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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Wukong Build Guide by Poker54

Wukong, Top, Mid, Botlane King

Wukong, Top, Mid, Botlane King

Updated on January 27, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Poker54 Build Guide By Poker54 9,023 Views 3 Comments
9,023 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Poker54 Wukong Build Guide By Poker54 Updated on January 27, 2012
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Hello, My name is Poker54, I have a good record of Ranked games Wukong. I picked Wukong up the first day he was released and built him the standard Atmas/Warmogs but felt that he didn't really speak to me as a true AD bruiser but more of a Primary tank/offtank with heaps of damage without really buying alot of attack damage items, he has a easy time smacking face with his high ratios and with a Wigglers and Trinity, he becomes unstoppable. I believe that he is one of the best bruisers in the game and can easily go toe to toe with the most op solo's either mid or top and can duo bot with ease due to his easy harass on enemy support.

This guide is made because I feel that attack damage and attack speed wukong is just so wrong, i feel that he has a better place being the tank for the team, i have rolled face against many attack damage/speed wukongs with this build and they have been impressed. Don't play this build if you have a main tank because you become semi useless.
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Why Choose Wukong?

I believe that Wukong is a very strong champion that benefits more from building tank because his high ratios allow him to have Wrigglers and Trinity force and do amazing damage, i feel that to do more damage as Wukong you have to abuse your low cool downs and mana cost abilities but you also have to be able to take some damage and shrug it off.

He is a solid pick because he fills the Tank role and Solo top - mid role while dealing damage, I feel that this is stronger because you then don't have a tank that does no damage and can use that free spot to pick a stronger melee bruiser to help you win fights. Building him this way is only good if your the main tank/initiator for your team.


Brings hard CC
Brings hard damage + tankyness to the team
Can change the tide of fights with a well placed
Is fun to play
One of the only champions that is Anti meta due to this build and play style
Is sleeper OP


Doesn't work that well in a duo lane although it can be done
Relies on teamwork to be able to effectively use
If in solo Q you will normally have to sacrifice your own life in order to pull off a good
Doesn't work well with other tanks on the team if built this way.
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What types of combos should you master to get the max out of Wukong?

When you play and build Wukong like this, you really want to be able to do the + effectively. Before you engage into a fight, pop your to enable it to deal the 30% AR reduction straight after you , abuse the attack speed steroid you get from and you should be doing heaps of damage due to the increase in auto attack speed and the armor reduction debuff. If you master this combo then it will make it easy when you team fight to combo the carry then ult which will make your ult do more damage.

Another ability you should master is , this is so op when used right because this alone can determine the outcome of a team fight. Use to avoid damage like ult, spear, Q and Q, use to also avoid getting smacked around from cc like W, passive. It can also be used as a free cleanse because most cc like Wither and E slow will wear off when you come out of stealth making their combos useless. You can also use the stealth component to check the other brush or get the upper hand in a 1v1 scenario due to the enemy not seeing you when you ] when appearing in front of them.
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I feel that Wukong isn't a bursty down champion and needs to be in a fight for a while to deal some damage due to his low cooldowns, i feel that he benefits more from tankyness and cooldown reduction in the defensive masteries and having the tenacity at the end helps early before boots because they allow you to take more advantage of your mobility at lower levels. He doesn't need anything from the third tree because he doesn't suffer mana problems or have huge cooldowns.
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Marks - x9 Armor Pentration: It works well with your abilities and your Q's Armor reduction.
Seals - x9 Armor: To take less damage from minions when harassing enemy in lane, also he doesn't benefit from any other type of yellow.
Glyphs - x9 MR/lvl or x9 Attack Speed: Situational between scaling MR and Attack Speed. If I go solo top or mid I usually run with Mr/lvl but i used to use Att Spd so it is personal preference.
Quints - x3 Armor Penetration: It works well with your abilities and your Q's Armor reduction. It also helps you build tank but still hurt.
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Summoner Spells


: I use this all the time, when someone gets out with their flash or is on half health, i usually Clone, then nimbus, ult and ignite.

: OP. Use it to initiate flash + Ult or when your about to die, clone + flash.

Other options:

: If you feel better with this I would get this instead of Flash.

