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Not Updated For Current Season

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Vayne Build Guide by Zc Caine

AD Carry Zc Caine's Best Vayne Guide

AD Carry Zc Caine's Best Vayne Guide

Updated on May 31, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zc Caine Build Guide By Zc Caine 1,658 Views 0 Comments
1,658 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Zc Caine Vayne Build Guide By Zc Caine Updated on May 31, 2015
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Vayne is a short-ranged ADC/Marksman who is arguably the best duellist in the game. Notorious for her incredible late-game potential, this hyper-carry deals some of the highest DPS in the game thanks to her Silver Bolts. I have played hundreds of games of Vayne in both Solo Queue as well as Ranked Teams. She is my favourite champion and is more difficult than your average Marksman, allowing a high skill cap and room to out-play your opponents.
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Pros / Cons

Late game hyper-carry
Highly Mobile
High Skill cap
Easy to reposition in team fights with stealth and Tumble
High duelling (1v1) potential allowing exceptional split-pushing
True Damage (Tank shredder, prevents Vayne from falling off if she gets behind)

Weak Laning phase
Relatively short range (550)
Hard to master
Condemn is hard to use properly
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Skill Sequence

Tumble(Q) is what makes Vayne the mobile, skillshot-dodging-machine that she is. It is great not only for kiting but also has great synergy with her passive, Night Hunter, making escaping from Vayne very hard indeed. Using Tumble while Final Hour is active provides Vayne with stealth for up to 1 second (remember that if you attack before the second is up, it will cancel your stealth prematurely). Her stealth is very much a part of what makes Vayne such a great duellist, which is why learning how to use it properly is a skill any good Vayne player needs to master.

If you intend on building an attack damage focused item first (such as The Bloodthirster or Infinity Edge) I would recommend maxing Tumble first. However, because I am featuring an attack speed focused build this guide, I would recommend maxing Tumble second instead.

Silver Bolts(W) are what makes Vayne the late-game terror which she is. The true damage (damage which does a fixed amount no matter what resistances the enemy has) shreds anybody, no matter how tanky they are. It will activate automatically every three stacks. Stacks are acquired by either auto-attacking or attacking with Tumble or Condemn. Maxing Silver Bolts first is especially effective with attack speed focused builds, such as the one featured in this guide.

Condemn(E) is Vayne's crowd-control (CC) ability. If used correctly if provides a knock-back and a stun. In a duel against an opponent with a shorter attack range, it can also be used simply as a way to create distance between you and your opponent even if there's no wall around to stun them. Using Condemn properly is important. If used incorrectly it can save your enemies by pushing them away to safety.

Final Hour(R) is Vayne's ultimate ability. Not only does it significantly improve her DPS, it also allows her to stealth and have an enhanced passive, making her even faster. In team fights, it's important not to use it prematurely. A good Vayne player will assess the situation to see whether they can simply use it to provide higher DPS, or whether they'll need it to duel someone on the other team. Early on in the game Final Hour doesn't have a particularly long duration, so in events such as a team fight to contest the dragon it is important that you learn when the right time to activate your ultimate is. Attack speed items work very well with Final Hour as the more you auto-attack while it is active, the more amount of times you get to apply the bonus Attack Damage provided.
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Heal is a great summoner spell. The 30% movement speed bonus it provides is very helpful in both escaping and pursuing, and the fact that it lets you heal a team-mate makes it a very strong Summoner Spell. Heal is a better option over Barrier in most situations. Exceptions include grievous wounds from champions such as Tristana or Katarina which will reduce the effectiveness of this Summoner Spell.

Barrier is another viable summoner spell on any ADC. It is easy to use and very effective. The shield provided will help you survive strong bursts or simply help you stay alive longer in a fight. Barrier is also great for baiting, and can be used in situations such as setting up ganks. At level 1 it will shield 115, and at level 18 it will shield 455.

Exhaust can be a viable summoner spell against particularly bursty champions (such as a Zed or a Syndra). However, usually if Exhaust is wanted on the team the support will take it.

Cleanse is a very situational summoner spell, but definitely viable. I would only recommend taking Cleanse in the current meta if the enemy bot-lane is very CC focused. However, having Cleanse will almost always significantly reduce your all-in potential in the early game. This makes it harder to capitalise on things such as reaching level 2 before your lane opponents.

Flash should be taken 100% of the time on any ADC as it is currently an irreplaceable summoner spell. The increase it provides in mobility increases your survivability drastically, making it an essential in any ADC's kit.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zc Caine
Zc Caine Vayne Guide
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Zc Caine's Best Vayne Guide

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