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Wukong Build Guide by Smileh

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Smileh

[Wukong] - A Solo Top Monkey

Smileh Last updated on July 30, 2011
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In this guide you will find everything you need about Wukong, being good while playing him, is up to you, but if you follow this guide, and you are a good player overall, you will find yourself doing some successful stuff and having tons of fun playing him.

I recommend you to read all the chapters, since I will try to give you as much advices as I can.

I hope you like it, and don't forget to rate if you did and it worked for you!


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Here's a short summary regading the whole guide:

- Runes: Lane sustain allows you to stay in lane longer so you can keep farming and damange your enemy while getting less damange than him/her.

- Masteries: These masteries are A MUST to be able to keep harrashing your enemy on early level, you will find otherwise, that the damage is too low on early levels to be actually viable.

- Items: A basic bruiser builds works like never before on Wukong, lane sustain early level with gold per 10sec, and start building up your damage and survival.

- Skill Sequence: You need to max. Nimbus Strike to keep harrashing your opponent.

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The reason you wan't these runes is pretty simple, you want a massive survival and sustain during the lane phase. It allows you to play very aggresive while not getting much of a punishment from your opponent.

There's no other choice, the armor and magic res. works just great, the armor pen. will get you that extra damage output on your skills and the health reg. quints allow you to stay in lane forever.

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The masteries could be a bit more tricky than the runes because, to be honest, it could be something different depending what you are gonna face, I will explain:

- If you know you are going to be against a high burst champion, you might want to go into the defensive tree, but it's NOT neccesary, unless you are not confortable enough with yourself.

- If you know you are going to be against a champion with self healing or a huge lane sustain, you don't have any other choice than an aggresive tree or even a utility one in somne rare scenarios.

Long story short: Once you master the laning phase with Wukong; pick aggresive masteries.

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With the same topic as the runes and masteries, we are going to build a lane sustain items on early game, but will give us some extra gold at the same time.

Once our first items are done, our lane sustain should be pretty sick, and you will have no trouble at all holding your lane and farming very easy to grab a quick Trinity Force.

Once our Trinity Force is complete, normally we want to get Atma's Impaler to get that extra damage which will crush the enemy team, but if you are facing 2 AP Carrys you should go first for a magic resist item, so you just pick Banshee's Veil before the Atma's Impaler. The reason to pick Banshee's Veil over Force of Nature is the extra HP that will scale with Atma's Impaler. Some games could require Force of Nature to chase fast enemies down.

Once the basic items are done you have way many choices, here we gonna talk about different scenarios:

- If the enemy team got 2 ap carrys and they are doing some sick damage or they have way too many CC you wan't to get yourself a Quicksilver Sash (note this item could be a must against Malzahar).

- If the enemy team got their ad carry doing insane amounts of damage, and specially if their jungler or bruiser are doing pretty good as well, you want to upgrade your Heart of Gold into Randuin's Omen.

- If you are getting no troubles what so ever with the game you could go more tanky to play it safe, and Guardian Angel would be a good choice, since the mixture of armor and magic resist. There is just so many choices since you could also grab yourself some lifesteal, more HP or even some damage items, which in that case I recommend The Brutalizer due to the CD Reduction.

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Skill Sequence

There's just nothing to talk about there, that's the only skill sequence you can get. Nimbus Strike gives you the most damage during laning phase and could help you a bit on farming if you are having troubles with last hits due to being zoned or whatever the case is.

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Wukong is probably one of the most fun champions to play right now and he has A LOT of tricks and jukes.

The Copy:

As you probably know by now, you can fool your enemies with your stop key (S by default). In 75% of the cases they would think you made your copy and run away. If you become a master with this, you can turn being ganked into a kill or a escape route.

For example, you were pushing a bit too much and you get ganked. What you should do is start running a bit towards your tower, then use S, you will stop and in many cases they will keep running on your tower direction to catch you after the stealth. If they do so you, they will be very close to your tower, just charge to them with Nimbus Strike and use Decoy or the other way around, use Decoy and charge to them with Nimbus Strike while invis to your tower, depending how far away are you or if they have stuns available.

Don't abuse this juke so much or it will stop working for you once your enemies know what you doing.

The Ultimate Combo:

After some good damage on your enemy, you might want to finish him, and here's the reason why we have Ignite.

Keep harrashing your enemy champion until a point you think is enough to do a killing blow. Then charge with the Nimbus Strike + Crushing Blow combo, you WANT to wait a second to check if he is gonna Flash away before using Cyclone, if not, go ahead. If they use Flash, you chase with Flash while ulting and pop Ignite as well and by then you should have back your Nimbus Strike and Crushing Blow to finish the job.

Ultimate Timming:

While facing some enemy champions you require a good knowledge of what you doing and how to time your spells. At the end, League of Legends is a game where if you know what can you do and what they can, if timed correctly will give you great success on every champion.

Here's a good example:

Champions like Ezreal with a blink ( Arcane Shift) and a Flash becomes a bit harder, and here's how you deal with it; keep harrashing until you feel confortable to go for the kill (obviously never stop farming while harrashing, since you can zone him out of the farming at the same time). Once he has low HP enough to get a kill, wait for him to use Arcane Shift, now it's the right moment to do your combo, Ignite him and pop up Cyclone, once he flashes away you follow him and finish him with your combo, that should be back on cd.

This applies to every blink or scape skills champions like Kassadin, Corki, Tristana and so on.


In teamfights you could either be a iniciator or waiting for a good moment to pop your ult. that depends on your setup.

If you are gonna play the role as iniciator the most important thing has to be disabling their main carry at that stage of the game. In late game you probably want to charge their AD Carry. Use Cyclone wisely as if you were Amumu, trying to pick as many people as possible to get that CC working. While iniciating, it's very important that you don't get splitted from your team chasing down their carrier.

If you have a good iniciator you want to wait for that iniciation CC to pop your ultimate right after it. Wukong works so sick with Orianna, as she can get them together with Command: Shockwave giving you a perfect Cyclone time to crush them all together.

There's a lot of stuff like this that you ll realise after some games with him. Timing your spells is your best shot for a great success. Play him and have fun while doing it.

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Video Tutorials

Laning with Wukong

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- Added laning harrashment video