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Zed Build Guide by EliteFrag

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author EliteFrag

Zed - Crushing the Weak - Preseason 4 guide!

EliteFrag Last updated on November 30, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I love Zed

If Zed isn't Banned or picked I would normally take him top, Jungle, And or mid. Zed is my overall favorite champion.

This guide is going to go through the main details im not here to make some super long guide on EVERYTHING like his story and all these videos from other guides. no. I am here to give my consent on zed.

Starting off with Zeds passive.

Zed's Passive Contempt of the Weak: Whenever an enemy is at 50% or less health He deals a set amount of magic damage depending on his level. 6 /8 /10% of the enemys maximum health in magic damage. A great passive for farming! and Jungling! starting out 6% at the beginning of the game and then 8% at level 7 and 10% at level 17. Only sad part about this passive is that it can only occur on the target once every 10 seconds.

Zed's Razor Shuriken

Zed's Shuriken: This is zeds high poke tool as it Scales with 100% AD. When you Q at enemys as it passes through enemys it will deal less damage. For example Ezreals Ultimate. When you combine W your shadow with Q shuriken if the shadows shuriken hits the target it will do 50% shuriken damage and give you energy back! If your enemy laner is Ranged i would prefer maxing Zed's Q first.

Zed's Living Shadow

Zed's Shadow: Can be used as an escape or an engage tool! as it can be combined with Zed's E shadow slash and slow enemys for quick engage. Zeds shadow can multiply zeds skills. His Q and E can get doubled as the shadow can recreate zed and do what he does but cannot move. but zed can switch places with his shadow only one time.

Zed's Shadow Slash

Zed's slash: can be used two ways with his shadow for a slow or just by himself as a farming tool and a health decimator when maxed early game as it is an AOE. if your opponent is a melee champ i would prefer maxing zed's E first.

Zed's Death Mark

Zed's Mark: Gives zed a second shadow and with that shadow you basically have 3 shuriken attacks and 3 shadow slash skill attacks. Zeds mark also creates a magic ball on the enemy and the more skill damage you do to the enemy the more it will amplify the mark and after a set time of 3 seconds the mark will explode and deal a set amount of damage that you created. Death mark combined with BORK active and ignite and full skill combo can wreck any squishy champ.

PS: assassins job is to focus out the high damage little annoying people that sit in the back and just wreck cause everyone focuses tanks. Dont be that person. Wreck the Wreckers. and carry your team to VICTORY!

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Pros / Cons

[*] High poke
[*] Hard engage
[*] Great utility
[*] Good escape engage mechanic
[*] Energy user
[*] Great split pusher

Con's of ZED
[*] High skill cap
[*] Utilizing shadows correctly can take practice
[*] No hard CC

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Match ups

Hard: Kayle is one of the nastiest champion match ups in my mind i cant win against her in some cases with her ultimate. A well timed ulti from kayle can naturally shut down zed in a lot of cases.

Not a huge threat if you play your cards right: Wukong in season 4 can get shutdown in almost every case. his invisibility can get shut down by any champion carrying a trinket of Sweeping lens as it reveals an area. and you can basically find wukong in but becareful the trinkets cooldown is a lot longer then wukongs invisibiltys cooldown!

Difficult: again its all about how you play zed and how you can escape. When Jax Jumps onto you with his Q you might as well shadow away to safety and the combo him stay back and farm with your q never use your shadow for farming as that just gives away your escape mechanic!

Hard: AAtrox is a difficult lane as he needs consistent poke to keep him down especially how is W is a great life steal mechanic! be careful! the one way i can think of killing him is get a junglers help until aatroxs passive blood well is down then he is easy pray but trading with him while his passive is up is not a good idea!

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This will be a small chapter but!

Zed has huge potential in the farming industry.

As a Energy user Zed can spam is Q and E to destroy waves of minions for fast split pushing and farming!

If you do not have 200+ farm at 25-30 mins you are a disgrace to me. Just kidding!! but you should try to keep farm up dont try to end lane phase unless your team is ahead never try to end it unless your lanes are losing so hard that it is needed!

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If you enjoyed my first real guide!

Please rate and leave a comment as it will boost my confidence to make another and more detailed guide!

Thank you and Good Luck summoners!

May the luck be forever in your favor.