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Jax Build Guide by PenguinOnStick

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PenguinOnStick

Who want's a piece of the Jax! [EASY EXPLAINED] *NEW ESSENC

PenguinOnStick Last updated on October 8, 2018
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Build that i always use!

Jax Build

Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
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Threats to Jax with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Udyr Based on AA so it's not that hard to play against.
Lee Sin He will knock you away when you E so try to stay on him for as long as possible before you use your Q and E and wait for his ult. He is not a good jungler atm so it should be an easy matchup.
Ivern Very easy to kill, dodge his Q and remember that you can use daisy as a gap closer (Q).
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About me and Jax

Hey, my name is "Teachsy" and i play on EUNE. I am Platinum 2 at the moment and i have played since the beginning of Season 5. The reason for me being Plat 2 is cause i have been inactive a couple of times. I mained adc at first but since season 6, Jax has been one of my most played champions. This is my first guide so the quality of the guide might not be at the top but i have much knowledge of the game. (I am diamond 4 in flex aswell).

Jax is one of the strongest champions in my opinion. He is a very good dueler, split pusher and overall a very good champion. He can deal a lot of damage at the same time as he is tanky and hard to kill. I currently have a 62% winrate with Jax (58 games played) and i haven't played him that much on my main yet. I am diamond 5 in flex aswell cause i just ranked up :). Got a bit tilted in SoloQ

Feel free to add me :)

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Runes Conqueror

Conqueror is definently the strongest keystone at the moment for Jax. Since he gets his stacks very fast makes it very op. Press the Attack is also an alternative but it doesnt give you that extra damage. And the true damage works very well versus tanks aswell. But if the enemy team is based on heavy damage and are squishy in general, pick Press the Attack. With your auto attack resets it works very well.

I always go Triumph cause it gives you that extra health when you kill someone. It is very usefull in a 1v2 situation. Legend: Alacrity is very good on this Jax build since the only AA item that you build is BloodRazor and it is easy to get all stacks. Coup de Grace is very useful aswell since it helps you in team fights and 1v2:s with the extra ad and ap

The second tree that i take is Domination since you will be enough tanky with your items and cause Jax is almost like an sssasin.

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A lot of items works for Jax but the best build is definently Trinity Force and Titanic Hydra/ Sterak's Gage. I always build Trinity Force as a first item and after that i look at the team that i am facing and if we have a lead or not. Titanic is very good for bursting down targets and wave clearing/split pushing. Sterak's is bSo that is why you always should take those 2 items every game. After that i build Randuin's Omen and Spirit Visage. They give you a lot of sustain and tank. With your triforce and titanic you dont need any more damage.

The reason that i mentioned Guinsoo's Rageblade and Guardian Angel is because they can be useful in some games. For example if the enemy team is based on AP, you might want to skip Randuin's and build Guardian Angel instead. Guinsoo's Rageblade is good if you have to carry and have like a Lulu or Taric support.

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Skill Sequence

You should always start with your E ( Counter Strike). It will help you dodge atleast 2 autoattacks from jungle monsters. Add a shield from your support to that and you will take almost no damage. Upgrade W ( Empower) after that since it helps you with reseting your autoattacks. This will speed up your jungle clear since you don't need any leaps when you jungle. How ever if you want to gank early and see an opportunity to gank, you could upgrade Q ( Leap Strike) instead.

Then i always max W first since it gives you a lot of damage and the autoattack reset. There is no point in maxing anything else first. You might want to put 1 extra point in E before your W is maxed. After that you should max your E since you need it to be on shorter cooldown. Max Q last and always put a point in R when you can.

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Scuttle Crab

In 8.10 scuddle got "upgraded" and i just want you to understand how it works in an easy way. Many people thinks that the first scuddle is super OP but that is not the case. The scuddle XP and gold scales out of the average champion level in the game. That means that the average level for the second spawn is around 4. So the second time scuttle spawns is when it is really good to get. Level 1 - Level 4 gives you an extra 43 XP and 23 gold. So it is better to do a full clear (Except golems) and then gank some lanes, go back and then clear all camps again (Not the buffs).

This will give you a safe and easy jungle.

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The Jungle

I do a very basic clear almsot every game. I start bot side with the buff and then i move on to the next camp.

Go red > Wolves > Blue > Gromp
(If you want you can go Raptors aswell and if you feel like scuttle is a free option, go for it.)

You can also upgrade Q level 2 and do an early gank for a more aggressive playstyle. If you chose to do so this path works.
Red > Scuttle > (Gank) > Other Scuttle > Blue > Small camps

Go Blue > Gromp > Wolves > Red > (Gank if possible) > Raptors.

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Combo guide

Ganking/in lane:

E > AA > Q > E > AA > W > (Titanic)

This is one of the most basic combos out there. You activate your E and move towards the enemy (AA) and when the enemy uses a dash or escape, you jump onto them with your Q. Then you stun them with your E and AA. Use your W to AA reset. This combo is very basic and it will often work. If the enemy flashed when you try to stun, that is still good and if you feel like you can kill him/her, use your flash aswell.

Q > AA > E > AA > Flash > E > AA > W > (Titanic)

This combo works best in the botlane. You use your Q as a gap closer and try to deal as much damage as possible. Hopefully your bot lane will help you. If they flash, Use your flash and stun them with your E. AA > W and if you have titanic, that will give you a second AA reset.

Jungle clear:

AA > E > AA > W > E > AA

So this works against everything (not drake). It gives you a good clear and minimal damage taken. So you auto attack to trigger the camps auto attack. Right before the camp hits you, you press E and it will block maximum time/damage (Agains blue/red, 2 AA). After your E, use W and AA and then your E will pop. FInish the camp after that. It is a bit harder against raptors since they auto attack at different times.

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Thank you!

Thank you for looking at my guide. As I said it was my first and it would really help me if you voted or left a comment so i can improve my guide. And by the way, thank you SO MUCH for 10k+ views. that is insande and I never thought i would get that far.

UPDATE: we reached 100k views and now we reached 200k. It is insane. I can't thank you enough and thank you for all the positive feedback.

UPDATE: Over 65k views and that is just insane. I can't thank you enough. I hope you are happy with the guide and more updates will come.

UPDATE: This is just insane. 350k views. I don't even know what to say anymore. Thank you!

"Ready for Battle"!