: If you rather tele over ignite then its up to you.
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Skill List

Passive: Stone Skin

Wukong's armor and magic resistance are increased by 4 / 6 / 8 for each nearby enemy champion.

Range 1400


One of the most strong passives in the game, someone could do a bit of damage to you in a 1v1 situation but when their team is vsing yours you get a whopping 40 free Ar and Mr (at level 18) which does boost your tankyness.

It also lets you take mr/lvl blues due to you getting 4 Magic Resist and Armor in a lane and that doubles with the enemy jungler ganking you so you now become even more tanky which can save you in some situations.

Q: Crushing Blow

Wukong's next attack deals 30 / 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 (+110% of Attack Damage) physical damage and reduces the enemy's Armor by 30% for 3 seconds.

Cooldown 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 / 5 seconds

Cost 40 mana


A very good ability that can really do a number on some people, its armor reducing component is like a free last whisper for all to enjoy and due to its design it can take out towers in a flash.

Its good to get this first so you can get easier last hits and get in some harass due to its low mana costs.

W: Decoy

Wukong becomes stealthed for 1.5 seconds. An uncontrollable decoy is left behind that will deal 70 / 115 / 160 / 205 / 250 (+60% of ability power) magic damage to enemies near it after 1.5 seconds.

Cooldown 18 / 16 / 14 / 12 / 10 seconds

Cost 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70 mana


Very annoying ability, it can save you from ganks, it can save you from bad initiations ie, decoy and flash, you can use it to save you from nidalees spear or caitlyns ult due to it being unable to pass through your clone, and you can use it in the middle of a team fight so the enemy blow all their cooldowns and summoner spells which leaves you free to cyclone and win.

E: Nimbus Strike

Wukong dashes toward a target enemy and sends out images to attack up to 2 additional enemies near his target, dealing 60 / 105 / 150 / 195 / 240 (+80% of attack damage) physical damage to each enemy struck. Upon hitting his target, Wukong gains 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50% Attack Speed for 3 seconds.

Cost 45 / 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 mana

Cooldown 8 Seconds


Your bread and butter ability, use it to initiate, harass ie, press q then nimbus then auto then
decoy, wait till decoy is off cooldown then repeat, use this to initiate team fights then decoy out.

Use this spell to escape ganks when your pushed to far, you nimbus them then decoy which will give you enough time to allow you to retreat to your tower.

R: Cyclone

Wukong's staff grows outward and he spins it around, dealing 20 / 110 / 200 (+120% of attack damage) physical damage per second and knocking up enemies he encounters. Wukong gains speed over the duration of the spell. Lasts 4 seconds.

Cooldown 120 / 105 / 90 seconds

Cost 100 mana


Wukongs other bread and butter spell, this is what makes you a pain in teamfights, the best way to use this is to run into the enemy team and Q their carry then decoy out so all cc will be used on your clone, then nimbus strike in and R them into hell, with a frozen heart this should really damage the enemy team resulting in easy team fight victory.
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Skill Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18


: Its your main initiation skill and can really turn a team fight.

: Imagine Alpha strike but with a attack speed steroid and scales off AD, works best to have your Q ready before you Nimbus strike.

: Makes last hitting easier and destroys towers and champions due to the armor reduction for your team to abuse.

[icon=Decoy size=32: Allows you to escape and to initiate and makes the enemies blow all cooldowns and ults.
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Item Build



This item allows you to have some sustain in lane and gives your Q that extra punch at level 1, it also allows you to get easier last hits due to its 10 damage. The real reason for this item also is the insane health it gives you at level 1, allowing you to trade blows with the enemy.

First b:


This is the main core of the build, the boots will allow you to set up your nimbus strike with ease, while the Wriggle's will allow you to get that farm that you need and also will allow you to get some harass off on the enemy without taking to much damage due to the armor and life steal component which adds up to survivability.



