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Wukong Build Guide by pwygaming

Top Wukong - ''I bet I can hit the base from here'' [Top lane]

Top Wukong - ''I bet I can hit the base from here'' [Top lane]

Updated on August 17, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author pwygaming Build Guide By pwygaming 2,321 Views 0 Comments
2,321 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author pwygaming Wukong Build Guide By pwygaming Updated on August 17, 2013
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Hello guys,

Welcome to my first build on Mobafire. This build is all about Wukong, since lately its my favourite champion, as it offers some great AoE damage and CC and you can carry games easily as you get better with him. Hope you guys like my guide, feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions!

P.S: English isnt my native language so there might be some wrong spelling, sorry for that.
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Early game

As Wukong you want to farm up some gold as soon as possible to get yourself a Brutalizer before level 6. As soon as you come back to lane you can usually easily get a good chance at killing the enemy top laner with a simple combo: e-q some autoattacks with the attackspeed from your e and then use your ultimate and ignite for a huge burst. This usually gets you an easy kill, but be careful with ganks from the enemy junglers, because you can easily get shut down early. So keeping your lane warded all the time gives you the oppertunity to go play very agressive.

NOTE: Don't play too agressive vs tanky top laners like Malphite because you most likely wont kill them that easily as mentioned above and might end up dieing. Also if you're getting bullied out of lane you just want to farm and wait for your Jungler to come up and help you.
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You want to try to farm with your autoattacks however, if the enemy top laner has a huge lane bully you can use your q with the extra range to get those last hits or use your e under the tower to secure the gold from the minions.
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Ranked Play

Wukong is an extremely good champion for Ranked Play as it offers some great late game Damage and AoE wich can shut down the enemy carrys.
You wanna try to win your lane and get some early kils to start ''snowballing''.
If you're winning your lane you want to try to help your other lanes as you offer some great CC and damage to help your teammates get some kils. Which will eventually helps you win the game more easily.

If you want to escape low elo i'd really suggest trying this champion as it is really good at carrying games even if your team is down by alot. Even at higher elo (Plat+) he still is really good at carrying games and overall being a good pick.

Some of my ranked games with Wukong in Gold 1. [Click here]
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Teamfighting as Wukong

In teamfights you want to wait for an oppertunity to go in and burst the enemy carrys, its the best to wait for your team to engage and then follow up with you high damage and CC. However, if you don't have anyone that can engage for you, Wukong can also do that himself.

Example of engaging as Wukong:
Use your w to become invisible and close the gab between you and your enemies with your e then follow that up with your ultimate to knock-up and heavenly damage the enemy team. With a Guardian angle you can play much more agressivly because you wont die if they focus you down fast and by that time you've already done enough damage for your team to clean up.
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Pros / Cons

- High mobility
- High damage and great CC with your knock-up.
- Good at escaping sticky situations with your w or e IF you use it to minions to close a gab.
- Oppertunity to burst down enemy carrys easily if not protected heavenly.
- Not really hard to learn the champion.

About his ultimate:
Keep in mind that Wukong gains a 5% movement speed bonus every half second for the duration of the spell, with the bonus disappearing once he stops spinning. Wukong CANNOT attack or use other abilities while Cyclone is active, but he can deactivate it at any time.

- Squishy early game.
- Needs some items to start doing damage.
- If you start to do really well you will get focused alot.
- Requires player to play smart to maximize abilities.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author pwygaming
pwygaming Wukong Guide
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Wukong - ''I bet I can hit the base from here'' [Top lane]

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