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Wukong Build Guide by xIPainIx

Wukong - That Funky Monkey *Detailed Guide*

Wukong - That Funky Monkey *Detailed Guide*

Updated on October 22, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author xIPainIx Build Guide By xIPainIx 50 33 97,067 Views 70 Comments
50 33 97,067 Views 70 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author xIPainIx Wukong Build Guide By xIPainIx Updated on October 22, 2011
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  • LoL Champion: Wukong


Welcome to my guide on Wukong the newest Champion to league of legends.

Firstly, as he is new i will explain what kind of champion he is. Wukong is a bruiser-dps fighter who I like to build defensively but with a lot of damage later on aswell as early-game. Early he does very nice damage thanks to the huge armour pen. Crushing blow adds to this armour pen and he can destroy squishies very early on. Even being a bruiser type champ he still has a very nice escape mechanic which is none other than Warrior Trickster which allows him to escape fights even while being able to take a beating..

An incredible fun champion to play and well worth the IP/RP.

I will now explain my Item, Mastery , Rune set ups in the following chapters
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Pros / Cons

What are the Pros / Cons for Wukong you ask?

Well his

Huge armour pen early game allowing to damage heavy armour tanks and annihilate squishies
Can trick enemies by using Warrior Trickster cunningly
Can get into battle quickly with Nimbus Strike
Great ulti that can stop channelled spells and knock carries up in general.

Oracles can make decoy useless.
Opposing team if spread out can reduce the effectiveness of your ultimate and nimbus strike.
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Skill Sequence

This is like jax's empower but better as it is useful for a number of things at all ranks it reduces the targets by 30% so not ranking this up first is completely fine. Thanks to that you can deal huge damage early game while getting more tanky items.
The most important thing about this ability is that it resets your auto attack so make sure to use it straight after an auto- attack to make use of that unique effect.

This can be the most powerful escape mechanic used well. This can be ranked up second to reduce the CD but as i build him a bit tanky mid game i'd advise to get more damage with crushing blow. This ability can be used to trick oppenents and make a getaway by moving in the opposite direction.

There are many different ways to use this ability such as:
To escape from a team fight if things are going well as noticing you will be hard.
While being chased can be used to stealth to a nearby brush.
Can be used when in a brush for a sneak attack gank.
If in a brush and you get reviled by Clairvoyance then decoy out so that they think your in that brush for those crucial seconds.

This is your main ability it is brilliant to engage into fights while doing a large amount of AOE dmg and it gives an AS boost at the end. Its a brilliant chaser ability and the damage is nothing to joke about.

Judgement and Unstoppable force combined. It does brilliant damage while allowing to CC any players. This can be used to disrupt channelling spells and to CC any players so your team can grab a free kill. Did you miss someone? no matter you get increased movement speed and can easily catch up to players.
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First is What Boots should I take and why?
The most common mistake is to take Berserker greaves, most players will think "oo AS, more dmg, yay!" no bad idea as much as awesome how much AS you get from Berseker's . But the main reason why we don't choose beserker's is because if we are getting caught in a CC its Game Overand you will die but you can never be too sure if you will get CC'd but at vital times you can not risk it.

So, Concluding from this we take Merc treads to allow the CD reduction and nice M resist as remember CC is a big issue.

We rush Trinity Force as it gives awesome general stats not to mention the sheen proc and slow early game. Tri-force gives everything Wukong needs. From AP for decoy to movement speed for chasing. Getting this item allows a good early game advantage and will easily be able to dish out huge amounts of damage.

I like to build Wukong tanky early on instead of getting more heavy AD as thanks to Triforce anyway you are still able to do a nice bit of damage.
Warmog's benefits you with:
1400 more health to be able to survive more especially when you're in the middle of the enemy team Cycloning.
The health we get will maximise the effectiveness of the
Atma's Impaler.

Is the second "tanky" item i get as it gives nice armour but it synergizes well with the Frozen Mallet and Trinity Force as with the extra hp you get more AD from atmas. By this time in the game you should be nearing 3000hp so Atmas will give you 60 AD which is amazing since it gives you a nice 45 armour and Crit at the same time.

