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Yasuo General Guide by HomeyDogBiscuit

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HomeyDogBiscuit

Yasuo Jungle Guide Season 4

HomeyDogBiscuit Last updated on May 3, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey, who cares if you only have 241 damage when you have 95% Crit Strike and high Attack speed am i right? This build gives you great movement for your shield and getting around the jungle quickly and to those ganks/other objectives. You've got a bit of health so you can get one hit before lifesteal and crits start melting enemies and healing yourself plus no one can run from you! You catch them no matter what and when you get close use the Botrk active then get closer and keep them in range with the mallet passive so you can get the full potential of your attack speed. Perfect for running in and sealing the deal for that penta because if you can get to them first and catch the low health champs then how much easier could it be? I hope you like and use the build and please check out the rest, it took a long time of testing and simply making this guide to make a perfect build for the public, thanks again and enjoy.

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Jungling with Yasuo

Yasuo is a great jungler because of his fast movement, his shield and AoE. To take out a buff quickly simply E to the largest monster and and during the ability press to Q to spin and perform and AoE combo. Then attack the largest monster while using Q as much as possible and with all that plus your knock up you can actually keep all of your health thanks to your shield and gain some from your life steal. It is also a good idea to W sometime in the middle to block projectiles but save this if you plan on ganking soon. Another tip, you can use the scrying orb to your privilege greatly and I highly recommend using it. For example, you can check to see if buffs were taken and save yourself some time or check if enemy buffs are available. Another trick is you can use your E though walls because of the fixed distance. SO in other words you can use the Scrying Orb to reveal a camp then E to the neaby monster through the wall to save time. You can also sneak up on enemy champion by using E through a Wight (the newly added jungle camp) going through that wall and surprising the enemy.

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When ganking with Yasuo it is always a helpful to have your knock up ready. You can accomplish this by using Q on jungle monsters before hand and thanks to the low cooldown get it from minions that are behind the enemy champions. Also, if an enemy champion is running away and a creep wave is coming simply E each minion you can to catch up the champion and do as you please.


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