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Urgot Build Guide by Rukasu86

Top Zaun calls for its headsman [WIP][7.15]

By Rukasu86 | Updated on August 15, 2017
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About me

Hello there MOBAFire! My name is Rukasu and I started playing League around season 2. I quit the game at season 4 and came back around mid season 7. Right now I am doing my best to get back up at my old ranks, but as of now I am bronze I. Which sucks I know but don't worry. I am not here to teach you how to make bronze plays. I know what I am doing trust me.

Once I saw the Urgot rework teaser I knew it. This guy is going to be my main. And now that he's here I absolutely love playing him. He's not a difficult champion to master but he's just so good and fun to play. You should definitly check him out if you haven't already.

About Urgot

Urgot is a top lane ranged bruiser that's above average in lane. He has everything you need in lane. A good passive used for trading, a shield, a fling and the ability to never accididentally auto attack a minion because Urgot auto attacks for you.

So yes his lane is pretty good when played well. Besides that though Urgot really shines in the mid to late game. He deals % max health with his passive Echoing Flames damage and the shield from his W Purge scales off of his bonus health. This is why Urgot is so strong right now. His damage from his passive will shred anyone. Even tanks. And his shield will be pretty big because of the bonus health coming from Black Cleaver and Frozen Mallet together with some other defensive items.

Ofcourse there are some weaknesses but I will explain them in the pros/cons section of this guide.


+ Ranged
+ % Max health damage
+ Good shield
+ AoE passive
+ Good at focussing carries
+ Good waveclear

Urgot is a good pick in solo Q. Even though he lack escapes the slow from his Q Corrosive Charge saved me 70% of the time when someone was chasing me. His dueling potential is great with his massive shield and % max health damage. His ultimate Fear Beyond Death is great in lane and if you execute someone in a team fight it will fear all nearby enemies for a good amount of time. That way your team will be able to finish off the rest.

- Meh early game
- Gets rekt by CC
- Long cooldowns
- Easy to dodge E
- Not a hard carry
- Low mobility

As for all champions, Urgot has his weaknesses. Mainly being his low mobility. If you get ganked your most likely dead. Since his E Disdain is one of, if not the worst dash in the game. Besides that his poke is also quite terrible. The ability that scales best is his Q and that's on quite a long cooldown in the early game. And if you miss your Q and E you won't be able to deal any damage and most likely lose the trade.

Echoing Flames (Passive): This is where most of your damage comes from. Learning how to use your passive is essential on Urgot. It makes you win most trades with your enemy laner unless they have a long stun.
Corrosive Charge (Q): This is your main damage ability. You can use this ability for waveclear, to poke your opponent and to get the slow off. It's also the ability that scales best with your AD.
Purge (W): This is your main trading ability. It gives you a pretty good shield scaling of off bonus health. It's mainly used to get the passive shots off on your opponent.
Disdain (E): This is the ability that can be used to engage. It's not easy to land since his 'dash' has such a long wind up animation it shouldn't even be concidered a dash. It's more like a cc skillshot.
Fear Beyond Death (R): Oh boy. Here we go.
This ability is really fun to use. And it's good as well. Fighting Urgot while being at low health is the worst thing you can do. Once someone is below 25% health you can supress, and kill them. You can't get a safer execution.

Ability sequence

Most of the time you should go R>Q>W>E. Your Q scales best with your AD and makes up for your short auto attack range. While your W has really poor damage and is mainly used for your passive and shield. We max W second though because of the lower cooldown and E last because it's used for utility.

In the early game I prefer to level Q first and W second against someone who is good against early trading (ie. Riven or Yasuo). When someone is playing rather safe or just knows that I beat him in trades (ie. Nasus or Dr.Mundo) I level Q first and E second. I will talk about trading later in the guide.

Hey guys! Thank you all for reading and voting my guide. As you can see it hasn't been updated lately but that will happen I promise. Right now I just don't have the time and you have to use what I have written as of now. Hopefull you guys will stick around.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Rukasu86
Rukasu86 Urgot Guide