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Kassadin Build Guide by Shhhunter

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shhhunter

You Void In And You Void Out

Shhhunter Last updated on August 21, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Heyy what up guys ! Soo this is my very FIRST build and guide if you may call it ! Soo yeah pls do comment and tell me where i miss out on this aite ? Anyway so i be doing a guide to being a really good Kassadin player ! First off Kassadin is a VERY BURSTY champion ! Trust me. Okay maybe not too bursty but you get what i mean. I don't see Kassadin players really that much. Heck i might say that it's rare for me to encounter Kassadin. Anyway his a void , yes you Malzahar players he is one of the void. And apparently if you read their lore correctly , Cho'Gath is also part of the void. One big family ? Ha ha ... No.. I'll be guiding you all the way with this guide , so please bear with me and my long , long talks.

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Pros / Cons

[+] Two powerful nukes
[+] One of the nukes , is a silence
[+] And the other nuke is an AOE skill
[+] Relatively low Ulti cooldown
[+] Cool skins

[-] His really squishy through out the game
[-] People will be AIMING him down like a rat
[-] Mana hungry
[-] His a melee mage champ !
[-] Miss use any of his spells in battle and you're in trouble

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Well i might don't wanna stress bout this part that much coz heyy , it is just to give you an advantage at early point of the game. Soo yeah it doesn't really matter which runes you give him but i just recommend you guys this runes on the build part.

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Summoner Spells

Ok for this it's crucial for you to have and togather. Well that's how i always go when i use him. It doesn't hurt to have that extra Flash with you so you could actually fake the enemy believing that you used your ulti. Ignite is to finish the job when you have used up all your other spells. Plus you can do some serious confusion with that extra Flash with you ! Let's say the enemy is low on health under the protection of their tower , and you so happens to have your flash up and ready to go. What do you do ? Flash in , Null Sphere into Force Pulse than Riftwalk out of there.

Why use Flash first not Riftwalk ? It's because Kass's Riftwalk seems to have a bigger range than your ordinary Flash. I've made some testings and it seems that Flash in before using Riftwalk can really save your life most of the time when tower diving. Coz when you're low on health after tower diving but haven't fully get out of the turret's range , and using Riftwalk might jz save your life from the turret's last hit to you. If you use Flash right after using Riftwalk , well let's just say you will either make it , or you can see yourself disappearing :P

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Skill Sequence

I take a point in Null Sphere first since that is the only skill you're gonna have to take. Nothing else than that. Second skill will be Force Pulse. Now why that skill you say ? Simple. If you take a point to his second skill which is Nether Blade and picture this , sure you can spam all you want with it by using Null Sphere all the way. But it doesn't really gives you that dmg you want.

Besides , you can recover your lost mana back by using runes and masteries . If you take a point to his third skill which is Force Pulse now picture this , you now have two NUKES in your arsenal. Well despite that you need to charge up your Force Pulse first. That part , DON'T WORRY. The enemy will be SURE to use their skills once in a while. Trust me. Once you see it's fully charged by 6 charges , you'll see your Kassadin champ will have this slick "Void" Essence swirling around his body.

That's to tell you that it's ready to be release at those enemy champs ! For the enemy team , it's a Warning to them to be cautious. Once it's charged , they should have that fear to back away from you. And your job is to make that fear into a reality. Get up close to them and release it ! Release your Force Pulse first which is your E since it's an AOE nuke plus it slows anyone caught in the cone radius. Immediately after releasing you Force Pulse , release your Null Sphere to disable them from running away or even to counter back-fire to you. Coz if you aim your Null Sphere to them first , most probably they'll notice you're gonna release something to them. So don't give that chance to back out. Come in , slow em , then silence em ! If you have already released it all on them , and they still haven't died yet but on low health , BACK AWAY FIRST .

Trust me on this one , don't get greedy by just using your Nether Blade and auto attacking them , please by that time your silence on them is already up and they be able to counter you. Once you have your skills back up again you can repeat it. But of course you have to charge your Force Pulse first before going to your full combo. Once you reached level 6 , you have your Riftwalk up. And you know what this means ? I don't either :P... Joking heh.. It's time for you to get damn Aggressive ! Riftwalk right infront of their face and Null Sphere them ! Than backaway if you Force Pulse is not charged yet. If it is then release it as well. That should take out most of their health straight away.

The best combo ever without letting your enemy know that your Force Pulse is charged is when it is at level 4 charge. Why ? Coz it takes 6 charges to activate your Force Pulse. Yeah kinda sucks needing to charge it and all , but it's really deadly when used. Once it's level 4 charge , all you have to do now is Riftwalk in their faces Null Sphere them , and by that time your forcepulse is up ! What are you waiting for ? RELEASE THAT Force Pulse IN THEIR FACES !! They won't know that nasty little surprise could actually kill them.

