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LeBlanc Build Guide by norberg1

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League of Legends Build Guide Author norberg1

WTF LeBlanc Mid S3

norberg1 Last updated on June 30, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Offense: 21

Honor Guard

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Utility: 9

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Oh Yes. Ohhhh Yes.

Yes indeed Leblanc mid is just as bangin' in Season 3 as it was in Season 2. Not a whole lot has changed here. The DFG has gotten ****tier so it's moved later on, while Morellonomicon has moved up as a nice swap for the mana regen on the triple Doran's as well as a delicious bleed effect that will supplement ignite nicely for securing kills. Run the Banshee's Veil later on so you can carry if the game runs a little long. Other than that, it's Leblanc Mid! **** SOME **** UP!!!

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The Plays

The "Morgana Q Shove It In Your @$$"
1. Wait for Morgana to Q
2. Flash Q R W E Ignite

The "I'm So Fed... Poor Ez"
1. Wait for Ez to overextend or use his tele.
2. W Q R W

The "Oh Sh!t Now I'm F\/cked for Sure"
1. W
2. Run for 3 seconds
3. W
4. Run the other way

The "Bunch of Silly Bananas"
CAUTION: Must be extremely fed
1. Wait for entire enemy team to bunch up.
2. W R
3. Pentakill
4. Laugh @$$ off

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About Me / Tips

I am a veteran LB player and I'd consider myself to be very high proficiency with her. If you can trust that, here's a few words of wisdom on the subject.

- Choosing LB means risk for your team. Unless you pull off at least a few kills early game, you will become quite useless.

- Your real effectiveness comes from roaming. That means, unless you kill the opposing mid, you can be easily countered by a champion who will push hard. Use triple Doran's + your W to try to prevent this from happening, but if you're being pushed hard, it's better to get what farm you can and save your mana to take out the opposing mid once you get level 6. If necessary, have your jungler take your lane for a time so you can roam and set up kills top or bot. It's very helpful to have a jungler you know so he understands this and will swap mid with you on a moment's notice.

- LB is not an AP carry - she cannot deal much AoE usually, has long cooldowns, and as such cannot team fight for sh!t. She is an AP assassin and her job is to drop the one highest value target she can or to lower the enemy team's numbers before a team fight even occurs by ganking enemies that are out of position. Because of this it is very important to have fellow team members that WARD.

- The game should be over by 30 minutes. If it's not, you're in trouble.

- Don't hog kills all game - set up kills for your team by picking off targets just as an engage is about to happen. Everyone else needs to be fed to carry the late game.

- Use your physical attack. Trust me. It does wonders.