemy jungler. Especially if you have your Ult up, you can really make any type of escape from their jungle with a well played Q, and maybe make them blow their flash or get their lanes to leave and help near the river to initiate a team fight.

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Ranked Play

These days I try to pick Sejuani in any ranked game, she works in any lane other than ADC, and you can build her out as a damage dealer/tank in any lane with success. If you want to play aggressive, rush the enemy team's blue or red that you think they will not be going to. Usually the Jungler will go to the side with the ADC/Support to get a better leash, so 75% of the time, you can rush the other side, ward the blue/red and go for the steal. If you do, you can try to do a quick lvl 2 gank to lower the enemy laner's HP by a bit and provide some moral support.

The fact that her Q allows her to almost instantly rush any part of the map allows for you to absorb tons of damage and then dash away at the last moment. It allows you to chase people down around corners and surprise them as you charge them through walls. It can be used to steal baron / dragon obviously.

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This is something that's not mentioned in the Sejuani Tooltip or anywhere for that matter. Her W's AOE damage does increased damaged the closer you are to an enemy. SO if you want to deal maximum damage, you're going to want to get all up in there.

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Team Work / Team Fights

In team fights, you should be looking to charge one of the enemy carries when they are slightly seperated from their teammates. This will allow you to apply frost so as you run away you can hit them with the E. If the enemy team pounces on you or things are looking dire for you, your ultimate is your ace in the hole. If you can land a nice Bowa Axe on multiple enemies, your team will wail on them and destroy them while you decide who so slam your W on and permafrost your enemies.

If your team is from behind and you are taking more of a defensive stance in team fights, you are looking for the enemy carries to make a reckless move one of your carries. When they make their move (ie fizz trying to one shot your ashe) use that moment to use your Q to peel them off your team's squishies, they will blow them up to repay you. Again, if things are looking dire, you have your ultimate to keep things tame while your team unloads their DPS.