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Xin Zhao Build Guide by WaffleMast3r

Tank Xin Zhao: The Annoying Chinese Jungler

Tank Xin Zhao: The Annoying Chinese Jungler

Updated on February 21, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author WaffleMast3r Build Guide By WaffleMast3r 1,836 Views 0 Comments
1,836 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author WaffleMast3r Xin Zhao Build Guide By WaffleMast3r Updated on February 21, 2013
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Hi everybody, this is my first guide, and i wanted it to be on a champion wich i use in a different way comparing to the normal builds you see.
This build for Xin Zhao it mixes many builds i have seen in game, and making Xin Zhao a very (VERY) (I MEAN VEERRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYY) tanky and hard to kill champion, because of his W Battle Cry.

I hope you have fun if you decide to use my build, please leave feedback as it is much appreciated!

Heres a smiley to brighten up your day :D
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Summoner Spells

When you jungle you absolutely need to take Smite , you might not need it too do your jungle route, but it is crucial for Epic Baron/Dragon Steals!!!
So take smite!
The 2nd Summoner Spell should be either Flash or Ghost, taking any other will make you very squishy pre-6, and pos-6 if your ultimate is not available.

Ignite might be an option if you want to deal more damage, but take care.
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First of all let's start with Xin Zhao passive Challenge, this will affect one opponent at a time (cannot affect more than 1 enemy), and will reduce the affected enemy's armour, this passive is great in the jungle, it's like a early Black Cleaver and will give you a huge advantage while jungling/counter jungling.

Second is your Three Talon Strike, i recommend starting with this skill so you can gank at level 2 or go counter-jungle right after you complete your blue/red.
If you do not intend to gank early top/mid or counter jungle go ahead and take your Battle Cry

Next up is.... Battle Cry. This will make your opponents rage when you have your Spirit Visage, you will heal too much with the build i made, this is also a very valuable skill to be very difficult guy to take out, and will serve you perfectly for wrecking your opponents jungle.

3rd is your ability to dash to anyone and wreck team fights, of course it is Audacious Charge, this will also make you less squishy, because with this you can dash too enemy creeps/neutral monsters. This is also a very good catch-up tool, if you cant reach your target use one of these! Flash, Ghost after catching up its impossible for them to escape your chinese mastery of the spear, unless they have a very good escape method, so champions like Corki, Shyvana, Ezreal, Tristana, Shaco. (These are just some of them, i dont feel like putting all of them here).

Last and certainly not least is your mega-super ultimate Crescent Sweep, this is a great innitiation of a teamfight or escape method.
Team-Fight: Xin Zhao is a great initiator, the only 2 that are better then xin are Amumu and Malphite. Crescent Sweep will knock everyone back EXCEPT for the enemy champion that is affected by Challenge at the moment, so focus the AD Carry or a very annoying Teemo!

Escaping:Just press R without attacking the enemy champion that catched up to you, this will knock them back, WARNING Haters gonna hate and Ragers gonna rage!
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Pros / Cons

Brute Force -Great Initiation;
Brute Force -Very good Survivability;
Brute Force -Can hunt down almost every champ;
Brute Force -Always Screaming, lowers enemy moral;


Archaic Knowledge -Usually focused when fed;

Archaic Knowledge -Can be countered in the jungle by strong junglers;

Archaic Knowledge -Lacks a good Joke;
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League of Legends Build Guide Author WaffleMast3r
WaffleMast3r Xin Zhao Guide
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Xin Zhao: The Annoying Chinese Jungler

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