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Wukong General Guide by Dresen

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dresen

Wukong The Hot Monkey

Dresen Last updated on December 27, 2012
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Pros / Cons


+ Great Burst Damage
+ Can get away easily with Decoy
+ Is pretty good at harassing the enemy
+ Excellent solo top champion
+ Skills take little mana usage
+ Can be an easy champion to pick up and play if played correctly.


- Is sort of squishy early
- To be great he needs his items
- If you start to do really well will get focused
- Requires player to play smart to maximize abilities
- Using ult can make you die fast if not used correctly

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Summoner Spells

I think there isn't much to explain here, I always run Flash Ignite, Flash because it is unique and you can't afford missing it with almost any champ, also synergizes perfectly with Wukong's skillset, specially his ultimate. Ignite is a great kill securer and good overall.

Wukong is a fantastic Solo Top champion. In cases in which you have to go back and heal or to buy your items the quickest way back to your turret is to use this spell on the turret and in 4 seconds you are back. I would substitute this for Ignite in this instance and I RECOMMEND that you the only time you might take Teleport is if you are Solo Top.

This spell is a very popular spell for melee champions. This spell will not only slow down the targeted champion (EXCEPT Master Yi & Olaf if their ultimate are activated) but it will also reduce the targets Attack Damage by 70%!! That is alot. If the enemy has 100 Attack Damage and you reduce 70% of that then they now have 30 AD. Big difference.

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Wukong's Skills and What They Do

Wukong's Skills

Passive: Stone Skin

Increases Wukong's armor and magic resistance for each nearby enemy champion. This is Wukong's passive. What it basically does is increase his Magic Resist and Armor stats based on how many enemy champions are nearby. So the higher the amount of enemies the higher the boost. I am not saying to go out and be near all five enemy champions at once all the time. With this passive you already have a bonus in durability in team fights early game.

1st Skill (Q): Crushing Blow

Wukong's next attack deals additional physical damage and reduces the enemy's Armor for a short duration. This skill move right here is the key to your burst damage. Without the use of this move your burst would not exist. Once you press Q to activate this skill you have five seconds to land it. Use this after hitting with Nimbus Strike. This skill will activate items like Sheen.

2nd Skill (W): Decoy

Wukong becomes stealthed for 1.5 seconds. An uncontrollable decoy is left behind that will deal magic damage to enemies near it after 1.5 seconds. You can use it to move forward as well as retreating. Also a neat little trick is press S on the keyboard. This will make your character abruptly stop just like the decoy would. So if positioned right you could make the enemy team believe that you are actually a Decoy and make them search for you while you then activate Decoy to disappear in the other direction.

3rd Skill (E): Nimbus Strike

Wukong dashes toward a target enemy and sends out images to attack up to 2 additional enemies near his target, dealing physical damage to each enemy struck. Nimbus Strike is you initiator move when attacking or farming. The clones will do the same damage that your actually body will. If you position it correctly you can use this skill to attack an enemy without actually hitting him yourself. You can see what you will hit by moving the circle over targets when this skill is selected. Nimbus Strike can also be used as a escape tool. You can use it to propel you to enemy minions in front of you if there are any granting extra distance between you and your enemies.

4th Skill (R): Cyclone

Wukong's staff grows outward and he spins it around, dealing damage and knocking up enemies. Wukong gains speed over the duration of the spell. Cyclone is Wukong's Ultimate. It makes him start spinning and the longer he spins the faster he can move while spinning. Any minion, jungle creep, or champion the Wukong comes in contact with while spinning will be knocked into the air only once while dealing physical damage. HE CAN TURN OFF Cylcone BY PRESSING R AGAIN WHILE SPINNING. This skill is what makes Wukong have the potential to be very helpful in team fights as I will describe later.

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Laning phase


All you need to know, is that Wukong has a Double-edge kit.
Wukong is a really great harrasser, a bully: His problem it's his E, the skill you use to engage the enemy.

This skill will attack your targetted character plus TWO nearby units/enemies.
Use it wisely, cause attacking two minions with this skill will makes your minion wave to push and this will cause TWO things:

1 : You'll be more "Gankable" from your enemy jungler.

