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Yorick Build Guide by Gizmoh

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gizmoh

Yorick's Rise from the Grave

Gizmoh Last updated on July 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This Yorick Build is is a build I can run in any game mode. Yorick is a powerful champion based off of the 4 horseman myth. This champion is by far my favorite because he uses summons to a large degree but is still a bruiser. I hope you enjoy Yorick as much as I have.

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Pros / Cons

High HP
Strong Early-Mid
AoE Snare
Revive/Extra Body
Great AD damage Late Game
Great Magic Damage Early Game

Mana Hungry Without Tear
No Gap Closer
No Hard Disables

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When it comes to choosing runes the decision was simple, I grabbed all of the attack damage over levels runes and defensive runes possible, so armor and magic resistance.

Why did I choose Attack damage that scales over levels instead of flat attack damage?
Mathematically speaking:
Greater Mark of Scaling Attack Damage x 9 = 1.26AD@1 8.82@7 22.68 AD @18
Greater Mark of Attack Damage x9 = 8.55AD

As you can tell the AD over Level is already more efficient at level 7 than the flat AD runes. This also holds true to the Quints as well so I wont show the math on that one.

Why do I choose Armor over Health runes? Don't Health runes help my minions?

First I'll answer the minion question. Yes 35% of your Health Points is translated over to your minions. However just looking at the math 178 Health @ 18(Assuming we are not using quints) is only 53.4 more HP to your minions, not a whole lot. Secondly your minions lose 20% of their health every second, so it doesn't matter how much HP they have they all die in 5 seconds or less.

Secondly, I choose armor because its flat reduction from incoming melee damage. This applies to champions, minions, towers etc. You can also take dodge if you like but Greater Seal of Evasion x9 = 6.75% dodge is not a large portion. I personally prefer things that reduce RNG(Random Number Gayness) it helps be more exact.

I also choose Greater Glyph of Magic Resist for the static Magic Resist.

Why do you choose the Flat defense runes and not the over level runes?
I choose the flat runes because I do a heavy amount of harass and combat in the early levels. These flat reductions make me much more intense to deal with.

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I choose to build Yorick 9/0/21.

I choose the utility tree for a several reasons. The increased mana regeneration, improved Flash, increased movement speed, summoner spell cooldowns reduced, and lastly is the 6% cooldown reduction on champion abilities. I also make sure and grab the 15% spell penetration, and 3% cooldown reduction from the offense tree.

I don't care for the other trees because they simply do not benefit Yorick enough, one of my main objectives is achieving that 9% cooldown reductions and the mana regen which makes you extremely powerful throughout the entire game.

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Summoner Spells

The two Primary choices are Exhaust amd Flash

You can replace Exhaust with Ignite if you like. However I choose exhaust because it allows Yorick to stay on people even when his Omen of Pestilence is on cooldown. It also allows Yorick to go toe to toe with anyone and improves you chances for taking on 2 champions at the same time. The only reason I would choose ignite over exhaust is in the case of Mundo or Fiddle or someone who is normally shutdown by ignite.

I however will always recommend Exhaust.

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Skill Sequence

Now I choose the skill order for a very specific purpose. You'll notice that I level them in the order of: E-W-Q-E-W-R-E-W-E-W-R-E-W-Q-Q-R-Q-Q

Why do I do it this way?

First I'll sum up the three abilities and their uses.

This ability is great for a spike of damage but early its used when spiking champions and last hitting mobs after you get your tear of course. The best thing about this ability is that it scales from your total attack damage and not your bonus attack damage. Which makes this ability at level 1 amazing as your damage grows. The speed boost is not that important as it procs after you swing.. meaning you cant really use it to catch up to an opponent without hitting a minion or something which will further put you behind.

This move does a great deal of MAGIC damage, the targeting system is a small circle and when cast the people in the circle are slowed and damaged. The minion that spawns slows people when it damages them. This spell is great it has good range and allows you to catch up to your opponent.

This is a beautiful spell it allows you to stay healed up as long as you have mana, and it does MAGIC damage! IT's damage is also fairly impressive and the heal is actually fairly potent per cast.