Trinity is the core of Wukongs damage, it has everything he needs and should be bought > > ,the frozen heart will give wukong the armor and mana as well as the debuff to the enemies this and the 20% cd reduction will help alot due to decoy being on a highish cd and will also increase you damage output due to the longer survivability, more up time on your abilities and the 500 mana that will help combined with Trinity Forces Mana and procs.


and swap for

I normally go the frozen mallet route but I have built a bloodthirstier when I was really fed and I normally get a last whisper when the enemy team start to stack serious Armor like thornmail and randiuns or frozen heart. Doesn't really have any good points on wukong due to this build because your the initiator so you wont get much use out of it due to you ulting through the team fight.
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Champion Matchups

Top Lane:

: Your mobility will make it much harder for him to land his combo, if you know your going to get feasted then Decoy + Flash out to safety.

: He is such a pushover, before he decisive strikes, Decoy then Crushing Blow + Nimbus Strike.

: He hurts like a B***h and his passive is so damn annoying but he gets taken out the same way that garen does, try to predict his parrrley and Deocy then Crushing Blow + Nimbus Strike.

: Not even a huge challenge, try to predict the Equilibrium strike and harass when she tries to farm. Once she uses her Dash to farm, Crushing Blow + Nimbus Strike her as she will have used her escape ability resulting in free hit.

: Try to avoid his passive because its a pain, Deecoy before he hits you with his Thundering Shuriken because your decoy will absorb the mark and damage, when you have 2 stacks of his passive. save your decoy until he tries to give you a third one and decoy so you can avoid the stun or be stunned while stealthed resulting in no damage taken. After a wrigglers he becomes a pushover.

: A pain because he has more mobility but his damage relies on skill shots, so try to stick behind your minions and Nimbus Strike him when he tries to farm, when he pops his Sonic Wave try to Decoy so you can avoid it, he gets easier to lane against with a Wriggle's.

: Your mobility will get the better of him, when he tries to farm his Syphon Strike, hit him with a Crushing Blow, the only hard thing about this lane is Wither, because it can leave you open for a gank due to the slow, try to decoy when he withers because when you come out, the wither should be or have worn off.

: He is a bit of a pain to vs, especially if he is a good renekton because he is so hard to stop from farming until level 3/4 whenever you have your Decoy because he relies on his stun so you can once again Crushing Blow + Nimbus Strike. then Decoy to avoid his stun, he has some sustain so try to do this combo when he has little minions to sustain him from your harass. Late game he falls off when you become god so he becomes a pushover at level 12.

: Haven't vs one since nerf.

: Wait till level 3/4 then do the same combo, the only harass that can really hurt you is his Electro-Harpoon slow, so try to avoid it, if he manages to hit you with it, pop your Decoy so he doesn't get 2 stacks.

: Pretty much the same as renekton, try to engage him when your minion wave is low so he cant build up his sustain after your harass combo.

: Your mobility should get the better of his slow movement speed, when he pops his ghouls on you, run into the brush to stop them from attacking, this will cause him to lose his sustain because the ghouls waste time trying to chase you, I normally engage when i'm level 6 to kill him because he has an easy time healing your harass combo.

Mid Lane:

: The only trouble you should face is with her stun and ult, before 6, use the same harass combo and she should drop, she will likely bait you with her egg so you bait her with your Decoy, the best way is to wait for her to try and stun you, once you see the missile decoy before it hits you to look like you have been stunned, then [Crushing Blow + Nimbus Strike and ignite if you got her low.

: Your Crushing Blow + Nimbus Strike combo should really take alot out of his health bar, avoid his pillar but when he gets his passive on you he will try to stun you, pop your clone when you get hit by his spells to reduce the chance of being stunned because he will hurt you before your wrigglers.

: Try to avoid the poisons, quite a squishy champion but once you get poisoned by her, then her twin fang tears you up, your mobility and boots alone should be able to outplay her but if you do get hit by poison clone out and run back to your tower so she doesn't get any free hits on you.

: Just farm and get in some pokes, once he tries to Playful/trickster you, Decoy out and wait till he lands then attack him because he has just used his escape spell, once he hits level 6 watch out for his ult, try to predict when he would use it and pop your Decoy as this will be hit before you and his ult wasted.

: The same as Cass, try to avoid the lay waste and his wall, but he is so squishy that your combo at level 4 should almost kill him.

: You can hurt him good, when he tries to Force pulse you, wait till it hits you then pop Decoy, this will allow you to regain speed when your out of stealth and allows you to combo him. Once he is level 6, don't pop your Cyclone or Nimbus Strike until he ults away, then follow him up with Crushing Blow + Nimbus Strike and then Cyclone.

