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Yasuo Build Guide by Outgun Nation

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Outgun Nation

Yasuo at his finest!

Outgun Nation Last updated on July 31, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Yasuo is a very good Champion that can win lane really easy. But at the same time, he is a assassin so he is pretty squishy. So when you are in lane, you need to be careful, because even if you are yasuo, its really easy to ganked by a jungle or laner. So make sure that you buy wards so you can be protected in your lane. And the first item you wanna build is the shiv, because yasuo need to have critical chance. And even then, in the build you still are building ad. But the Critical chance on yasuo makes yasuo so op.

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Changing up the build

So in games especially in the Lcs, a lot of lcs players will sorta build tanky, for example, some build like, randuins or chain armor. To me, personally, i think that it can work. But Yasuo really does need the critical and damage to do good in lane and in the game itself.

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The Runes are basic ad runes, some people prefer to have critical chance on their runes, but I have been having a lot of success with this rune page, because even then, the shiv is gonna give you crit so it is gonna help. But the basic ad rune page is working so I have no reason to change it. And we all know, runes aren't cheap. A lot of them are expensive. I mean people can save up ip for runes. But using a basic Ad is successful and will help you win lane.

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Not really much to talk about the masteries. The Masteries are normal for most ad champions. For example, Zed, Yasuo, Etc.

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The Items are normal for Yasuo to get. The Shiv is good for his attack speed and critical chance. And the passive on the Shiv makes his Q, even better. The Blade of the Ruin King, is super good because the utility on it makes him faster and slows down the enemy, Plus, it has life steal. the infinity edge is really good too because it gives a lot of attack damage and crit. So with the Infinity edge and the shiv gives 90% crit. Honestly you dont need 100% but if you really want 100% then you can get runes for that. But Yasuo doesnt really need 100%, 90% is just as good. The boots are super basic and don't forget to get the homeguards, its good so you can get out of the base after get to lane or in fight. And the banshee is good for magic resist and its passive. And the Guardian angel is good so if you die, you come back to life.

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Ranked Play

So in ranked, since yasuo is banned a lot, if you do get him, you need to be careful, a lot of people that are playing against him are going to camp him. No one on the other team is gonna wanna deal with a fed Yasuo. So in lane too, back sure that you are safe. And don't be so aggressive. Because that can get you killed.

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Pros and Cons

So with Yasuo, there are a lot of pros and cons with this champion. Pros about this champion is that he is really good with critical chance, so get shiv and infinity edge. Also, its good to have knock ups on your team so you dont have to throw your tornado. Another pro is that Yasuo's passive gives him a shield when he takes damage from enemy monsters or champions. Which a lot of times, actually helps him win his lane and survive in it too. Plus with his windwall has saved him and his teammates and turrets all the time. The windwall makes yasuo so much more saver in lane because you can block skill shot or just spells overall, the windwall wont block everything though, so be aware of that. The cons on yasuo is that he is a assassin, so he is pretty squishy, so if you over extend, you can die from it. Plus, the windwall will not block everything nor the turret shots. If it was able to do that, it would be too OP. They would have to change it fast. Another is that the passive on yasuo got nerfed recently so the shield wont last as long, so you would be able to take as much damage. Also if Yasuo has no knock ups on his team. Its hard to engage with him because you have to land a good tornado to win a fight, and with that, in a 1v1, if yasuo missing his tornado, he is very killable, because without the tornado, you have to stack his Q again and get it, so, the enemy laner has time to turn the fight and win the 1v1.

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Yasuo is overall, good. Everything about him is really good. He is super strong, but he is squishy. But he is really op. The Critical that he brings can we fights all the time, but, yasuo is banned a lot and when you do get him, play safe because you are going to get camped because no one wants to deal with a fed yasuo. So buy wards and play safe, and dont over extend . And its good to have a team with knock ups, so Yasuo can ult into a team fight.