Ok now that we've gotten that out of the way I put 1 in each skill right off the bat to get the 15% damage increase/reduction. This makes Yorick a beast in early fights. Then we proceed to max E and W while grabbing the Ult because this allows some heavy ranged harass powers. Add these harassment powers onto flash and exhaust and you guarantee a kill early.

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The above item path is the standard item path. Below is a standard set of builds but I remind you to always ADAPT.

Core Build:

Boots of Swiftness Manamune Youmuu's Ghostblade

Why I chose Each item for the core?
Boots of Swiftness - The raw speed is needed because Yorick has no real gap close.

Manamune - Provides huge mana pool and decent mana regen, also provides a large amount of attack damage.

Youmuu's Ghostblade - Armor Penetration, critical strike, Attack Damage. It also provides 15% cooldown reduction putting you at 24% and an on use that increase your DPS and catch/escape skills.

The Standard Build:

Boots of Swiftness Manamune Youmuu's Ghostblade Warmog's Armor Atma's Impaler Frozen Mallet

Why did I choose the other three items?
Simple Large HP pool and the 2% damage boost from HP, very standard but not always needed. The alternate builds will be stock hard counters against High AD, High AP, and super farm. Also I'll only add the last 3 items

Heavy Armor:

(For use when High AD champions get farmed)
Thornmail - High armor and opponents will receive 30% of the damage they deal to you. The damage also calculates before armor reduction!!!

Frozen Heart - More armor and plenty of mana which also increases your damage. And 20% cooldown reduction bringing you to the max 40%. Also all enemies attack speed is reduced by 20%.

Guardian Angel - Armor/Magic resistance and a second life! rofl....

High Magic Resit:

(For when AP carries get farmed)

Banshee's Veil - One spell block plus hp/mana and magic resist

Force of Nature - High Magic resist movespeed and hp regen definitely worth it

Quicksilver Sash - High Magic Resist and a get out of jail free card, perfect against high AP champions.


(For when you get farmed)

The Bloodthirster - Raw Damage and Lifesteal that stacks as you farm

Trinity Force - Epic passive plus all of the stats but ability power help Yorick out.

Phantom Dancer - Attack speed, crit, and movement speed very fast very dangerous.

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Early-Mid Game

The early game is easy, just get last hits as much as you can without using your mana, harass champions tactfully conserving mana but doing damage. Try to focus down the same champ if your in duo lane. Once you get someone to 30-40% flash over and unload your 3 spells. If you can get a kill, also add exhaust to the mix to take them down.

Once you get 1000 gold you can go back and get a tear, I prefer to wait till 1250 so I can grab boots too. However if you go back just for the Tear that is when things get intense.

Once you have your tear you can start dumping out your E and W to harass and do damage. Its pretty ridiculous... Once you've made your enemy scared of you, that is why you start focusing hard on farming the minions. Once you get your Manamune you can begin wrecking faces... and I mean that. Usually at Manamune depending on how slow I get it, I can 1v1 most champions.

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Late Game

As Yorick late game, if all has gone well you can pickup dragon by yourself and start helping facilitate ganks with your allies. Stay by AD champions so you can buff them with your ultimate unless you have more damage than them. Then use it on yourself, you will start to get a feel of how much damage you do and how much you take, this will let you know when to use your Ultimate on yourself. My recommendation for people who do not understand his ultimate yet , is to use it when you hit around 40% hp remaining, it will allow you to do some extra damage before you die(hopefully you wont) but if you die you can come back and start finishing him off.

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Yorick Tips and Tricks!

You can use your W to block skill shots (Ashe's Arrow, Caitlyn's ult, rammus charge etc.) it provides a body to block allies.

Q primes sheen before the attack, meaning your Q is doubled.

E spawns behind your target allowing you to provide a small block (rammus running etc.)

W+E makes for a deadly harassment combination W slows them, and E spikes the damage, W slows them enough so both minions can do full damage on the enemy.

Also your minions are not effected by auras.

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I hope this guide helps you be a better Yorick!

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