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Xin Zhao Build Guide by King Streak

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author King Streak

Xin Zhao Jungle

King Streak Last updated on April 9, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello this is my guide to Xin Zhao and jungle.

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Now these rooms gives you A LOT Of extra damage. And some Armour. These should help you gank better and destroy the monsters in the jungle better.

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Pros / Cons

- Xin can gank easily
- Xin Has Awesome damage at late game
- Xin can have lots of damage and be tanky at the same time, much like Darius.

-Xin is not great at escaping so I recommend getting flash or ghost to get away besides for his "e".
-Xin's ult may not always come in handy. Without life steal he's basically useless.

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Using the Guide of items I gave you above is completely helpful. These builds could also help you in any lane. Accept mid. Also consider using the optional items since they also offer you lots of damage, and armor and lots of critical strike chance.

The Hunter's Machete
It builds into the Wriggle's Lantern lets you take out the jungle monsters a lot easier and provides you life steal in the late game.

Berserker's Greaves
gives you pretty fair movement speed and attack speed that could help you gank better.

Vampiric Scepter
This gives you the advantage to increase your life steal and lets you regain your health in the jungle which helps you a lot so if there is and invader you could take him out (early game) and still keep your health.

The B.F sword
This sword gives you 45+ damage which helps a lot damaging the monsters and makes ganking a whole lot better. Plus the B.F sword can build into better and broader weapons for Xin.

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Can help you in the jungle when an enemy champs attacks you in early game. You could fight back ignite quickly and finish him off with the ignite so you could go away safely.

Flash can help you get away quickly from bad fights or when your about to die. Sine Xin Zhao doesn't really have any escape skills except for "e" flash could come in handy.

Smite Is good for killing a blue buff, red buff, dragon and baron. Help takes out some of their health for you so it will be easier to kill (early game)

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Whenever Jarvan III, the king of Demacia, delivers one of his rallying speeches from the glinting marble balcony atop the Royal Palace, Xin Zhao is at his side. Coined the Seneschal of Demacia, Xin Zhao is the personal steward of the Lightshield Dynasty. His enigmatic, silent vigil has led to an abundance of conjecture concerning his ''secret life'' and origins. Whether it's ''Zaun double-agent'' tendered at the dinner table or ''indebted rune mage'' mused in the editorials of the ''Demacian Constant'', Xin Zhao betrays no hints to sate the curiosity of the masses... for good reason.

Prior to the formation of the League, Noxus was renowned for a spectacle called The Fleshing. It was a gladiatorial event with a cruel twist: as a fighter won matches, his number of opponents (generally prisoners of war) fought simultaneously would increase. This meant eventual death for every contender, but with unparalleled glory. Xin Zhao, known then as Viscero, was slated to face 300 soldiers, nearly six times the previous record. This was clearly meant to be his final match. Jarvan II, hearing of this unprecedented feat, infiltrated the arena to offer him an alternative: serve Demacia and punish those who ultimately sentence him to death in exchange for his freedom. Xin Zhao accepted, astonished that a king would risk his own life on his behalf. Under the cover of a prearranged Demacian assault on Noxus, Jarvan liberated Xin Zhao and his 300 opponents. During their retreat, Xin Zhao took a poisoned dart meant for Jarvan. This act of loyalty, from a man who vowed no allegiance, earned Xin Zhao a spot at his side until the day the king died. Now in the service of his son, Jarvan III, Xin Zhao is stepping into a new ring - the Fields of Justice - to fight for his adopted country and to honor the legacy of the man who gave purpose to his life.

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Xin Zhao is great at jungle farming. You could also gank a lane and farm.