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Twitch Build Guide by MandatedEnd

Youuuu Dirty Rat!Twitch the Ganking Master!

Youuuu Dirty Rat!Twitch the Ganking Master!

Updated on March 28, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MandatedEnd Build Guide By MandatedEnd 11,140 Views 17 Comments
11,140 Views 17 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author MandatedEnd Twitch Build Guide By MandatedEnd Updated on March 28, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust



When I first encountered a Twitch i was just starting out with LoL. My WHOLE team got owned, probably due to the fact we didn't ward or buy oracles(Still a noob at the time). After the massacre was complete, I immediately decided I had to have that rat..... I bought RP and purchased Twitch, thus began my journey into the WOOOT double and triple kill spamming into chat. Leading me to this Build which is my first. Now I followed a build i read on here telling me to buy some items i have swayed from to use my now preferred selection. Which ill explain here.

This is the dirty little rat your going to learn to own with.
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Terminology(You should already know)

AS-Attack Speed
APen-Armor Penetration
AD-Attack Damage
CC-Crit Chance
CD-Crit Damage
LL-Life Leech
HP-Hit Points
MP-Mana Points
MS-Movement Speed
MR-Magic Resist
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Pros / Cons

Bullet Penetration
Best Range with Spray and Pray
Makes enemy waste money on Vision Wards/Oracles
Hit and Run tactics
AS boost after Stealth
Very easy to gank with

Often the focus of enemy attacks
Difficult to learn how to gank and when to actually attack
Difficult to do anything when enemy actually ward or Oracles
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Masteries/Skill Tree/Legit Pown

I Use the masteries in Offense well obviously for offensive reasons. Twitch is squishy and that doesn't really ever change to my views, nor does it truly matter with my build. You gain Health faster than you lose it. the 9 into Defense are to help you out early game because well lets face it late game most people do so much burst damage if they jump you your toast. But if you jump them(which we all know you will) they are dead and you should come out nearly unscathed.
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Greater Mark of DesolationMarks-9 Desolation APen Marks for all around use. Most carries and supports don't rock too much armor so most all game these come in handy and early game allows for some serious damage.

Glyphs-9 Alacrity AS Glyphs for some AS during the match which will come in handy after you ghost to someone or for some always helpful AS boost.

Seals-Armor Seals for some basic defense. Provides some solid survivability during early to mid game.

Greater Quintessence of DesolationQuintessence-Flat APen Quintessence for all around use much like the Marks. Tears through those lovely carries and supports you sneak up on all sneaky like.
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Skill Selections

Yippie two da skillz yo. Wow lets never do that again. So I really don't care what you say but don't get Ambush first never ever ever. Expunge is the bread and butter of any early gank Twitcher, not only does it allow you to snake a kill when they run away from you but you can drop that unexpected POOF on them early game. Because lets face it your all racist towards the stealthers and assume they are sneaky and untrustworthy. Soooo most think you grab the Ambush rather than Expunge. So when that epic lvl 1 battle happens. you get them to 1/3 hp and POOF FIRST BLOOD!!!! Let the feeding begin. Max that ASAP followed by Ambush for the duration to roam lanes and fool the laners into thinking your MIA when your really just chillin' behind them waiting. I honestly never ever use the Venom Cask (garbage skill) it wastes your poison stacks which are far more useful with Expunge and the slow you need comes from Exhaust. Spray and Pray comes at level 6 then the ganking begins. Range goes way up and you have full on bullet penatration MW3 style. Once again Max ASAP.
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Summoner Spells

Flash - Great for escaping and ganking. I use mostly for ganking. so the person flashes away from you *warp* your behind them again and boom your dead. OR your typical i need quick escape *warp* your safe.

Exhaust-This is a must to have with Twitch personally. Why? Well you have very little HP basically all game. This will shut down an AD Carry and often helps with AP carries. I Ambush behind them as to eliminate the escape route. Exhaust slows and weakens AD and AS. Plus with your LL they won't stand a chance.