2 : Having no control about your lane against a good TOP LANER will cause him to freeze your minion wave right before his turret and you'll be constantly in danger cause the enemy jungler may gank you oftenly. It's really a tough situation, because to reach the enemy minion you need to stay near the enemy tower and the your opponent may punish you ,forcing you after a while to leave the lane because low hp. NEVER PUSH WITH NO VISION.

SO, what can you do? Simply: Harrass your enemy just with your Q. Whenever he comes near a minion of you, you have to be sure he's going to last-hit that minion, so he can't counter-harrass you. It's all about practice, but i guess you'll be fine after few games of practice. In that situation you Autoattack him then right before your autoattack landed successfully press your Q and autoattack again, go back and start again last-hitting.
Use your E just when the enemy minions wave if almost finished and you won't risk that much about pushing the lane or when COMPLETLY sure your combo will make him dead.

A good thing to do is Freezing your lane, for this i suggest you a great video which will explain you few tips to dominate your top lane , punish your enemy top and force the lane to be freezed so you'll have an easy life and your jungler will be able to easily gank your lane, granting you a big advantage!

Remember, Wukong is a great pusher and he smash turrets! Push the lane with your E whenever you need to dive your enemy with the help of your Jungler / AP Carry. Be sure to have all your skill available and enough MANA before Dive into your enemy turret, or you'll be somehow... disappointed about the result! :P

That's your way to avoid ganks, use it to prevent the enemy to focus you with his single target skills or to confuse them about: "Where is he? DO i have to spend mana using a skill which may miss him or no? :S"

If you like Wukong, if you like his play style here's a trick, the best thing you may use during different matches.


If you press your S while walking, you'll notice it will be the same animation that Wukong uses when he use Decoy(W)
Using this tip wisely may let you juke your enemy, escape from very bad situations and letting you escape from impossible,weird situations!

Practice this and you'll notice how effective is on your enemy team :) Dont use it THAT often or they will predict you, keep this as your secret card!

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That's a reason i really like Wukong. He's versatile, his equip, his way to play into a team fight, his positioning, everything. He's pure fun. The things i like the most are his COMBOS.

Right, his play style he's versatile and i'll explain you while.

Your main combo is Autoattack, Q,, E Autoattack, autoattack R.
You can execute this combo in very different situations and in a different order adapting to your situation.

For example if you have to initate a team fight try to judge the situation: Do i have the survavibility to remain alive in the teamfight? Is my damage enough? Is their damage too much?

If you're sure you can survive from a situation, simply E on your target, Autoattack, Q and R to throw him in the air, use your movespeed to repeat the same with his team members around him and let your team engage the fight, following you to victory.

If you're sure they may be able to stop you right after you press E to engage on that target, use E, and right after Decoy(your W). Kite around, avoid their skills and right before your clone reveal himself, Q your focused target and press R.

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Keep in mind

Your W is your life. It's all about this skill your R will be placed well or not.

So choose: Will i use this Decoy(W) to engage the enemy team or to escape? If you use your W to engage, you won't have it to disengage and run away from the teamfight in bad situations. Use it wisely, judge the situation and surprise your enemy with your Decoy.

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Use your Decoy if the enemy team has oracle. Be sure they wont have any Vision Ward or Oracle or you'll be destroyed and focused right in a second, this may throw the game in late game. As i said: use it wisely.

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This is your personal goal. You need to initiate in the most of the times. In case you don't have to(You have better initiators in your team) well, try to focus their most dangerous squishy enemy champions. AP Carry and AD CARRY are your objectives. In case you can't reach them, try to stay near your carry while fighting and use your skills to protect your carry somehow, that's your job ;)

SO basically: Like i said before you need to confuse your enemy with your Decoy if you want to engage them, but in this way you'll have no escape while in the fight(Except Flash, though).

Choose between initiate with a fight using Decoy or to keep it to escape from difficult situations, change your focus and such. Try to synergizes : Your passive is the best into a teamfight, the more enemy you have around the more you get about Magic resist and Armor.

Initiate only when you're sure your team will follow you or you'll be an easy kill.
If you're built as an assassin, you will be probably able to kill one of them if your team protects you and follow you, in another situation you will be destroyed, since you may be a bit of glass cannon. So what i suggested is :
Depending on your items build, adapt your playstyle and role as an initiator.

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Focusing In Teamfights



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