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Irelia Build Guide by BobaSoul

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BobaSoul

Wtf is Armor?

BobaSoul Last updated on August 22, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I've been playing Irelia lately and I've noticed that many of these guides on here make her pretty tanky. Those builds weren't really my play style so i went and made my own build and tested it out. With all the passives that this guide gives you and the attack speed, you'll be seeing 29035734754 numbers pop up like a machine gun by the time the build is complete.

When playing as Irelia, patience is KEY, you can easily lane 1v2 and take down higher leveled champions if you time your "E" right.

EX) Just imagine for example you have lower health since the enemy is hitting harder than you in a 1 v 1 fight, pop your "E", activate your Sword of the Divine armor pen & your "W" for some extra TRUE damage and kick *** while the enemy is stunned, if that isnt enough, exhaust him and finish him off. ALSO, while you kick his *** while he's stunned for those 2 seconds, you'll have hit him at least 4 times triggering your passive for bonus damage every 4 hits AND with your "W" passive along with your Hextech, you'll be healing some health back in the process.

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Pros / Cons

- It'll be like your enemy's armor doesn't exist.
- With all the passives doing damage and your DPS, you'll be seeing alot of numbers.
- Best of both worlds.
- Cheap and quick to build all the items.

- Not as tanky as other builds.

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This skill is your chasing/initiating/escaping skill for fights and your last hitting skill for minions.

- Chasing: If the enemy is running, use this to dash to him, if he's too far, FLASH + Q should get him, then pop your either your "E" if you have it or Exhaust to slow him down. Your Frozen Mallet should help keep him close to kick his *** too.

- Initiating: It'll help you get out your first strike in a fight as you dash into your enemy from where ever you are.

- Escaping: Perhaps you chased your enemy too far and you're getting badly hurt or something, use it to Dash towards a nearby minion and flash away

- Last hitting: When you last hit a minion with this skill, you get refunded half the mana and the cooldown refreshes.


This skill helps you dish out some serious dps b/c of the true damage when you're auto attacking those btchass champions youre playing against. Also, the passive heal when you use physical attacks goes really well with your Hextech.


This skill is by far the most useful skill Irelia has. It is your game/situation changing, life saving, CC skill. Max this skill first to increase the duration of the stun/slow. Saving this skill for the right time in a fight is always a good thing.
- If youre almost dying in a fight and you dont think you can kill the enemy, stun him with this skill, bladesurge away if possible and FLASHFLASHFLASHHHHH
- If youre almost dying in a fight and you DO think you can kill the enemy if given a few seconds of advantage, stun the hoe and beat his ***, pop an exhaust to lower the champ's damage if necessary too if the stun isnt long enough.

"R"Transcendent Blades

It's a yummy skill, helps you lane for long periods of time, chase, and goes well with your Hextech. Use this to clear minion waves quickly while healing yourself or kill an almost dead running champion.

The skill order in fights depends on the situation your in

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Summoner Spells

Take Flash and Exhaust. JUST DO IT. These skills will help save your life a few times and help you get some kills.

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Pretty self explanatory in my opinion,

- the HP Quints and Seals help you stay alive in early levels til you get your Frozen Mallet thingy.
- the armor pen Marks goes nice with Sword of Divine, your "W" Hiten Style and your 2x atk speed when you're kicking some *** auto attacking.
- the AP quints just add some extra juice to your "E" as the game goes on

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Your core items are

Too lazy to explain why, try it first and find out. Uprage the Sheen to a Triforce if you want. I just dont find it an immediately necessary item due to its costs. This item build is quick and cheap to build which can really bump up Irelia's play

Either start with a Doran's item or immediately start of with the shoes and some health pots (what i usually do)

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How To Play

Early Game:

Start off getting your first item(s) and run to top or bottom waiting at the end of the first bush with your partner, wait til someone comes in and BAM "E" his *** to stun him and pound away.

Use Q>E to constantly harass but dont get too impatient/cocky/greedy/stupid and get too much damage. Use your Q to last hit minions and try to heal up using your "W" passive. Pop your health pot when you need to if you went that route.

Start using your "W" active whenever you're going for an all out fight (means anything that's not harass)

Mid Game:
When you find yourself in a 1 v 1 situation, use your Sword of the Divine and time your "E" right.

Not much else to say, its all self explanatory when you play. ALSO having red buff helps alot
I stole this pic (: