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Teemo Build Guide by pwnzinc

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League of Legends Build Guide Author pwnzinc


pwnzinc Last updated on March 9, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So most of you have looked over the build and i'm sure most of you have already thought to yourself WTF was this guy thinking? let me tell you there is a method to what seems like my madness. this is a rather unorthadox build but if you listen to what i have to say you will see the reasoning. teemo is a squishy champion with passives out the wazoo. fist we have his stealth, second we have his poison dart attached to each one of hes basic attacks, third we have his sprint which passivly gives him movement speed when hes not in combat, and fourth his hidden passive which makes him 99.9% more likely to be targeted first in a team fight. these factors taken into account teemo needs to be able to do alot of damage at max range as to not be hit with enemy attacks.

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so we start off with an amplifying tome and a health potion it is very important you save this potion for when you need it because you can only buy one after your tome. teemo has a lot of poking power blinding dart followed buy a basic attack not only stops them from auto attacking back but now they have a dot that ticks for 4 seconds as u watch them die. teemo is very strong early game then evens out mid game and becomes EXTREMELY powerful late game witch is why you need to rush void staff and sorcerer's boots. grabbing this early on allows your magic damage to do nearly true damage due to the fact that the majority of players don't grab armor or magic resist till mid game allowing you to pick up easy kills early game. next you need to grab health by now its beginning to turn into mid game where i mentioned earlier teemo tends to lack due to the fact that he is SO DAMN SQUISHY. raylia's crystal cepter is the perfect start to this build 500 health and now your blinding dart slows them, not to mention if they run over a mushroom they have a double slow on them. keeping them out of turret range is a little easier now isn't it? next comes liandry's torment, giving you more magic pen and now your spells burn them for 5% of thier health over time and the affect is DOUBLED if they are slowed. didn't we just pick up an item that slows? this is going to be fun. lichbane is a good item to use after this because attached to a spell your next basic attack will do 50-75% of your ability power added to it. last is the item all AP champs love to grab its the deathcap the holy grail of ability power grabbing this sets your ability power up by over 300 depending on what level you are at this point. as the game progresses slowly start selling you items and replacing them with more deathcaps or a deathfire's grasp/ zonya's hourglass if your a fan of those. your end build will be void staff + deathcaps/grasp/hourglass. your AP will break 1000 and blinding darts will take 3/4 of enemies health bars (excluding tanks) mushrooms will become something the other team will scream at if stepped on. and a stealth teemo will be their worst nightmare.

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early game teemo's poke is his only weapon maxing out blinding dart and his toxic dart is a must while grabbing point in his mushroom whenever possible. mushrooms not only deal damage and slow them but they act as free wards that you can place at both baron and dragon as well as EVERYWHERE ELSE there is no limit to the amount of mushrooms you can place which is why teemo is hated so much among the other players.

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short and sweet max out as much AP, magic pen and grabbing some cooldown reduction on the way. branching out into the utility tree makes things a whole lot easier with mana regen and summoner spell cooldown you can combine your poison/mushroom dot with ignite so pick up easy kills when the enemy thinks they got away.

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