I now get as we have been accumulating a lot of items which don't give a lot of AD and some nice tanky stats aswell. So by this time your damage will start to slack thats why i think it's quite essential to get some more AD. Bloodthirster gives a huge amount of AD if you farm and gotten it and gives nice lifesteal. Using Cyclone in the midst of five people joined with your passive and Bloodthirster will make you unkillable unless cc'd which Mercury's treads compensate for.

Our last Item can depend on the game I personally if get this far will always get an
I believe that end game when nearly always there are 5 enemies so your passive gives you 40 Armour and MResist so allowing you to get a bit more AD. With Tri force, Atmas and Edge you will have some nice crit anyway making Infinity edge a good option.

Infinity edge can be replaced with any of the defensive items below if you find yourself taking too much damage.
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Items:New build 2 *Brief*

Will explain further into this soon.
But getting Banshee's for the Mresist and gives HP for atmas.

SO this build is a more tanky build than build 1 as it gives a lot of both armour and Mresist.
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Optional Items



Both and give armour pen i don't feel the need for these items a whole lot as you have huge Armour pen anyway but if you are struggling with a very high armour tank like Rammus then get one of these items. Both items can give AD and AS so it increases your damage output anyway.

this is a brilliant item to this build as not only does if there are very good enemy AD carries on the enemy team there is a number of advantages for it such as:
Armour against AD carries
HP to increase AD from Atma's Impaler
Use the effect/ if someone hits you while cycloning will guarantee you to keep up with them completely.

Simply if you are having problems with any AP casters.

alot of health = more survivability and wait More AD .
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There are two ways to have masteries for Wukong and thats 1/21/8 :

I like to build Wukong tanky early on and I defensive give very nice stats early on such as the 50 hp from Veteran scar's. HP regen, Armour and magic Resist. All helping towards that more tanky dps approach early on.
I get one point in cripple as it reduces their Armour and Mresist by 10! for just one mastery point well worth it.
Alacrity and deadliness isnt worth it so i go into utility for Improved ghost and more exp gain.

and 21/9/0:
You can go offensive to do that bit more early game damage for the loss of survivability. Not my preferred choice as he does nice damage anyway. It can give some extra ARP for those annoying tanks like rammus and Havoc being the nicest talent.
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Greater Mark of Desolation best marks for Wukong as with his Q with marks can basically make the target have 0 amour.

are brilliant as I like to build Wukong more tanky early game.

Same as seals


can be useful as half your damage mid game is your abilities so having a lower CD can increase your damage input

Greater quintessence of desolationSame as marks.
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Summoner Spells


brilliant when you have just used your ulti so you can keep them slowed so they will take full damage and be able to kill them without of chance of them getting away.

is used because it makes it easier to chase champions and it someone is faster to keep up to be able to auto-attack.

Other Options

is an awesome spell that allows you to jump over walls offensively and defensively and if anyone prefers this over ghost sure it's just as good. A long CD but still very good.

is still very good but I prefer to get some sort of escape mechanic.

Meh Spells

is good for cross map ganks or back dooring but in a good elo the other team have great map awareness

is okay but let your support take it.

No, ty
Revive- eh, meh, no ty
Clarity- Your spells cost no mana
Heal- Not my favourite but not bad.
Fortify- let the tank have.
Rally is kind of poop.
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Skills and Tricks

In this chapter it will contain short videos showing some tricks that you can do as Wukong.

When using decoy its good to juke to different directions to make a good getaway such as:
Lee sin sees you go into that brush but he does not see you stopping so use this to your advantage for that split second where your not seen decoy to the other brush to make a nice escape.

This shows a video of me faking a decoy to the left brush tricking lee sin while moving to the right instead.
The red dot is where you want to decoy but for this trick to work you want to stand on the red spot for a moment pretending you are using decoy. Lee sin's thinks you are moving to the white arrow so he continues to move ignoring you.
The red arrow is where we want to go while lee sin thinks your direction is the white arrow.
This works as when the enemy walks past you have time to move in a different direction.


Nimbus Strike can be used like Brand's ablazed Conflagration. As shown in the picture you can jump to the minion while hitting the enemy. This allows you to keep your ground while harassing and doesn't make you get hit by any auto attacks and makes you safer. Harassing a melee ad champ with this is good as it allows you to damage while not in auto attack range. Also if your enemy is staying back and you can't get enough reach use this tactic to get that crucial ground.

Nimbus strike is brilliant for farming so use it when three minions are on low hp and together:
Crushing blow is like jax's empower the only difference is it resets your auto attack so use this spell after an auto-attack for most dps.

Lee sin tries to go for me so I nimbus strike and crushing blow but making sure he hits me once because the turret will start to hit him. As you can see the sudden burst attack from nimbus throws lee sin off-guard and when he hits me and cyclone so that he gets knocked up and for that time he takes to much damage from the turret killing him easily.

Cyclone is very good when used in the middle of an enemy team as it knock's them up but you get nice resist from your passive at the same time. (If you have lifesteal hitting 5 will make you unkillable)

P.S this is not real footage just wanted some examples thanks :D
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Solo Lane 1v1 Tips *Specific Champions included*

In this chapter I will explain how to beat different champions in the Solo Lane.
Firstly, Wukong is a good solo laner he can keep up with the likes of Irelia and many other champs.
This chapter will include the champions as following(More may be added):

Irelia is a very strong solo laner, she can be a pain when laning against. In the first few levels most good Irelia will try to last hit and farm a bit.Also, Irelia in early game her abilities are not the cheapest mana costs. So in these early levels you want to try to harass her a bit with Nimbus Strike and Crushing Blow, this is to try to stop her from last hitting minions early on. A good combo is to Nimbus Strike in followed by Crushing Blow and then most importantly instantly decoy away.
  • She will want to instantly counter-attack with Equilibrium Strike as you have more health than her at this point.
  • By decoying straight away it will stop you getting hit by that strike.
    This will give you a lead. She will have wasted mana and your mana has gone to good use. Doing this repeating can wear your mana so try to make intervals in which you do this.
Past level 6 she's going to be able to stay in lane longer with her ultimate.
Couple tips:
  • It's possible she can Bladesurge to a minion to get away from you when using your ultimate.So watch out for when she has used it.
  • Try to attempt to use decoy for when she uses Equilibrium Strike to avoid that stun if you engage first. If she goes first and uses the strike then the stun can be worry free.
  • The main amount of her damage is every 8 seconds or so, so punish her when her abilities are on CD.

Morde is the most annoying champion to lane against because of his shield.
Remember he needs to farm to keep his shield up so the main objective is to stop him farming.
A few tips to how to beat his shield.
  • You need to harass him in short bursts when his shield is down. Look for when he can't hit many minions and Strike in Crushing blow and if you know his abilities are of CD and theres no minions around you decoy away straight away.
  • You need to stop him from farming so don't be afraid to be pushy but you want to play safe against morde.
Morde does huge damage if your by yourself with his Mace of Spades so try to stick by minions when fighting him.
Past level 6 when he uses Children of the Grave be very careful because of his shield and regenerating health it is VERY hard to kill him so unless you know you can kill him get out of there.

Alistar is a strong contender in the solo lane. AP or tank are both equal. Similar to what i said with Irelia he'll focus on farming and healing. So to stop this make intervals in which you burst in with Nimbus Strike and Crushing Blow and Warrior Trickster as he'll attempt to knock you up and back. Immediately running when decoying can prevent getting pulverised.
  • Try to harass when possible to stop his farm.
  • Try to run out his mana
  • When he uses his ultimate back off quickly and nimbus to a minion if possible, Continue to destroy him when it wears off.

    Rumble is a lane dominator. He has low CD attacks, high base damage abilities, and requires no mana. This gives him huge lane sustain, unless you get him to low HP.
    There are a couple things about rumble
    • Flamespitter can still hit you in stealth *Main problem*
    • No mana
    • Low CD shield
    To deal with rumble you need to put pressure on him as his lane sustain with his shield and no mana makes him a problem as you can't "wear" him out. He'll probably get a Doran's Shield first so you need to keep the presure.
    A few tips to keep that pressure:
    • Nimbus,C-Blow and decoy out will be your best bet but remember flamespitter can hit you in stealth so you need to be cunning with your decoys. E.G don't run straight back when decoying move towards the sides or brushes or unorthodox directions to guarantee he won't hit you.
    • Try to hide behind minions to stop him from using his E and combo in and attempt to get behind minions

    If he's low on health, you can safely farm. Rumble is not an easy champion to lane against, and you have to watch out for The Equalizer. If you overextend when he has this ready, you can count on him killing you. He is a very strong champion and you will most likely need to ask the jungler to gank when possible thanks to Rumble's durability early on.
    *Tip* Exhausting Rumble before his equalizer will reduce the damage of significantly. Hard to know when but looking for when he has used his abilities and then exhaust.

    Cho should be quite easy for Wukong. Cho'gath relies on farm to kepp him lane, his passive keeps him up and because of that crucial weakness we need to stop his farm.
    Cho shouldn't harass with rupture or scream a lot because of the huge mana cost. Because of this avoiding ruptures shouldn't be a worry at all. Although if you see yourself in this situation nimbus striking to a minion is probably the easiest way out.
    Cho will probably only attack back so when engaging in expect a rupture so either immediately move to one side of him and continuing punishing him.
    • Scream is the only thing he should hit you with, so with that only hitting you is not enough to push you back compared to damage you burst out.
    • juke in different directions to make it hard to aim rupture and scream
    Cho should not be a problem what so ever. He will most likely ask his jungler to help so either try not to push to far or buy a ward.

    Recently, Yorick has become a very dominate in the solo lane.
    He has good poke, good surviability especially when summons are up, decent burst and with the recent buff mana costs have reduced by a bit allowing longer lane sustain. So how do we beat this guy? The best bet is to try to get a gank as soon as possible. He can farm so well while keeping pressure so if you can hurt early on(possibly kill) with that gank then you can outfarm him.
    • When you suspect he is going to use W on you try nimbus to avoid.
    • Lose aggro of ghouls by decoying
    • Get that gank early so you can control the lane.
    Warrior Trickster is the best way to beat yorick as it can get aggro of those ghouls immediately. Try to burst in after he has used his E and W already to do damage.

    Jarvan IV isn't very susceptible to ganks. He has a knock-up, he can be very tanky and still dish out damage. Jarvan shouldn't be too much trouble in the lane as you should be able to outfarm him. He will probably try to harass frequently with Demacian Standard which is almost instant. If there are few minions he may try to follow up with Dragon's strike and knock you up in which case:
    • Warrior Trickster straight after a standard to avoid the knock-up and even if he still caught you he can't follow up with straight damage anyway.
    • His Cataclysm could be deadly to him as he'll take full damage from Cyclone
    • He should have high armour so all your arp comes into play nicely
    Overall Jarvan should not be a hard opponent as your ability to out farm him with your abilites and Warrior Trickster can help you dominate the lane.

    This is a new section implemented, if there is any champion you'd like me to add leave a comment below and any extra tips for the champions below also leave a comment.

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Early Game Play

Early game because we start with a Doran's Blade and we have Veteran's Scars we have a high health pool roughly 670. Thanks to our passive and the Armour and Mresist glyphs, Wukong can take a beating. So ranking up Nimbus Strike first is the best choice. Each of Wukong's abilities cost relatively low mana so using nimbus strike for farming is okay but you do not want to push your lane too much so stick to last hitting if you start to move forward.

Nimbus strike in, Auto attack and immediately crushing blow as it resets your auto attack. Either run away or if it looks like trouble decoy away. You can if it seems like the opposing champs don't attack , you can keep attacking as you don't want to waste that nice crushing blow debuff. Remember early game your auto-attacks do nice damage so hitting a few extra hits is good.

is your bread and butter early game skill and it can easily grab you three minions early on if your being harassed and having trouble last hitting minions.
If you get CC'd closer to their tower to get away quickly nimbus strike a minion and this will act as a flash away.

this is quite dangerous to use as having to be in melee range brings risks if the opposing laners have nice cc. So use with care.

is brilliant to make people waste cc's on the decoy and then attack with nimbus. This can be used brilliantly to get away from an early fight as stealth this early on is hard to do much against.

Summary of early game:
Harass with nimbus and crushing blow then decoy out to safety to reduce any damage recieved back while doing nice damage.

Nimbus and decoy can be used as an escape mechanic.

Decoy can be used to get rid of the enemy cc's.

Careful with attacking in melee when playing against heavy CC.
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Mid Game Play

In the Mid game you should be working your way towards your Trinity Force at the start on the mid game time you should have your tier 2 boots and your Phage. Now esecially with Phage you are becoming more durable so you should be able to melee a lot more than in the early game.

Nimbus Strike engage followed up by an auto attack and Crushing Blow but now can keep auto-attacking unless you are CC'd or the enemies are focusing you too hard. With phage your auto attacks can keep an enemy snared and you can use your ulti if you think the kill is secured.

can also be used to save a friendly team mate by knocking up enemies to allow your team mate to escape. Exhaust a target before using this can be deadly as with the increased speed the enemy champion will take its full effect.

Wukong can be a decent ganker aswell. If you happen to switch lanes to gank you can either run out or decoy out(Stealthed for those crucial seconds to get close enough to Nimbus Strike) and crushing blow then use your ultimate to knock up the enemy this can create brilliant opportunities such as:
Crushing Blow reducing armour for your team mate.
Knocking up the enemy to allow your team mate to nuke.
Literally instant and unexpected unless warded.

So In summary of the mid game play:

Much more durable now than early game.

Durability allows to be closer in melee range to deal more damage.

Snares from TF/Frozen Mallet can grab easy kills.

Ganks are extremely powerful by Wukong.

If you have Spare gold laying around either buy wards to help your team look out for baron or dragon. Or invest in an Elixir of Fortitude.
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Late game Play

Late game Wukong has incredibly high AD while having around 180 armour and 120-40 Mresist in a team fight. Because of this he can dish out huge damage while off-tanking.

After the tank engages initiate with Nimbus Strike (attack the enemy carry if possibly) Land a Crushing Blow and Activate your ultimate Cyclone To knock up most of the team and especially the carry. This is very beneficial as:
Stops the carry from DPS in a team fight
Knocks up the enemy teams allowing your team to kill the carry asap
Does damage to all enemy team members giving an advantage to your team ( from a hp point of view)

Either you will dominate and be able to chase down survivors or if the other team still do a bit to much damage use Warrior Trickster and get out of the fight once the enemy team have lost you and are focusing someone else you can juke back in to cause more damage.


You are very durable. With 20% Lifesteal and Cyclone can keep you up for awhile but it does not make you invicible but you can take a lot of damage before retreating with Warrior Trickster

Also remember to Crushing Blow the carries ALL THE TIME so that any other AD chars on your team can do much more damage to the carries.

If you have Spare gold laying around either buy wards to help your team look out for baron or dragon. Or invest in an Elixir of Fortitude.
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Well thanks for reading please this is a guide as well as a build so vote respectively on both :) Any criticism would be awesome. Please try the build and read the guide before judging.
I bought Wukong straight away and having a great time already. Since he has just come out I will update this regularly.

Special thanks to xScarface for helping me with the videos and screenshots.
Check out his profile and his new detailed Lee sin guide.
Lee Sin Blind like a Boss *Laning/Jungling*
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This is where i will upload of scores of my fellow players. so if you'd like to have your scores here just send me a PM with the link.


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Change log

Guide created - 28/7/11
Added a new build/Added scores - 29/7/11
Build 1 gone, replaced with build 2 -30/7/11
Build 2 in progress

Will update and comment every day

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