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Wukong Build Guide by omagma

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League of Legends Build Guide Author omagma

Wukong, the secret of the Trinity. Update 29/7.

omagma Last updated on July 28, 2011
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Hello there, my name is Omagma and in this guide i want to give you an overview of how i play Wukong, which is by far one of the best ways of playin Wukong in my openion.

Ps: My grammar might be off sometimes, i apologies.

This guide will be flesh out!

29 of juli: Remade entire item section and fixed all icons that was too small and all pics that needed centering.
28 of juli: Corrected some spelling errors

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Pros / Cons

-great burst damage.
-Good escapes.
-Can trick opponents easily.
-Amazing "table-turning" ult.
-Can use a Sheen better than most champs.
-Amazing early game

-Sustained damage is lower than some melee DPS champs
-Slower at killing jungle creeps, compared to other DPS champs.
-kinda bad mid game, but that's done when you get trinity

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Greater Mark of Desolation Greater Quintessence of Desolation

So, ARP is pretty self explanatory since 99.99% of your damage is physical.

CD runes are in place so you can pull of your burst damage combo faster (explained in the "skills and burst combo" Chapter)

HP runes make your already awesome early game even better, since you can take more punishment

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I go 21/0/9, the reason for this is that i want to maximize damage, and a few points in utility never hurts. some may wonder why i spend points in sorcery, i did this so the burst damage combo can be used more frequent, which at the end of the day means more damage.

"Then why not just go 21 in utility" cause then we will loose out on some of the good stuff from offensive such as ravage.

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Now is the time... the time to show its clory.... behold:


I will like to take some time to explain this item and why its great on Wukong.

This baby is what makes Wukong great, it got all that he need:




-Ap (well kinda)


-Movement speed

-A proc slow

-And the best: 150% ekstra ATK damage for the next basic attack after using an ability.

Wukong is in my opinion one of the best trinity users in the game, why is that? the answer is simple: You can proc it 3 times in 1 combo (that's only 6 seconds) you will see why later in this guide, but even if you don't have the time and just need to make a quick burst then your damage will still be amazing.

All items

Doran's Blade

This item gives you the right amount of hp and damage that you need to hold your own in lane, i have seen allot of people use a philospher's stone. sure, that gives you great lane STAYING power, NOT survive ability. the stone might get you on your feet faster, but you will be missing those 100 hp when you got suprised/ganked/failed and is running away while getting destroyed from the ones chasing you... that hp reg are not gonna help you there.

berserker's Greaves

You might be saying, omagma? why not use ? well Timmy here is the deal: you want to be able to use your 6 second burst in 6 seconds right? Theese boots gives just the correct amount of AS speed that you need to do that, IF you fell insecure then pick op some there by now means a bad choice.

The bloodthirster

This item ads some great damage that will power your ult and make your combo hit harder, and the life steal allows you to heal up on minion/jungle creeps after fights. of course you have to get the stacks, some well placed attacks + will get you those stacks in no time.

frozen mallet

Small damage, a slow and hp. the main reason your building this is to get some hp to feed the whiteout loosing to much damage. the slow is amazing for puling your 6 second combo on fast targets or slowing down the target so friends can catch up.

Atma's impaler

The topping of the cake, this works well with both your and i you think you had amazing early game then your going to be amazed at the hell you can bring upon your enemies. and the bonus armor and Crit chance is also a nice touch.

The last item will have to be a item that counter the enemie team.
enemie yi is over feed? buy a .
thoese ap carrys getting you on the nerves? buy a .
too much CC? buy a

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Skills and burst combo

"Wukongs next attack deal bonus damage and reduce targets armor by 30% for a shorth time"

I think this skill is awesome, it does great damage and when you get sheen/trin the damage just skyrockets.


"Wukong stealth and leaves a copy of himself behind, after a short time, the clone deals AOE damage and dies"

A fantastic skill for escaping or when you need that advantage against another melee champ. since we don't really count on the damage from this, we just take 1 point in this until late game.


"Charge up to 3 opponents, dealing damage"

Great for removing distance from your target and you, the damage falls of in the late game.


"Wukong spins around, dealing damage and knocking targets in the air"

Amazing ult that can win you a team fight, just remember that you can only knock up a target once!

The burst combo:
This is the moment you been waiting for! its here that i tell you, YES YOU on how to perform Wukongs easy but powerful burst damage combo.

To but it simpel: Use on your target, then ask yourself: do you have time to make the 6 seconds combo or the hit and run combo.

6 seconds: first thing first, are you faster than your target? if yes then dont mind me, if your not: then either forget about this combo or use

After follow up using a basic attack to proc Sheen/Trinity, then after 2 seconds (Sheen/trinitys colldown) use this will trigger another proc, after that, wait 2 sec again and then use simply just to proc another Sheen/trinity.

Hit and run: Simply use then and then to flee whitout taking damage, this is the combo that you will use in lane.

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Summoner Spells

I use and , flash gives you the escape power you need when decoy cant do it or are on colldown and exhaust can help you do alot of things like:

-decreasing opponent damage.

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Aaaaannnd thats about it! i will keep updating this and i still need to add more content. so please, leave a comment and tell me what you think. this is my first build so dont be to harsh :D

-Have fun, Omagma.