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Xin Zhao Build Guide by Chiefiosi

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chiefiosi

Xin "Jungle" Zhao (with some jungle basics/tips)

Chiefiosi Last updated on December 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First of all this is my first guide so dont be too hard, but fair. I will may add things in a few days so dont forget to check it again.
Feel free to comment of course! Pleasy try (please with reading the whole guide and not just using the items or skills) it before voting, if you write theoratically about item things for example you dont need to of course. :-)

At first it needed some time to learn jungling for me but with Xin i really started to, and i had great games with him.

If u really NEVER jungled before i really recommend to read Xenasis really great basic jungling Guide:
Jungling 101 what you need to know!
But with advancing this build i plan to make it beginner friendly, too.

I apologize for gramatical fails and spelling mistakes right away, please mention it in the comments, so i can do better. ;)

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Pros / Cons

-nice dmg all the time even with some survivability equipment
-not so squishy
-easy to jungle with, i think
-nice gank abilities
-nice Counterjungling, if you do it right (I dont have much experience
with it but i did very well with him)
-kills squishy champs without life and/or resistance items for brakefast

-enemies can escape easy with flash
-sometimes its hard to have the patience to wait for the right gank/kill moment
-enemy wards can stop every gank attempt
-very high cooldown for the Audicious Charge

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Summoner Spells

It's THE jungler Spell, nothing to change about it, if you really want to know why it's so great to have it go to Xenasis basic jungling guide (link in the inroduction), he has great pros and cons there.

Great for chasing, escaping and getting faster from A to B.


-Flash instead of Ghost if you want, i dont know why i prefer Ghost with Xin.
-Heal would be okay, too. Great for towerdiving but when getting ganked mid/lategame it's useless without another escape mechanism.
-Teleport is not sooo good as jungler because you normaly gank out of bushes and not directly on the lane, but it's nice for fast defending.
-Exhaust is a nice spell, but is mainly offensive so i prefer ghost or flash.

The remaining Spells are not very interesting in my opinion.

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I use 21/9/0. In the offense part i think there is nothing to change only if you choose Ghost, then you can use Summoner's Wrath.

If you do not want to use the lifereg bonus it is no problem to choose the magicresist. The Smite bonus of course. And if you like to you can change the points to the health boost, but i think how i picked the masteries is best for jungeling.

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I use armor penetration for the red, but you could use attackspeed or attackdamage.
Attack speed is very important for Xin and i don't like to buy Phantom Dancers before The Black Cleaver. I want more damage first, so i take 6 yellow AS runes. But also 3 Armor, that makes jungle easier and work nice with the latern so you can kill normally every other Xin with equal level and equip! (or other AD champs) For the blue ones i my choice are 9 magic resist runes, in my opinion the resist is more effective than the little attack speed you gain from blue AS runes. For the quintessences i use one AS and two armor penetration marks, but it's no problem to use AD or AS if you want to.
Note: If an enemy does not buy extra armor you may get with black cleaver under his armor level, but the clever effect gives you extra damage even under 0 armor! So dont worry, be happy. ;D

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Three-Talon-Strike: The next three auto attacks gain some attack power + 100% of your Attack Power with each strike. And the third hit punches your enemy into the air. Very powerful ability!
Battle Cry: Gives you passive attack speed, if you activate it you gain the double passive boost and every auto hit reduces all cooldowns for one second each attack, while it is active. Always activate it after Three-Talon-Strike at the earliest to reduce his cooldown.
Audacious Charge: You jump to the targeted enemy and slow him and sorrounding enemies for some time, deals magic damage. This skill is very nice to initiate or to hunt someone down! But be careful it has a high cooldown, especially on the first levels!
Cresenct Sweep: Xin strikes all enemies near him for a fix damage + a part of their actual health and gives you a armor/magic resist boost, you get more boost if you hit more enemies. That's one of the main reason for me buying some health items because it's a brilliant initiator!

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Default start withCloth Armor and 5Pots, if you read my jungling order yet and decided to go base after the 2 golems you can only buy 4pots if you want. But it can be really close, so i recommend 5 pots!

After one course buy therazors, if you haveboots you should be able to gank at the latest.

Next finishlantern.

When you got thelatern and it goes well takeB.F. first then complete toBlack Cleaver.

If not takeDagger first.

Next item in my build isPhage, it's very nice because of extra damage and health, but the best extra is the slow.

