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Wukong Build Guide by ostrados

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ostrados

Wukong- u just can't beat that monkey!!!! (hybrid ad/tank)

ostrados Last updated on August 21, 2011
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Hi everyone and welcome to wukong build page.

before we start, I want u to know that Wukong is the number 1 assassin and harasser in game.. worst case scenario u gonna make 5 kills, and dont speak about assists cause it gonna be a LOT!!
however, it all depends in your way of playing, and whats more important ur items. but dont worry here am gonna explain it all to you.

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Alternative build

===> ===> ===> ==> ===> ===> ===>


I recommend this build when there is less than 3 AP players (and not OP AP players e.g kata, brand)

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Pros / Cons


    best harasser in game.
    best assassin in game (in my opinion).
    very good chaser.. almost no one can run from Wu.
    GREAT ulti.
    can get out of fights easily by using his decoy move.
    can deal a big amount of damage to more than one player.

    a bit squishy.
    get ksed a lot.
    opponents likes to focus Wukong.
    slow movement speed at begging.

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How to play?

Wukong is not hard to play, but it requires cautious in early game. u always need to play carefully in beginning. but still u can make great killing spree easily, if u follow these tips:-

- in early game don't go to bush first (in case enemies arrived to bush before you), let your team mate go first then follow.

- always upgrade iNimbus Strike move first, it deals great damage and allows you to chase enemies when trying to run away.

- in early game, try to just make last hits to minions and then go away from enemies range..

- Health potions is very useful to wukong, it increases his survivability time in lanes, which increases the amount of Exp and money gained. very needed in early game.

- save your moves for kills or assists, you have few amount of Mana.

- best combo is: E-Q-R-W-E-Q (u can skip the W if your enemy is highly damaged and trying to run away)

- in lane try to stay in bush, and harass your enemy with Nimbus Strike always (try to focus on one enemy all the time, and chose the squishy one).

- Wukong best defensive act is his move.. it can be used for different occasions, such as:
A- when entering fights with stunners; u can jump into them with Nimbus Strike then immediately press Decoy to make your enemy focus your decoy and waste his stun (or ulti) on your decoy, then u can easily attack him back while his moves are in cool down phase.
B- before entering bushes; u can use your decoy just before entering the bush, and take a look inside to see if there is any enemies while you r invisible.
C- the usual way of using decoy; when running away from gangs ( Hint: when you are ganged far from towers or team mates, and you are sure your enemy is fast enough to catch you, even after using Decoy... try to run on the opposite direction after making the decoy, this will save u a big time!)
D- another trick I love to do is the (S) move, 90% of players will buy it and keep walking thinking you are a decoy XD.. when u run out of mana or your Decoy is in cool down and enemies are inches away from you.. just press (S), and when enemies gets far enough just run in the opposite direction.
E- to surprise enemies; when enemies are in the middle of farming or destroying a tower, go from behind and before reaching your enemy range (screen) make your decoy (or when you r in bush come out invisible) and attack him while invisible.. this will give you 2-3 free hits before he attacks back.

- when going to gangs, always stay in behind of your team or hide in bush, then jump into fights in the right moment by using Nimbus Strike then Crushing Blow ( I jump when I see there is a possibility to make an easy kill) and immediately after that do cyclon and Own.

- when facing many AP players and stunners in game.. start with magic resist items like Banches's Veil.
- try to gang more often in others lanes, you have a killer ulti.. make advantage of that.

- always keep yourself busy, when no gangs or towers to destroy.. just go into jungle and farm until another thing comes up.

- don't ever attack more than one enemy alone, unless you know what are u doing.

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Alternative Ad items :

- is a very good item for Wukong, it deals magnificent damage to enemies. it has amazing passive (4% of enemies Hp is converted to damage. when this item is equiped every one will die in front of you, but u will get less survivability chances compared to (Youmuu gives u cool down reduction which increase ur chances to survive by allowing u to use more decoys)

- I like to buy when there is less AP in game, it makes Wukong almost untouchable. I mostly buy it when fed (not a core item). if u decide to buy this item, do it after u get trinity force and Youmuu's Ghostblade (these r a must).

- is always an alternative, its simply the best ad item in game.. amazing damage + critical chance and damage.however, great damage does not always guarantee a win, in our case Wukong really needs a cool down reduction item. that's why I chose Youmuu's Ghostblade, it gives 15% cool down reduction + damage + armor penetration. and it has a very useful unique active: 20% movement speed + 50% attack speed (a very useful when chasing enemies)

Alternative Tank items:

- is a very good tank item, really usefull in gangs (it slows enemies + 350 Hp + 75 armor and 5% cool down reduction) a great item when facing Ad team.

- is a good alternative item, it gives great amount of HP and slows enemies (amazing passive) which guarantee a kill in 1 on 1 fights and increase your survivability.

- is good in games where there is a lot of ADs in enemy team and less APs, also it gives a lot of Mana. however, its not useful against APs.

tip: If the enemy team is packed with AP players, start with magic resist items after trinity force.. and in this situation u might consider taking (it gives magnificent amount of magic resist) instead of Warmog.[code=Force of nature] (it gives magnificent amount of magic resist) instead of Warmog.

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in general, wukong is a very good champ.. my favorite champ in game. if you follow my guide I guarantee to u a nice stats. for me, since Wukong is out to game I only play wit him (I was a fan of xin, ww, urgot,gangblank, morde, nasus, jax and eve.. now only fan of Wukong, hes the best) my stats for today was (yes I know.. i play a lot ^^):

18/8/28 (win)
11/1/9 (win) //that death was because of my greediness :D
15/3/15 (win)
8/1/7 (win)
11/6/12 (win)
28/8/13 (win) //I made quadra kill here :D

in most cases, Wukong is a great killer machine when played well. a very good Ad champ, when adding few tanky items to that.. he is simply GODLIKE!
I hope you enjoyed my build and found it helpful.. go ahead Wukong fighters and kick some **** :D

Good luck