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Yasuo Build Guide by RePlaV

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RePlaV


RePlaV Last updated on March 5, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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E - Q - E

E ( Sweeping Blade ) on the minion that are closest to your opponent.
Q ( Steel Tempest ) on champion
E ( Sweeping Blade ) on closest minion.

PS. Remember that you cannot E on same target twice in a shorter duration, therefore always make sure you have atleast 2 minions close to you.

"All in"

Q - E - Q - Q - R - Q

Q ( Steel Tempest) on closest possible target.
E ( Sweeping Blade) on champion, then quickly press Q ( Steel Tempest) quickly again for 100% to hit target. (AoE)
Q ( Steel Tempest) last time to get 3rd stack up (knockup) then R ( Last Breath) and finally hit Q ( Steel Tempest) again for kill.

PS, if target is not dead, repeat the combo, but without the ultimate for a secured kill.

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Boots are absolutely mandatory, you can not walk gescheid your way to Fullequip.

I craft still around, but Tendler currently Hydra + Trinity as a core, boots are naturally adapted to the opponent (much unavoidable CC or difficult to block with W, Mercuries, a lot of car Attacks in their Team Ninja Tabi, otherwise berserk.)

I would be a defensive Banshees / Randuin / Guardians / Thor mail afterwards (adapt) and then take only go to Infinity Blade.

Alternative route again adapted Boots, Stattics, Brutalizer (early / mid quite strongly on the way) -> Youmus, Trinity, DEF, IE

Huge Feed: Trinity, Stattic / Phantom Dancer, IE, DEF

Why always Trinity Force? the cooldowns are low -> many procs, are above all very good Movement Speed and Crit Allroundstats with, inter alia,
Why should Hydras work? Strong Lane-Wave Clear Item, huge sustain and a huge AoE bonus to not risk kingdom as Bloodthirster.

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Yasuo uses no mana or no energy
Very strong in team fights
Good farm opportunities
Very mobile fighter
Strong combinations possible
Double critical strike rating
Can negate each projectile
Has a shield
Good CC-ability

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Very hard to play
Weak in the early game phase

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The gameplay - Team Fight
League of Legends: The 'Wind Wall' is particularly strong in team fights because it can projectiles simply disappear. Use it only in situations really important, since the cooldown is very high.
League of Legends: The "wind wall" is especially strong in team fights because it can projectiles simply disappear. Use it only in situations really important, since the cooldown is very high.
Source: Buffed
In team fight Yasuo its full strength - but only if you have the right team members. Should you have a Malphite in the team, this is the ideal case for Yasuo. Yasuo can - as already mentioned - only use his ultimate skill when opponents are in the air. Malphite would therefore swirl at the right moment all enemies in the air, makes the ultimate skill of Yasuo enormous damage. Did you not find a suitable champion own team, you may have your "steel storm" so far as to charge that your self-produced a tornado.

Tips & Tricks
There are a number of combinations as you can use your skills. The following combo brings the highest damage values: "whipping blade" (until your boots has four "-" Steel Storm "(up to the second charge) - Auto Attack -" Steel Storm "-" Wind Sword "
Unrated your once in a risky situation, you can close a vassal of "whipping blade" jump and so escape death - alternative uses your your summoner "flash"
Would you like quickly as possible come close to an opponent, you can take advantage of useful vassals. Skips every other vassals "whipping blade" until you finally stands at the opponent. Attacks him and kills him. If the going gets tough, you flee again - that you jump to the vassals who have you previously would not start. Since "whipping blade" on the same target has a cooldown, we use only every other vassals for our attack ..