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Mordekaiser Build Guide by ninvus

AP Carry you only have to click once... FOOL! quote from mordekaiser

AP Carry you only have to click once... FOOL! quote from mordekaiser

Updated on September 7, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ninvus Build Guide By ninvus 2,924 Views 0 Comments
2,924 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ninvus Mordekaiser Build Guide By ninvus Updated on September 7, 2013
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mordekizer is a great mid and top lane champion and deserves to be used properly. as we go along this path of learning i suggest you read this all the way and leave a positive comment after you try it to see if he works for you. now with that said here we go.
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why all scaling ap runes ninvus? well i am glad you asked. why get magic pen runes when once you get liandry's torment and the magic pen boots you will not need the extra pen even early game.
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i use 2 masteries as morde. the one you see above and another one. which is full ap and then rest into attack damage. due to morde's Q which can scale off ad. tank morde is no longer worth the effort due to riot stupidly removing force of nature and then later on removing runic bulwark from the game all together. you build him to hit hard and get healed hard when you attack (spell vamp is key for morde)
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the items i picked at the top are what i personally like on about all my ap champions. the crystal scepter mixed with liandry's torment is a good combo. because when you slow someone with an ability with the scepter ity will slow them but also when you slow someone with the scepter while you have liandry's torment the torments dot damage is doubled! and the 2 spell vamp items are a must as well.
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Pros / Cons

- morde hits hard. and is all AOE which is perfect for team fights and creep killing
- morde's passive is great when you are attacking a champ that is more ranged than you. and will fill up when you hit with spells.. perfect!
- morde's W can be placed on minions and other friendlies to give them stats and works like sunfire cape aoe damage.
- once you get spell vamp and high ap you will never die. make sure to fight the other team while they are hiding behind minion waves to max your passive fuel and spell vamp healing.
morde's ulti is one of the best in the game. it heals him and does % damage to the champion target. and if it kills them or they are killed with the ulti on they are turned into a ghost pet that gives you 20% of both ap and ad from that target and you can use them to fight for you.

- morde is melee by nature and can get poked hard by long ranged pokers like viktor :D/ xerath and others.
- early game mordes attacks hurt him alot and thus can bring risk to you while laning phase. play careful as him and try to out poke the poker's
- will be target for ganks very often. play safe!
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the must use!
A)-flash or teleport
b)-ignite or heal or barrier

any thing else is useless on him and wasted.
League of Legends Build Guide Author ninvus
ninvus Mordekaiser Guide
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you only have to click once... FOOL! quote from mordekaiser

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