I've realized that whenever i'm playing Kassadin and have my Force Pulse ready , the enemy seem to fear me alot. Coz they know by seeing that slick 'Void' essence swirling around me means trouble for them. And also it seems that they wait for me to use my Force Pulse on them so that they can counter. Well , if you use that nasty little trick on them , they won't even know that you can backfire them instantly !

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Unique Skills

Hey before you guys say " Ahh this guy suck ! He doesn't even know what his talking bout !" Listen out to me first please. It may just win your next round instead of a failure. It doesn't hurt anyway to just READ RIGHT ? No ? Okay ... So please hear me out first , this is my very first build ofcoz. So gimme a break yeeeshhhh...

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Team Work

Ha i need to stress on this part like hmm lets say ? ALOT ?! Yes .. What good for an assassin like Kassadin if his team doesn't even do a thing ?! Am i right ? I'm right.. Ha joking. Anyway. Kass neends a good team with good cooperation. Trust me. Kassadin really needs this. If not , Kass is just a sitting duck. He needs his team to completely distract the enemy team while they waste away their spells on his team , little do they know that Kassadin can just jump RIGHT IN and BURST EVERYONE DOWN and REPEAT. Am i not stressing this enough yet ?

Most of the time people won't be concentrating on him if his not to be seen by the enemy. Soooo. USE THAT CHANCE YOU KASS PLAYERS !! THEY DON'T KNOW YOU'RE THERE ! SO JUMP IN AND GET THEIR CARRIES !... Or might as well aim down their supports or especially the yummy ones ! CHAMPS WHO ARE ON LOW HEALTH AND RUNNING FOR THEIR LIFES !!! :D ..
Let's say you see a running Nidalee Pounce herself away and your right behind her , be smart to where she's going , coz that might just surprise her and take her down. Plus you don't have to worry charging your Force Pulse up , she's already doing that for you with her Pounce. As soon as you jump in , you have to jump right back out of there so that the enemy team won't aim you down like a rat.

Trust me , if they're pros , they know Kass's true potential if they don't take him down first. Oh and PLEASE don't jump in FIRST. Coz that's like uh umm... Suicide ? Yes... Your job is to hide in the shadows , unseen. Find the right time to jump in and punish them ! Burst down everyone you see on low health or who's trying to run away. But also don't be selfish using your powers to your own needs. Help out your team mate by silencing that pesky Katarina who's using her Death Lotus to finish off your carries. That one Null Sphere may just save your team mates life.

If you can help your team mates , than help. If you see there's no chance for him or her , or even for you in that matter. Than just back away. Trust me. One death is alot better than two. But well i can't blame you exactly if you haven't been dying that much but your team mates is , and apparently you're in a bad team where they kept insulting each other to what ever they do and all. Well that's where good cooperation comes right ? No ? Okay :( ...

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So i start off with first. To get that early mini burst of ap and also that mana regen. You should be spamming your Null Sphere once in a while , but please try not to get yourself killed in the process ? You should be readying your Force Pulse by once you reached level 6 . Once you reach that level , send them back to the void ! Ohh wow hehe i got carried away. Okay so right after that get a boots. Just a normal one would do at first. Hey he got a void teleporting ulti so that should be enough. By now you should be focusing on getting your .. Why that item you ask ?

Simple. Because Kassadin is a bursty champ and he needs that ap real quick to dominate his opponents real fast. And this should do the trick. Trust me on this one i know what i'm doing. With each kill you get , or assist. You gain one stack or two. That those stacks give you ap , and those ap gives you more burst power. And more burst power means MORE DAMAGE !!!.... See where i'm getting here ? yes.. But be alert at all times. With or without . Use your bloody brain to NOT GET KILLED .

You won't regret buying this item once it's fully stacked. You're a true Void Walker once it's fully stacked. Get your right after that. It increases your ap and your burst. By this if the enemy team is aiming you , try not to buy any health items or armor aite ? Kassadin no matter how many health items you buy for him , he is still bloody squishy ! Imma say this again , TRUST ME ON THIS ONE.

Just buy magic penatration if they get magic resist. And also one of the main reasons are because you have to Riftwalk In AND out of battle as fast as you can. AND ALSO PLEASE DO NOT GET GREEDY if the enemy champs is low on health and all of your skills are on cooldown. Don't go suicidal with just your auto attacks. You won't last long. Just leave them for awhile then come back with all your skills ready. Don't get yourself kill seriously. You'll just lose yourself and bit of your stacks.

If the enemy team is focusing you down alot more than expected , than it's time you switch builds and get or even

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Soo this is all then i can give you players who wana try out Kassadin or trying to Master him. So please do comment aite ! I really appreciate if you do so ! Tell me if i miss out anything ! See ye guys on the League ;)

[+] Finally made it more attractive ! I'm still learning !
[+] Information and builds are now more detailed :P

A BIG Thanks to JhoiJhoi's guide on how to make YOUR guide a better one !
Follow the link right here !