: The only champion that i get my Decoy at level 2/3 because if she chains you with her spells your gone, if she hits you with a spell Decoy so she cant silence you, its also good to Decoy if she fires her snare chain at you because it will latch onto the decoy before hitting you. Once she blows her spells on you, just the usual combo and she should drop quite low leaving you to free farm.

: Pushover, run out of her black pool when she farms with it, you cant really stop her from farming but you can harass her because her shield does nothing against your attack damage, try to Decoy if her snare is going to hit to avoid the snare, make her waste her black shield before you Cyclone which will not stop your knockup on her which will allow you a kill.

: Although he isn't seen much, he has the best chance at harassing you, he will likely rune prison you to land his combos, so once he gets you rooted in place, pop your Decoy to ignore his combo burst, although he becomes tanky, your combo + ult should shred through him.

: Not as hard as you think, wait till he puts he Mage Chains on you, once you get the debuff Decoy so he can't land his stun, wait till he goes into turret mode and pop Decoy this 1.5 invis from Decoy will allow you to get in range of him to use your Crushing Blow + Nimbus Strike combo, then pop Cyclone if you have it and he should drop.

If you have any questions or any problems with this list comment and I will fix
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Early Game

After discussing where you are going, you will buy a dorans blade and head out to said location, after put your first point in Q and just farm, try not to harass as if you don't harass then they don't harass back but your quite strong at lvl 1 so you can try giving poke here and there but the main objective is to farm until level 4. A good time to b is when you have enough for boots and a vamperic septer.

If you chose mid then the same rule applies but if you struggle against a kassadin or morgana who can root you in place, grab clone at level 3 instead then continue with the ability layout getting nimbus at lvl 4.

If its bot then its a little more tricky, its the same idea, farm untill boots but after boots just let your ad carry farm and try to kill the support or enemy ad carry, cover the lane and make sure the tower doesn't take to many hits, i don't advise this bot lane wukong but I have been forced into it and after you destroy your tower let your AD farm and you gank the other lanes covering when necessary.
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Mid Game

Mid game is where Wukong shines. He is now capable for a full team fight due to his ult and passive, at this point you should have some kills and/or assists and almost have trinity force completed, the main objective for you is to take out the fed carry or player but also focus the ones that do the most disruption to your team, if a fiddle or xin are on the other team, not fed and a caitlyn that is fed, try to stick with your carry and focus the fiddle and xin so they can't stick on your carry preventing them from doing anything in the fight turning the fight from 5v5 to 5v3.

You don't always have to initiate the fight with your ult, I usually for the procs of Trinity force and the armor reduction then their carry, out to let the enemy team blow their cc's and ults and then ult in and on their Carry.

When their is no action, keep farming and warding dragon, Baron and try to pick off or organize the team fights.
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Late Game/Team Fights

By now your build is complete and you should be rolling in tank/resistive goodness, you will have alot of resistance and due to the high damage ratios of your abilities, you should be doing huge damage, you will now be the initiator of the fights, its the same as mid but your now more tank and fed, when you cant buy anymore items, buy an oracles and clear out wards, with this build you can survive a 1v3 scenario due to the tankyness and possibly get a double kill. Run in and try to get them to blow all cd on your decoy then instantly + their fed carry then in the middle focusing on the fed enemy, you should have gotten an ace if it went well then proceed to win.

You have the ability to change the way the game goes with this build, if it looks like your going to lose, just keep trying to team fight and ult at the right time, its best to stick on the fed enemy which is normally the ad carry with your ult because it deals its damage over time, try to save your ult for team fight or disrupt like Fiddles Crowstorm or Malzahars Supress.
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Ranked Game Stats

This is my match history, Have carried myself from 900 to 1336, the four games that I lost was when I used a different build, one we lost because this build makes you the tank, but another tank locked after I did which resulted in a loss because of the lack of damage.
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Final Comments

I hope you like this guide, this is the way i play Wukong and this is how i went from 960 elo to 1340 in 3 days. If played correctly you can out play top solo picks like kennen and riven, he has so much potential and I would like to see him played more. If you have any questions or want to vs me as wukong add me on LoL.

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