Ignite-I don't use ignite because Expunge acts a lot like ignite. Plus you have poison damage from your basic attacks which is DoT so Ignite i consider useless in this instance. But that being said yes i have lost a few ganks to low hp flashes. So i suppose instead of Flash you can Ignite. since you can Ambush anyways.

Ghost-Useful to move quickly but i don't like it. Escapes aren't as likely especially since everyone uses flash these days. You can flash and Ambush and boom your gone. I've tested this extensively before this build with my original build and it was GARBAGE. Yeah you can cover the map a lil faster to get to Team fights or ganks but still not that great. More difficult to avoid ganks as well since others flash or Stun you.

Cleanse-Viable option for twitch especially if your playing Draft pick and see that the opposing team has a lot of Crowd Control. Might save you in the end BUT your AD carry and stealth so STOP INITIATING unless its one on one.
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Items for meh Gangsta Twitch

Start with Doran's Blade. All around best starting item I have tried. HP boost, Damage, and Life Leech which is our main focus here.

-Personnally I build BF Sword first boots second. Kind of situational honestly. If you don't have the best support or tank with you or the other team is warding or playing super safe probably best to go boots. BF Sword is my first for straight damage and when you can Ambush behind heroes and pop up hitting for 125 at lvl 4-6 and exhaust them at which point your lane partner will probably jump over and hurt them. If you have a support who steals the kill or get greedy it can slow your build a good bit. your AD carry twitch and a fed twitch is a happy twitch. more money=faster build.

Berserker's-Good Attack Speed Bonus and Crit Chance increases by 20%. Crit Chance is what you are truly looking for.

-This beast is the icing on the cake. Adding more damage which is always nice and that CC and CD sky rocket. Now you should be criting for 450-500 ish. Making you very dangerous by lvl 8 or so depending on how fed you are.

-This will make you attack faster and add some much needed CC. Making that Infinite Edge that much more useful.

-This will increase your CC to 55% and AS to 1.75 or so. As well as that bonus movement speed.

-Time to build your 1st BT. This will add 100 Dmg when fully fed and 25% LL. With those crits your LL will be a big help.

-This item is often overlooked and not used by many, big mistake. Cloak and Dagger gives you a much needed tenacity as well as Crit Chance which is now 75% and Attack Speed.

-This will increase your CC to 105% and AS to 2 or so. As well as that bonus movement speed which will make up for not having Mobility Boots. Crit hit every time and LL 25% of that. Now you should be 5 hitting every carry and maybe an 8-10 on the tanks. GG.
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Lane Control/Early Game

I prefer to work the Bottom with a Support character. Support needs to keep them busy and you should try to poke them as much as possible but DO NOT WASTE EXPUNGE MANA. Twitch has low mana and if you pop Expunge a lot you'll blow through your mana and you're useless. Same thing goes for Ambush Use it often enough to piss them off and keep them back but not enough to make them buy Oracles and wards or to blow through mana.

After you poke them down to half health. It's pretty much over, and we all like to keep out lane alive so the enemy will hang out and not leave at that low of health. Usually they don't waste money on Oracles or Vision Wards making you the stealthed prick about to kill them. But in the instance you are going against a knowledgeable opponent, be on the look out for minions hitting you while stealth or the enemy to run once you stealth towards them. Ambush behind them a good distance at this point your lane partner should recognize your intentions (Communicate with your team mates so they know your intentions). Now typically the enemy won't run from a support hero in fact they try to attack them. Now they are sandwiched between an innocent support hero and a dirty rat. Take them down as much as possible maybe even start the attack with Exhaust like I do. Which will slow them and greatly reduce damage done to your support. If you need to you can Flash to them as they run for safety and expunge then if you haven't already. Rinse and repeat until you have Infinite Edge or Bloodthirster
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In Case Of Emergency Break Glass and Remove Oracles

If the enemy does have Vision Wards and not only your lane but all lanes. Buy Oracles yourself and start looking for wards. This will keep you alive and prevent you from feeding the enemy team. As well as wasting their money if they keep placing wards. <<BE LOOKING FOR THE Oracles SIGN ABOVE ENEMY HEROS HEAD>>
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Mid Game Multi Lane Ganking.

