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Xerath Build Guide by TreasurerMark

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TreasurerMark

Xerath Season 3 Guide

TreasurerMark Last updated on December 30, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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***Disclaimer: I made this guide as a reference for myself, read it with this in mind.***

This guide is my current season 3 build. It incorporates some new stuff as well as some old. I'll add more as more play through is done with it.

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Pros / Cons

Shamelessly copied from, "Enigmatic Annihilation ~ A Comprehensive Xerath Guide"

Long-Ranged: Xerath is at his strongest when he's so far from the enemy they can't get to him. That's what makes Xerath extremely dangerous.

Huge bursts and constant DPS: Arcanopulse and Arcane Barrage are massive bursts than are AoE. This means you can destroy multiple targets at once! Get some cool-down reduction and arcnopulse will go to about 3 seconds on CD.

Strong throughout the game: His early game is powerful with farming and poking, his mid game allows him to control dragon, and his late game allows him to dominate team fights!
Stun and Tank: Xerath's mage chains can go really low on cool-down, which means stunning enemies is easy. Ascended Form allows champions like Talon. Riven and AD carries have a harder time to burst you down!

Squishy: Being a carry, you'll be a bit squishy. You have some natural tankiness from AD champions but not so much from AP.

Requires tons of aim: If you play FPS games, this shouldn't be too much of a problem. You need to aim your skills at the best possible locations and don't miss! Rylai's Crystal Scepter will help greatly.

Locus of Power is hard to master: You'll need to learn when to use Locus of Power and when to turn it off. Make sure you don't stay on for too long!

Item dependent: Xerath completely changes depending on how you build him. Make sure you know why you are building certain items on him!

I can teach you a lot about Xerath, but most of the stuff you have to apply yourself. This is what makes up a strong Xerath player. It revolves around these key terms: ACCURACY, POSITIONING, AND TEAMWORK. If you have these three traits (or maybe 2), then you'll become a pro Xerath player simply by reading. Otherwise, you may need to practice a bit. Remember, practice doesn't make perfect, practice makes permanent!

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Standard AP carry rune set.

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29 / 9 / 0 Build

You need offense for the carry and defense... well, because your a carry. The MOBA Fire defense boosts are wrong, it's not a straight line for perseverance, hardiness and resistance. The first point is proportionally better than subsequent points.

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Standard start and heads right towards the Rod of Ages (RoA). I've played with doran rings and Athena's cup and after consideration, I've determined that RoA is the best first main item. It covers health, mana and ability power and doesn't need to be sold later in the game. Additionally, you recharge health and mana every level up, keeping you in lane and farming. This is key because this build is expensive.

After RoA, rush a Rabadon's death cap (RDC) of course. After that, Haunting Guise is next because of the spell penetration and health. You should have 38/45% penetration in locust of power. This would basically negate anyone with a MR of 84 at about 20-25 minutes into the game. You don't need Ryla's Crystal Sceptor (RCS) until after HG because of the health RoA and HG gives you. Next is RCS, followed Liandry's Torment (LT). With RCS, all spells should now activate LT's extra damage. Fit Lvl 3 boots wherever you can. I played a bit, and having 25% less cool down for teleport AND flash is really, really nice. Lastly is the Void Staff. You should have 38 / 40% spell pen. (64% when using Locus of power "W") and +500 AP. Total cost is 15,775 gp. Twenty minute surrenders will most likely only get you up to 7,205 gp (up to the RDC).

With the way their calculating spell pen. in season 3, you will be doing true damage to everyone except tanks:

Morg (AP Carry): 30 MR x (100% - 64%) - 38 = zero or less.
Malp (Top, geared for MR): 151.8 MR x (100% - 64%) - 38 = 16.7 MR left.
Ashe (ADC): 84.3 MR x (100% - 64%) - 38 = zero or less.
Janna (Supp): 89.3 MR x (100% - 64%) - 38 = zero or less.
Jax (Jungle): 101.8 MR x (100% - 64%) - 38 = zero or less.

Full Combo DMG, no buffs, charged RoA, is:
WERQRRQ, or [0 + 732 + 605 + 565 + 605 + 605 + 565 = 3,768]

As a rule of thumb, try to head back whenever you accrue no less than 1,400 gp and no more than 2,400 gp. Too little and your wasting your CS, too much and your killing your effectiveness during combat.

**Update** I've noticed that some tanks have much higher MR than listed above. You will still be able to kill a full life ADC/APC with a full combo. Late game will be brutal for the other team because your crazy combo will do EQUAL damage to anybody in range. You should expect a high assist count with this build.

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Skill Sequence

I like maxing W first for the mobility and lower cool down. This is why Xerath is who he is. For his range. Get a point in E early for ganking or running away.

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Flash and (Exaust/Teleport/Ignite) are all good choices. Pick to your preference.

Note on why I like Teleport:
Teleport is essential and scales nicely as the game goes on. As Xerath, your range takes you out of exhaust and ignite potential. Additionally, think about this scenario that I've done multiple times. Your laning in mid and pull back to "b". Instead you see that top/bottom lane is pushed and needs a gank. You teleport into your team's warded river bush, you locust of power and ult three times followed by a Q = massive damage. The only thing the enemy see is the sudden BOOM, BOOM BOOM...zap!. They had no prior warning of the damage and don't know where your at. Unless they ward up, this threat can happen to them at anytime, either lane, all game.

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Xerath will snowball, but only if he lives through the first 12 minutes. His spell penetration will make sure every knows when they've been poked by his Q.

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Creeping / Jungling

Coming soon...

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Team Work

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Unique Skills

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