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Tryndamere General Guide by loler0206

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League of Legends Build Guide Author loler0206

Windamere in Season 4

loler0206 Last updated on April 2, 2014
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Hi I am xDeathStriker from EU West, currently ranked in Silver 2 .
This is my very first Guide, so it is for one of my favourite Champs, the holy Tryndamere.
Pls notice that im new on mobafire and it would be very nice if you give me feedback :)

Now about Trynda
Tryndamere is one of the few Melee Carries in the Game,along Fiora and Master Yi, one of the Reasons i enjoy playing him so much.

All these champs build (almost) only offensive Iteams because of their playstyle, doing the most damage as they can. Defensive is not so important one these champs, exspecially Tryndamere, because of his Undying Rage that is the more effective, the more damage he heals in that time .
They differ from normal ranged ADCs because they can outdamage them and can be played in Toplane or even Jungle. However, even if they are played top/jungle they are more like a second ADC as an Top Bruiser/tank so its important that your support/jungler can do the role of a tanky Initator/Caster.

The Meleecarries never got a lot of love because they have to be close and in the middle of the Team Fight, with not a single Defensive Item and their Easy Counterplay with any CC, additionaly because ranged ADCs can actually fulfill their roll better.

Also the current Meta makes him not the best Choice for an Ad Top , due to the tanky Meta with
a lot of CC.
However i believe that if played correct he's still a very strong pick, and has the potential to outscale any other lane oppenent, well in the Late game or at splitpushing.
With ''playing correct'' i mean this :D :
a Tryndamere Pro in Season 3 / 4 :
Tryndamere Pro

Pls note that this Guide is not complet yet.

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    True Hypercarry
    Insane Lategame
    Strong Ultimate
    Scales very well with Items
    Extrem mobility and sustain
    AD debuff / slow
    More than 1 enemy is needed to stop you

    Pretty easy to counterplay
    If not played correctly, very useless
    CC hard counter
    No hard CC
    People hate you xD

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What you should know before the Game starts

You should know about Tryndas Abilitys, his playstyle, his role in Teamfights/skirmishes and when its time to play agressive and when not .

First his Spells and explanations to them :

Bloodlust Your immense sustain Ability and your free AD spell. Not much to say about, usually max it first in most of the games because of what it offers you.
Remember when ure about to fight or the Enemy might want to engage you soon , never use the heal before your ult, use it in the last second of your Ult. ( Timing takes a bit practice.)
However if a Trade goes for a little time you can use it once before you Ult to deny your ult and then Ult to regain Fury and heal again at the end of the Ult. (Usually only possible if Bloodlust on max rank because of the low CD or when you have a few Seconds time after healing for using your Ultimate.

Mocking Shout You will learn to love this Spell it will give you so many kills, sometimes even multi kills because of the amazing slow ( 60 % slow at rank 5 ).
Important is that it only slows when enemies dont look at you. So don't make the mistake to instantly use your w after spinning to an enemy with Spinning Slash when you want to catch up , because skilled players will turn aroung the second you use your w and they wont get slowed.
Dont forget the AD debuff (80 AD debuff in that large area is huge !! )
Usually use it before trading or in the middle of a Teamfight , if you don't need it to catch it to catch the squishier enemies up .

Spinning Slash Like a free flash. Not the same fast animation, because its a Spin and not a Blink Abbility, but it has a larger range. (650 i believe)
Use it of course for escaping/catching enemies, or even for pushing or when you max it before your Mocking Shout or even Bloodlust for the damage it deals.
You can use it also for damaging Enemies when you're blinded or for damaging Jax while he used Counter Strike.

Undying Rage The Reason why the Community knows Tryndamere as OP .
Even if nerfed from Season 1 on from initial 8 sec to now only ( LOL ) 5 seconds, it's stil the Ulti with probably the most potential in the entire game.
This Ulti lets you build full on damage while still being the tankiest Tank out there.
90% of the Skill of a Tryndamere player decides if he can time this Spell or not.
Important is to always stay calm and dont use it to early, because it's not Kayle's Intervention it makes you not taking any damage, you just can't fall below 1 health.
Don't use it to early, but more important dont use it to late. Rather you use it a few times to early while you still practice Trynd as if you die. One important thing on this spell is that you need to have a generall knowledge about enemy champs aswell. For example, you must know that against a LeBlanc you should probably use your Ult a bit earlier.
Practice it a lot if you want success.

The different parts of the Game

Early Game

For experienced Tryndas : Experienced Trynda players will know that Tryndameres early is, unlike most believe, isn't weak. His kill potentioal at Level 2 is extremly high.
Only lucky crit with a full rage bar can win the lane.

For beginners: Play safe. Farm as much as you can while not pushing to much. Try to not miss a creep and become more agressive from reacing level 6 on .

Mid game Enemy Laner might roam a lot but you stay top and punish him for leaving lane and maybe getting a kill mid lane, by killing his tower and getting a CS advantage.
Mid game you push all the time and maybe fight some Skirmishes with your jungler and the enemy Top laner and Jungler that should be pretty easy to win for you against most Top laners now ( OFC not mid game gods like Jayce ,Diana, Darius....)

Late Game At around 30 minutes in the Game, but for you it can start earlier if you farmed well or got a lot of kill.
Dont split push to much now and stay with your team . NEVER go in first let your Initator /Disengager do the tank job. You dont really have to go for the ADC/APC first because you have so much DMG you can also attack enemy front line.

