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Wukong Build Guide by Ikaax

Wukong, on the cloud!

Wukong, on the cloud!

Updated on August 21, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ikaax Build Guide By Ikaax 12,342 Views 5 Comments
12,342 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Ikaax Wukong Build Guide By Ikaax Updated on August 21, 2011
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First of all, sorry for my english, i already know it isn't perfect.

This is my first guide and i gonna show you how i do play Wukong, The Monkey King. I build Wukong as half-tank & dps. Obviously for the passive that he got you have to think on play it more offensive, taking some more damage. But that's never a problem as he got abilities enough for escape from fights and ganks. He is trully one of the most funny characters to play on this game.
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21/08/2011 - Re-colourized the guide for make it easier for the reader.
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Pros / Cons

Good output damage
Really strong lategame with the passive and the item build
Easy to escape from ganks
Great combo maker

Squishy early game if you don't play carefully
Early mana issues
Can't hold a lane alone for too long
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Summoner Spells

My Choice:
Flash - This can easy take us out from a dangerous situation as help us to get a kill.
Ignite - Its always cool to have some hidded options for can surprise your opponent with more output damage than the one he is specting.

Other good options:
Ghost - From scratch, Wukong is a really fast character, but its always cool to can move faster to get what you want. Catch your next kill or try to dodge what it seems like a deadly situation.
Teleport - Is one of the perfect spells for a 5vs5 map.
Exhaust - Don't let your enemies escape, or chase you.
Smite - I didn't try Wukong at jungle but it seems like a pretty nice option for it, i'm sure if you try it you gonna love it!
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Skill Sequence

I usually try to maximize at first Nimbus Strike as its a great way to surprise your enemy or increase your farming speed. I make this one first because when you make the combo with Crushing Blow, this last don't change the armor decrease on higher lvls, my damage is always harder.

After Nimbus Strike maximize your Crushing Blow. This second one isn't just good for the combo and add more damage to your enemies, it's also a great armor increase to down towers. At level 5 and some good damage items you can take 600 or more damage in a single hit with your Crushing Blow. Trully amazing!!

Warrior Trickster its maybe one of the best spells of Wukong, it just makes the gameplay raise to a new level of fun and enjoyment. Is the perfect spell for confuse your enemies for escape, check bushes, gank from a stealth mode... Also i maximize this one the last because you don't get more time stealthed with more skill level so, the efect is kinda the same.

Of course, add a point to Cyclone always its posible. The ulti of Wukong its also trully amazing. Its a mix from garen spin and rammus ball. It makes great damage to your enemies, it push them up the first hit and it make you move faster, so you want to use that always on start a teamfight, to catch some enemie running out or, in the other way, for scape faster from a dangerous situation.
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Greater Mark of Desolation - This rune gonna help you to break faster the life bar from your opponents. Its always funny to see them going down faster.

Greater Seal of Armor - This rune gonna make you can hold better on thanks to your passive

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist - Don't forget you are a melee fighter, usually range champions work with magic skills and with this rune you gonna can hold em better.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage - I go there for some flat attack damage for have some more strong before the triforce or the atma's because till you don't get some good ad items you don't hit that hard.
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I choose for a 0/21/9 for increase that "half-tank" way to play. With it i can hold better on lanes.
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Rejuvenation Bead + Faerie Charm + Health Potion (OPTIONAL)
• I strongly recommend to start with this items. Withat that you start to build for your Tiamat and you can have some health and mana regen early game. And of course, a Healt Potion for if things go harder than should be.


1.- Tiamat
Why do chose Tiamat instead of Philosophal Stone? Well the answer is pretty easy. Philosophal stone just regen much more mana & health than what you need, plus Tiamat gives you some more attack damage and a pretty nice aoe split on all your attacks.

2.- Mercury's Treads
The magic resistance and the tenacity its going to help you to get out of most dangerous sutiatuons.

3.- Trinity Force
Perfect complement for almost all champions. Starting by a Sheen because of the +100% after use an ability and continue with a Phage for the change of slow your opponent.

4.- Warmog's Armor
Here is where all starts to take the complete form, now you should have around 2500 health and when you finish the warmog's you get around 3500 and a lot of health regen. That makes you practically a tank with a strong damage.

5.- Atma's Impaler
Once you get your warmog's is time to start build for some heavy boost on your dps. I think the item description tells all you have to know for don't ask why i choose it.


I normally leave this 6th item for adapt to the game needs. Sometimes you gonna need go more tanky, with more armor or more magic resistance while other times you gonna have to push more your dps and can finish them quickly. Is plenty of options you can use for that last item so i let it on your hands to choose how you want to finish your Wukong.
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I hope you guys enjoy my first guide. If you got any further question ask it by a comment or a private message and i will try to answer it as fast as possible.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Ikaax
Ikaax Wukong Guide
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Wukong, on the cloud!

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