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Wukong Build Guide by RitZ v2

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RitZ v2

Wukong: A Colorful Guide

RitZ v2 Last updated on March 4, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello, I'm RitZ and my main champion is Wukong. I bought Wukong when I was only level 7. What inspired me to get Wukong was that I saw someone playing him and I thought that Wukong had a really cool art. H has a red classic theme with the armor and I also thought that his moves where really cool. Back then, all I ever thought about was doing some heavy damage and getting away uncaught and this monkey caught my attention. A week after I saw Wukong being played, I bought my first ever $10 RP card and I was excited when I've unlocked him.
Wukong is an AD Melee Bruiser. He excels at dealing quick burst damage leaving your opponent clueless about how they're health melted in an instant. Wukong is a really strong champion and only a few champions can actually counter him. Putting him at any lane is viable because his passive can do so much for him. He can go mid lane and counter even the most bursty AP champions in League Of Legends, He can go bot lane and destroy AD carries with allowing him to put pressure and making him able to farm while putting out constant harass as long as he has the mana for it. I'll talk about this later into the guide.

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Easy To Play
Great Burst Damage
Good Farming abilities
Good Escape Mechanism
Strong Through Out The Whole Game
Great Survivability With This Build
Few Champions Can Counter Him
He's A Friggin' Monkey... What Else Do You Want From Him?

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Hard To master
Weak Damage Without Sheen or Trinity Force
No CC Except For Ultimate
Vulnerable To CC Once Is On Cooldown
Weak Before Level 3(Don't Have All Abilities Yet)

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Skill Explanation

Crushing Blow

This ability is your "Butter". It deals so much damage to squishies and tanks plus it also debuffs the enemy champion that you hit this with for 30% of their armor for 3 seconds. That is a decent amount of percentage taken off of the enemy champion.


This is your "And". If you're confused about the "And" part, you'll understand why I called it that later. Anyway, is a really helpful kit. It lets you trick, scare, juke, initiate, get away from the enemy(s). If you are new to Wukong, you probably only used this ability to get away after you finish your combos, but as you play Wukong more, you will be able to understand how to use properly. It isn't just used to get away from your enemy. This is probably one of the reasons why I fell in love with Wukong.

Nimbus Strike

This is "Bread". allows you to get closer to an enemy unit striking a maximum number of 3 enemy units. This is a very useful ability because it can be used as a gap closer and believe it or not, it could also be used to get away from your enemy(I will explain more about this later). isn't as strong as because it's not supposed to be as strong. It deals some damage, but always use this as an opener/gap closer when you can reach your oppoent with this ability.

Ultimate Cyclone

Okay.. maybe it's NOT called Ultimate Cyclone, but let's just call it that because I like to keep it that way. This ultimate can knock enemy champions up once during it's duration. This is the only CC that Wukong has and it is his ultimate, so use it carefully. Did I mention that this ult will deal damage over time and you go faster every second for the duration of 4 seconds? Well.... it does and it's awesome.

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Bread And Butter Combos

Order Of Operation: Let's Kill

Bread And Butter: Harass

This is one of the most common ways you could use . Gap Closing in with following it up with then getting away with let's you harass for free without taking any damage.

Bread And Butter: Back Blower

This is a helpful combo because it lets you trick your enemies. You simply close in on them with , using to go behind them and finishing it up with possibly getting a kill. CAUTION! Only use this combo when your enemies are at half health. using this combo when your enemy is at full health leaves you vulnerable to any oncoming attacks because your abilities are still on cooldown.

Bread And Butter: Monkey Mode

This is one of the best combos you could do with Wukong. It maximizes your damage to the MAX! By closing the gap between you and your enemy(s) with and hitting the enemy(s) with your , you can then to the enemy carry(s) and use . This is going to deal a lot of damage to the enemy team and this can change the tides of the battle.

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Doran's Blade
This is one of the best items to start out with. It gives you 100 health, 10 attack damage, and 3% lifesteal. Get this item when you think you're laning against someone who doesn't have a very good harass. If you know you're going against someone with a good harass, then start out with and .

Mercury's Treads
I get this item most of the time on Wukong because I've been in a lot of games where the enemy team has a lot of CC. These boots is actually pretty good. Get this item on Wukong because it gives you 25 magic resistance and 35% tenacity. Wukong is really vulnerable to CC if he gets caught while his is on cooldown.

Trinity Force
This is Wukong's favorite item. It's YELLOW which resembles a banana. In all seriousness, Wukong's damage skyrockets after he gets . This is THE most balanced item in the game and for 4070 gold, it really gives a lot for one item. is the most expensive item on League Of Legends, so getting it really early is a good idea. My best time of getting is 14:39, not that I'm bragging or anything.

Warmog's Armor
Get this for after you finish . It's better to complete the stack early because you'll have more health. Going with then is really useless because with the build that you have so far, is the only damage that you will need until late game where the teamfight phases are beginning to start or is starting already.

Atma's Impaler
You should be getting this item later into the game. This item boosts your AD while still giving a decent armor and a few critical chance. This will synergize well with the because the AD is added by 2% of your maxixmum health.

Last Whisper
An amazing item that is a must for late game. What do you buy when you see an enemy champion building a lot of armor? That's right, you're going to buy . This item gives a decent amount of AD and the best part is, it also penetrates 40% off of the enemy champion. This item will go well along with because this ability can apply on-hit effects.

Banshee's Veil
So you made it this far? Congratulations! The 6th and final item is none other than . This item gives 375 health, 50 magic resistance, 375 mana, and a unique passive that allows you to block one ability for every 45 seconds!! this is truly amazing. It's an all-around good magic resistance item. Now you may be wondering, why not just get ? Well, you're not really a tank, and doesn't give you any health or mana, and it also doesn't block an ability every 45 seconds. You can see why we picked for Wukong.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells Worth Getting

This summoner spell is a MUST. It gets you out of trouble and I remember that it has saved my life SO many times. You could use this summoner spell to run away,catch up to the enemy or initiate a teamfight.

This summoner spell is quite useful. I actually used to go but then I decided to change it up and go with . Anyways, ghost gives you a lot of movement speed for a time duration allowing you to escape and chase.

This is my favorite 2nd summoner spell for wukong. It can help you with fighting the enemy champion 1v1 because it lowers down their armor, attack speed, movement speed, etc.

Another good summoner spell. It deals true damage over time and can help get the first blood. Unfortunately, I don't really like to get this spell with Wukong.