By this point in the game you should have a Phantom Dancer and an Infinite Edge, your Berserker's Greaves] and your [[BF's Sword and working toward your Bloodthirster or Cloak and Dagger. Now people will be pushing 1 lane really hard and/or team fights will be ensuing. You thrive in team fights, large groups of people for you to Spray and Pray :) what more can you ask for.

Tactics - In a team fight priority number 1 is to get behind the enemy team before the fight actually begins. Why because who will look behind for an enemy when usual tactic is to stick together, also you can catch them as they run effectively removing the escape route even with a flash they are within range of you. So as the team fight starts pop Exhaust on the AD carry or AP carry. Then unleash the unholy fury that is Spray and Pray. 100% damage, apply on hit effect(Thats your LL and CC), and Penetration, meaning you'll hit their entire team every hit. Then Expunge when they all get low on HP and BOOM begin to spam the chat with WOOT WOOOOOT WOOOOOOOT like me because you just got Double-Triple-Quadruple-Pentakill on them.
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Late Game-Ninja Vanish

Late Game you should be fully built having a Phantom Dancer or finishing up on your Bloodthirster or Phantom Dancer for that perma crit and keeping BT alive. Because Phantom Dancer is your best buddy and number 1 priority. Usually lanes have been pushed. Yours or theirs and team fights are pretty much constant. Baron also is being utilized much more often. I often snag Red Buff whenever I can because the Jungler(if you have one) will be busy doing other things. FYI I have solo'd Baron down to 1/5 HP solo with Twitch before my team jumped in to help.

Inhibitor ganking?
Usually mid/late game Towers in the spawn have been busted and inhibitors are visible without defense. Twitch just stealthed into our base while his team distracted us and he took out our inhibitors. Yea thats whats up.

Solo Lane Pusher
You should be on the look out for that 1 person roaming alone to push a lane back. Why? Hell your Twitch and a ganking machine. Obviously keep tabs on the other people on their team like the AD/AP Carry or tank. non of which you really should be too worried about since you'll jump them and take them by surprise.

It's whats your good at. you don't initiate visibly and you don't tank. Try to find that 1 hero who wonders off from the group to hold a lane or get Blue or Red. But still be aware of the other players, they may be setting you up. I recently did this and went 31/8/3 in a Ranked match.
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Farming Ole McDonald Style.

Need i explain last hits..... Also when a large mob forms ult them and get those kills quick. But most of your money will come from kills and assists. Though i usually have 1-2 highest minion kills on my team. So you should always be looking for last hit or just focus the caster minions so your minions don't snag your kills.
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Other Ideas

I'll be trying other build over the next few days/weeks to discover either a better item for this build or a 2nd build for Mr. Twitch.

I'll update when I discover something new and glorious, or if I manage to leave something out.

I'll also be working on recording some of the tactics for viewing and example purposes. As well as some of my scores.
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In the works

-Bringing the Cloak and Dagger back for Tenacity and Critical Strike Chance as well as Attack Speed.
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Updated/Changed info

2/22/12 - Changed some spelling and sentence structure. Removed some pointless words, making for an easier read.

2/22/12 - Changed Cloak and Dagger to Phantom Dancer and Berserker's Greaves to Mercury's Treads. Giving better CC and AS scaling into later game and a bit of MR. Updated the build guide and item selection. Also removed the words Ghost and kid from the guide.

3/28/12-Went back to Berserker's Greaves instead of Mobility Boots

3/28/12-Replaced my 2nd Bloodthirster with a 2nd Phantom Dancer for increased Critical Strike Chance and Attack Speed
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