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In Lane

Either go all in Lvl 2 with ur Spinning Slash Ghost and Ignite combo (Just youtube: Hao Tryndamere,and you will see what i mean :D) , but the safe way is to farm until 6, sometimes harass before because
you know, even if the trade goes bad for you, you can outsustain .
At 6 all in the Enemy and start Snowballing.
Try to last hit as much as possible.
If you have an average and think you can even dive the Enemy, push the lane a lot , but dont
forget to ward !
If you just need to sustain, dont push but do a few more AA as just last-hitting, for
getting more fury ---> more heal :)

If you do well and practice a lot , there's actually really almost nothing the enemy
can do to stop you, neither in Lane nor later in the Game.

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Dr. Mundo No deal for you, he is to weak in early, when diving him ignite
and get fed.

Jarvan IV You outdamage him, you outsustain him and he will use his e-q combo only
to flee xd Never use your Spinning Slash when diving him before he used his Cataclysm.

Singed Let the Poison man trying to harass you, just heal out and farm xd . However dont let him farm for too much he can get very annoying and stronk.

Fiora After the first few Levels you outdamage her and your ult counters hers. Nuff said.

Riven Play the first few levels very safe and harass her by auto attacking a few times ( like 2 or 3 auto attacks ) , before use your Mocking Shout for the ad debuff and back off with Spinning Slash after she did her full Broken Wings and knocks you up .
At around level 8 , if she could farm good and maybe has her The Bloodthirster or what she builded first watch out, she might one hit you with her combo.
Later will be a lot easier.


Xin Zhao Dont give him any kills in the early Game. If he does to much damage try
maxing w and buy a lot of pots. After Botrk , it should get a lot easier.

Darius Each of you has the chance to counter the others ult. Dont fight pre 6, and watch out for his Noxian Guillotine when you are low/have 5 stacks of bleed.

Lee Sin Lee Sin is THE jungler/top atm. Very strong sustained bruiser, even more mobile as you. He is THE playmaker so dont let him get ahead by any early kills.
Remember not to ult, get kicked away by his Dragon's Rage and followed by a Sonic Wave at the end of your ult, or youre dead. His MS/AS debuff in no fun for you too. Play it safe early game.

Nidalee She can be very annoying and can often escape after Lvl 6, even with your Mocking Shout and Spinning Slash. Keep pushing this Lane and all in after a few AA.

Shyvana In last time, seen very often, in top too (!) get an early Botrk and LW and
destroy the wannabe Dragon:9

Renekton First 2 levels you can play agressive but when he hits 6 you should really stay back because he will kill you easily . Dont get baited by his Ult.

Hard for u

Teemo Yep his famost counter , maybe not the best because well good Tryndas CAN catch him
but yeah, avoid if possible, he is to annoying and lets you farm just very slowly.

Pantheon His passive counters your Damage, his Spear Shot is not just annoying, it
does ridicilous high damage, his Grand Skyfall counters your pushing and he can trade with you in early levels easily. Probably your hardest Counter immo.

Nasus Oh that doge with his stupid Wither. Never dive him when his Ult/wither is not on CD. What you do have to do is not let him farm , your early game is not very good, but his is way worse.

Jayce Depends much on the skill of him . His Shock Blast combined with his high burst is just annoying and his Thundering Blow kicks you away, every time you get close to him ,
unless he doesnt WANT to get close to u anyway.

Jax Not much fun for you. His Counter Strike is not the only reason why he counter you . Another Reason is because he can beat you in one of your greatest strengts, 1v1, and his mix of DPS and burst makes it very hard to time your ult.
One might argue that you can bait his Counter Strike out with auto attacking him and backing off with Spinning Slash , but a good jax player will never ever be so stupid.

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What to buy and when to buy

ALWAYS (!!!) start with Dorans's Blade no metter who you lane
against. Ive hears many people stay start with Long Sword to buy an insta Vampire Scepter after first back and not to waste money on a item you have to sell later anyway. But this money is not wasted, Dorans's Blade is , after the Dorans's Shield nerfs the best top item to start with as almost any Top laner. It gives you sustain , HP and almost the same amount of AD as Long Sword. The Sell price is one of the bests in the game too. It gives you all you can want in the early game.
If you are a bit behind after your first back, you got killed or had to back off, maybe you are behind in farm aswell, you should probably rush an Blade of the Ruined King and buy a Vampire Scepter , maybe even 2 or you buy another Doran's Blade.
With that much sustain from items, combined with your Bloodlust and your Lifesteal Runes, it's almost impossible to harass/push you out of lane.
Just freeze the lane when the enemy pushed and give a fk about his harass. You can outheal it easily and he cant stand so near your tower forever , because he will get ganked by your jungler.

If ahead :
If you're ahead, have a kill or even 2, or just have a better farm as your oppenent and stand longer in lane before going back, you should rush a Statikk Shiv.
It will add a large amount off damage , every 5 seconds suddenly 100 or when critting 200 magic damage additional damage is a lot .
You can with this item litteraly out push your opponent, you can dive after you pushed a few minion waves in his tower or proxy behind his tower.
One great thing to mention is that Tryndamere can, proxy like a god he can ( even if behind ) just farm behind enemy tower, farm all time once he has his ulti up because he sustains, escapes, trades like a boss. Only Singed can proabably proxy better.

After the early game, when you reached your Stattik, reached aroung level 8 or destroyed the first enemy tower , you buy this items (in what purchase order you think is best , depends on the enemy team) :

Last Whisper Berserker's Greaves Blade of the Ruined King Infinity Edge The Bloodthirster

If you feel like you need a bit more defence , go for Guardian Angel or Frozen Mallet, if you need More Crit/AS go for an Phantom Dancer.

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Last Words

Thank you for reading my guide leave a comment if you like or feed back :) If you dont like
something tell it in a polite way and dont flame pls i will try my best to improve this guide .

Now i wish you much fun playing the Barbarian King and i hope my Guide helped you maybe.


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