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Wukong Build Guide by Baumeli

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Baumeli

Wukong DPS- Everybody hates the killer monkey!

Baumeli Last updated on February 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello all and welcome to my first guide for Wukong the Monkey King! I haven't done guides before but because i only see Wukong - The offtank and guides like that, I had to do this guide to show you that YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE OFF TANK, you don't need to. Because with dps gear, Wukong will be unstoppable, he will be Greater than Chuck Norris. Infact, he was the father of Chuck Norris! I'm ready for some bad comments because this is my first guide, but come on people, read this because dps Wukong is good!

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Pros / Cons

+ You deal whole lot of dmg
+ Great escaper
+ You can play real aggressive

- If you cant use Decoy properly, your dead
- If theres some good agressive ranged players, your farming could be bad

I really dont know so much cons to Wukong. Atleast when i play with him.

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I choose the Greater Mark of Desolation and Greater Quintessence of Desolationrunes because that gives me good attack in beginning and against tanks.

Greater Seal of Armor runes are good for early game if you want to get fb!

And Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction runes is a great way for you to get quicker decoy, thats the spell which you will get yourself from getting killed!

Alternative runes:

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist - yeah you could sure take the magic resist, BUT... Cooldown reduction is much much more better to have

All other runes on marks than Greater Mark of Magic Penetration or greater mark of desolation is useless in my opinion

And the + armor in beginning is surely quite good for early battles or ganking, so you should have the runes i have mentioned!

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The 21-9-0 masteries I choose because I get more dmg done and luckily if dodged more likely to get away, Wukong is just the greatest escaper!

Some people say the 21 masteries ain't good, but in my opinion, you do **** LOAD of damage with them, so they will help you alot!

Wukong is a great damage dealer, so please use him to that people. Use your eyes and get to the real life of Wukong the Monkey king!

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This is important! When your in lanes you should last hit minions! I don't mean that you should auto attack them! no no no! Not like that! You have to learn how to last hit them! Because in the beginning if you dont kill anybody you have to rely on last hitting.

As you can see in this game i had 180 minion kills and the most kills (like 130 kills) i got in the beginning! In that way i got my Mercury's Treads and Trinity Force early and started my killing rampage.

So remember that you have to last hit minions, not just autoattack!

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Now to the most important thing, ITEMS!

Start with Doran's Blade. I have seen people that have started with Cloth Armor and 5 healt potion.. you dont do much dmg and if you play wisely, you wont die and lose health. I have seen people start with Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potion... you will be quick.. but come on people...

You should get the Mercury's Treads as soon as possible but you should try to last hit minions and maybe if your lucky some kills that you get 1200 gold in your first back.

Alternative boots: Berserker's Greaves - if nobody has good cc's you should reaaally get these boots, cause that will increase your dps and that's what we want, yes?

Ionian Boots of Lucidity - if you really wanna troll with your Decoy and Nimbus Strike, you shuold get these! tested one game with these and that one was funny, but dont take this for a first game with Wukong!

Then buy Sheen because thats a good way to get extra dmg in early game!
After you killed some people and last hitted minions (hope you have, as i said last hitting is important) you should get the Trinity Force.

Overall i would say that you shouldnt buy tankish items because you wont need them! Let your tank go first in to battle and after that Nimbus Strike in and lets the dps roll!

This is my reason why you dont need to be an offtank

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Skill Sequence

Always get Crushing Blow first, then Nimbus Strike, and one more to Crushing Blow! At level 4 you should get Decoy for fleeing or if your good enough, ganking!
Then you should really max out Nimbus Strike because when you throw yourself in you get the extra attack speed and that's really really great. But use Crushing Blow wisely! You should charge in first, do a normal attack and then first use Crushing Blow to get the most dmg output! The ulti Cyclone is a great skill in my opinion, because if you need to run away, use Cyclone, if you need to stop an good ulti like Katarinas, use Cyclone, if you need to stop the enemies from running, use Cyclone! And in teamfights it's glowing like the biggest star in the sky ( That's the sun right???;D )!

The using of Decoy: If you get yourself in a squishy situation, you should use it. But remember to use it wisely! Remember aswell that you can play a bit with the minds of your enemies, just press s and you stop running. Enemies will go other ways because they think you used Decoy. Then run the other way LIKE HELL! And Flash is a excellent spell with Decoy because if you use your Decoy and flash away, I guarantee you wont be caught, atleast i havent!

Why I max out Decoy last: In my opinion you dont need to max it in the beginning because that wont help you to do damage. It's true that you have more cooldown on it, but with your Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction you get little less cooldown to it. And if you play wisely , you shouldnt be needing it too much!

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Summoner Spells

As i explained, Flash is a great way to use with Decoy, but it's always good in ganking an enemy or just fleeing away! But remember to not just use it if you have a other chance to escape, you always need it! So don't lose it too early!

Ignite - In my opinion Ignite is a great spell to wukong; yes you do alot of dmg, but in early game if you gank and they almost run away with small health, BOOM! Igniteand you get a kill! (and just for the fun if you want to ks someone, shh! I didn't tell you that!)

Alternative spells

Exhaust - if nobody has it, you could pick it. Because it's always good that someone has Exhaust. That's a good spell in teamfight's; to get the nuker down on dmg and you nuke him down quickly, or just to get them scared running enemies down!

Fortify - Well this is a good spell, BUT! I wouldn't say this is the best for Wukong. But a funny thing if someone runs to turret to kill himself that no one gets the kill, use it. You will get the kill, those are the awesome kills!

Spells you shouldn't use!

Heal - Come on... If you dont have a support in your team, you could be kinda deaaad!

Clarity - Well you lose alot of mana in the beginning, but still... dont get that one.

Clairvoyance - If you even think of that spell, your mom should have teached you better! Let the support have that spell

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Team Work

The thing with Wukong is, you dont go rampage like rambo in. You have to wait for your tank to initiate to a teamfight! Then you charge in, maybe you use your ulti. Or if you wait for a good chance to use it, that would be great too. If you see Fiddlesticks starting hes ultimate, charge in and use your Cyclone. Or if Katarina uses her ultimate, charge in and ulti that ulti away! And thats about all i can say about the Cyclone. And as you will see, Wukong with hes full gear. UNSTOPPABLE!

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So this was my guide for Wukong, in overall I would say that The Monkey King is best for dps, not for offtank or even a bit tankish. Please people do vote and post your opinion for WUKONG, The greatest monkey in LoL! If you people have any suggestions for making this guide better, please do make an post on the page! Thank you for the time to read this guide and i'm happy I really did this guide so you people learn the true Wukong!