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Cho'Gath Build Guide by Californication

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Californication

With speed through the jungle and fast to the win

Californication Last updated on October 17, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi there and welcome to this guide!

This guide shows you the advantages of AD jungle Cho'Gath

Enjoy and submit suggestions to improve this guide more and more!

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Pros / Cons


- insane jungle clean time
- very fast > able to help your team as much as possible
- very robust/able to tank
- you don't lose the cc, by not stacking AP ;)
- sustained damage
- high sustain in the jungle by your passive + wriggles
- lower mana costs in the jungle than AP Cho'Gath
- early dragon
- mixed damage > harder to counter


- low burst damage
- need to be close to the target to deal damage

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I think the masteries and runes are self explaining.
They offer you the most possible movement speed and the robustness which is required to stay in the centre of the fight!

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I advise you to start at blue, since you are mana hungry in the beginning.
Then rush red and gank the most pushed lane. Remember always that you should land your Q slightly in front of the running enemy. Those of you, who played him already, should know this.


That is where AD Cho'Gath shines. When you got Wriggle's Lantern, you should be able to do dragon solo! Remember always to unward the dragon, by yourself or the supporter. In the best case is the enemy jungler just ganking on top, so that no one will stop you.

In TTT AD Cho'Gath is an insider's tip. You are mostly able to do dragon even with level 6.

Don't forget to stack your ultimate as much as possible!

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In some cases counterjungling is a try worth. Enemy wards can destroy effort, but there are certain rules you should follow.

Champions which are easily counterjungled:

Ammumu very item dependent and an easy target for you!

Nautilus more difficult to kill in 1v1, but still relative easy to kill

Nunu rarely played in the jungle and easily counterjungled, since he deals hardly damage

Champions that might counterjungle you

Lee Sin insane damage in early and mid game. If he sees you when you are low health, you should start running! Always remember his Sonic Wave

Shyvana the best example for counterjungling is probably Shyvana. I advise you to place wards around your jungle if you face her!

Olaf Honestly, this guy is a pain! Never try to do a 1v1 fight, unless you are fed. Because of his passive Berserker Rage you will lose very likely.

Jax Another strong 1v1 champion. Some aggressive counterjungling Jax might met you, when you are low health and that is your end! Thought this happens most likely in the beginning of the game. He has got a leap, Leap Strike, a stun, Counter Strike and insane damage.
Always wait until you place your Rupture, until he leaps to you! Otherwise he will simply dodge it by jumping to you. (Unless of course, if he stands already in front of you)

Diana The list of 1v1 jungle monsters does not seem to end. The good message: You are more tankier in late game than them!
Well, all I can advise you is, to try to dodge her Crescent Strike (easier said than done). If you are able to dodge it, your changes to win a duel are not bad at all!

As you see, the list of champions who can counterjungle you in early game is long.
Good team communication, like stating that the enemy jungler is counterjungling, is always helpful. When you stack your ulti up to 3 times and more, you will have much less problems against the champions stated.

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At first, you should get Wriggle's Lantern and Boots of Speed, to do dragon.
Then purchase Phage and Wit's End.
The boot's choice is depending on your enemy. If the enemy got heavy CC you should get Mercury's Treats.
If the game lasts longer than 30-40 minutes I would consider buying Ninja Tabi anyway.
Update your Phage to Frozen Mallet next.
I know, Madred's Bloodrazor costs much gold, so you should only get it if the game lasts extremely. If your team lags in terms of Damage get Atma's Impaler, instead of Warmog's Armor.

The late game build is a tricky decision, since you have to stay in the centre of the team, you have to be very robust! If you buy more full offensive offensive items like, Infinity Edge you will be killed very fast. So I decided only to get these Bruiser items, which other both defensive and offensive attributes.

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Team Work

You cannot win a game by yourself, but as jungler you have a big impact, whether your team will win the laning phase, or not.

Always gank lanes, that are hard pushed, dominated by the enemy and covered by late game champs like Nasus and Veigar.

There are two ways to play AD Cho'Gath in teamfights. On the one hand as carry protector and on the other hand as anti-carry. Reality proved that the best way to win a teamfight is to keep your carry longer alive, than the enemy carry :D

With other words, it is a situation-dependent choice. Since you are very robust, you can run toward the enemy team and tank they burst damage. Your order is it, to hit as much as possible enemies with your Rupture , followed by a Feral Scream. This is probably the best way initiate a teamfight. But in some cases the enemy will deal too much damage, while you are trying to attracting them to attack you.
In this case you should consider to wait, until they start an engage.

Anyway, you are more useful in teamfights, than AP/Tank Cho'Gath!
You got higher CC, by your Frozen Mallet, are more tankier by lifesteal and bruiser items and you deal last but not least, more single target damage. No matter, whether it is a tank or a carry!
The problem I faced when building AP Cho'Gath were this high health tanks, which are now countered, by Madred's Bloodrazor

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Never forgot the advantage you got compared to the enemy jungler in most cases: Your mobility!
Play awaken and help your team rather instead of cleaning the jungle!

All in all I want to improve this guide, as above mentioned.
You guys can test it and share your experience.