It can really make the difference when you gank, this slow can give you the ability to get your last Talon Strike hit to kill the enemy or stun him so that ur lanemate is able to catch up and attack the enemy with a spell or something like that.

With your attack speed at this pointPhage should have enough proc chance to apply the slow for a nice down hunting.

Now some people would buyTrinity Force, but i dont really like it, if u really want to, feel free to buy it, i do not want to say that it's a bad item, but i prefer my build, so give it a try, please! Note: I tried trinity sometimes and in my opinion is the difference that you nuke more with trinity, but got a higher damage over time with my build maybe. And if you buy trinity you may not buyFrozen Mallet beacause trinity has got a slow too. Take aBloodthirster orPhantom Dancers.

My intention to buy two life items is basically the better lategame performance and the very good initiator ultimate.

It hepls nobody if you jump into enemies, making your ult and die right after casting it. And in 1on1 your not so easaly nuked.

Next are thePhantom Dancers, but if you die too quickly you could buy frozen mallet first of course.

WithFrozen Mallet you get nice things all in one.

At this point you could buyAtmas Impaler for more damage and 50% overall critical and the armor, but normally i buyWarmogs first the damage should be great anyway.

For the sixth item sell thelatern, then you should be a death machine. :D

NOTE:If you have problems with AP champions, tryWits End,Aegis of Legion orBanshees Veil. I would really apreciate some help with this choice!

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Jungling Order / Jungle Tips

I normally start at blue, with 5 health potions and cloth armor, ask your teammates about pulling the golem that makes it a bit easier but it's not necessary. Focus the Golem use three-talon-srike (TS) and smite and use one potion 'till he's down. Skill battle cry, use pot and go to the wolves, use TS and after the third hit battle cry and TS again when ready. Next target are the Wraiths, big one first with same skill order again and a health pot. Skill TS then red buff with the same procedure + smite and pot. Last the 2 lonely golems and skill the audacious charge, u can use pot if u wanna gank right now but i prefer going to base first and buy mardred's razors.

NOTE:Look at your second solo lane! Is your mate at low hp, go there and def for him that he's able to go base without losing a tower! I see going down towers because of this too often...

Now we come to the remaining map marks:
Try to jungle in the enemies jungle as fast as you can if you have no hostile jungler, but ONLY if there is really no hope of ganking. But do it as soon as possible before enemeies switch lanes to reduce the chance of getting disturbed. At the buffs (blue circles) you should keep one little creep left so the enemy has to kill it first for respawn.WARNING: Dont go to the 2 enemy (yellow cross) golems, it COULD happen that enemies see you early/mid game and gank you if they got a bit of coordination. With the rest you should be fine. Next important thing is the dragon (red circle/exclamation mark), as soon you got the latern buy a pot (or not) and kill him, it is very very underestimtated how much money advantage your team gains through it.(Read the note at the Wards part) Last are the green arrows who show the basic gank positions.

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Ganking, Wards and Counter Jungling


As jungler it is YOUR job to use wards, you have the responsibility!
I start normally with wards after the latern, so i got one free. Now buy at least 1 extra ward.
And put one at the dragon river and next to the baron. Sometimes as jungler you can gank somebody who comes to another lane to gank your mates! That can really spoil their day. ;D

Normally thats enough, but: If you have an enemy jungler it really helps putting at least 2 wards to your enemies' buffs. And if you see their jungler at low life, go get a freekill! Dont hesitate with using Ghost, it is worth it! Or you see the enemy whos going to get a buff, stay behind a wall and smite the buff to death then kill him!

Note: With an enemy jungler the dragon is more important, but it's more dangerous to kill him (mainly in eraly game) you may get help from a mate. There the wards give you another freekill if you see an enemy is going for dragon alone.


After your first jungle Course look at the lanes:

1.Are the enemies in front of your towers?
2.Are they squishy? Or have low hp?
3.Do they have flash or some other way to escape at this point (if you are premade and in teamspeak or something equal, ask your mates if the enemy got the spells ready!)
4.Can your mates slow, stun, grab for example? (coordinate in premade with voicechat!)

After some games you can decide fast and confident if it's worth to Gank or not.
If not, go jungle everywhere (look at the jungling part for more info) And it's no problem if a gank fails. Just go on jungling and try it in good situations again. Sometimes the enemy feels safer because you failed and becomes easier to gank!

How to:
Just activate Talon-Strike and Charge to them, it can be very useful to ping first, that your mates really see your gank attempt and help! Ganking means NOT YOU have to get the kill!!! It's a teamgame!