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Master Yi Build Guide by Noscreenname

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Noscreenname

Yi- I have an app for that

Noscreenname Last updated on May 14, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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"don't rush rabadons" they say. "you should get other things first" they say." yi is only ad" they say. Well, time to tell them to suck it! AP Yi needs one thing: ability power. Rushing rabadons will amplify all of your ability power. Early game, even a needlessly large rod is emensly over powered on yi early game. About the skills; While only one point in meditate does get you a good amount of health, it levels up well. 2 points should get you all the penta kills you want.

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Again, Rabadons ftw. The Rab will compliment the lich bane very well. Combined with rabadons, lich bane will do well over 300 extra damage along with your base ad which is about 100. The Zhonya's is for sticky situations. Say you alpha strike into a heard of people and you are close to killing one of them but not quite. You zhonya's, meditate, and your alpha strike should be back up. If not or they ran away and you are still in a situation, just flash and ult out of there, but that's another chapter on strats. For GA, say you do the combo (meditate and zhonya's) and you still die. Again, more time for your alpha strike or meditate to come back. For the last item, you can either get a majei's soulstealer or a rylai's scepter. If you are getting focused hard in team fights, then go rylai's. If you are kicking *** and taking names, get a Majei's. More ap is always good on AP Yi. For boots, just pick when you want to get them. You can get boots of speed seperate from your sorcceror's shoes. Yi has the most base movement speed in the game, so boots aren't a neccessity early game.

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You won't get any pentas with wrong strats when it comes to yi. Don't go in there button happy alpha striking anything that moves. You need to time your alpha strike to, well, kill steal. Before you go into a team fight, ult to make sure you can get a kill. Alpha strike hits 4 targets at random. So in a team fight, every alpha strike hits 4 people. Now, when you get a kill with your ult, all of your abilities refresh. So, if you alpha strike four people, potentially halving their healths and you get a kill, you can alpha strike again to get the cleanup on the other half healthers. Say there's a tank; Focus them last. Just take out the weaker ones first. Your alpha strike will get him down with every strike after getting a kill. They will eventually fall to the wrath that is Yi. For the early laning game; poke poke and poke. Poking gets them low. Poking also gets you free farm. It's not unusual to get double the enemy mid's farm. When they're cookin along with their full health, thinking they're somebody, poke with your alpha strike. When poking, you might have to take some risks. When there are three minions lined up and a champion near by. alpha strike the safest minion you want to end up by. Now they are about 2/3 health. Then might start to fall back behind minions a bit, pop the health pot and get the occasional last hit; hit em again. You might have to take some risks by alpha striking a heard of minions and hoping for the best; it's not a short cooldown. Even with blue, alpha strike goes down to a 7.6 seconds. So now you got lucky and hit em with your strike. They have around less then half health, might call in for a jungler gank or might just go back; now, if jungler ganks, use your ult or flash to get away in a stressful situation. When it comes to flash, always do it over a wall. Take a trip to your left or right bush's wall. But make sure you aren't wasting anything. Most likely if the jungler gets you low and tower dives, press w. Then will continue to slash at you while you have your 1000hp regen over 5 seconds on top of your 150 armor and magic resist. They will either die from the tower, or if they get away, ult and alpha strike them. If the enemy mid decides to go back, push hard. Q the minions to clear them out and go for the tower. Activate your E and you will do a solid 120 damage to the tower easy. Your passive is quite helpful in this instant also. If you are bored in your lane, go roam. If there is a lane in trouble or just has a low hp champ in them (low being about half health) then go after them on all fours. Get the jungler to help, make the laner aware of your gank. If it is late game and you are team fighting, refer to the build section of the other chapter. If you are running in the jungle swing from vine to vine getting away from the enemy, get em toward your team. It makes a team fight (of which ap yi shines) then you get a kill with your alpha strike after ulting, meditate, and head back in. If you are ever low on both mana and health, either meditate and get blue buff or visa versa. This is another reason ap yi is such a strong lane holder and so good at waiting for the other mid to recall and demolish their tower. If someone complains about ksing, screw them! AP Yi will win you team fights like crazy and with lich bane is very good at pushing towers and lanes with his passive, e, and ult, along with his excellent talent of clearing minion waves.