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Ziggs Build Guide by Amarizi

AP Carry Ziggs - Bomber guy

AP Carry Ziggs - Bomber guy

Updated on March 3, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Amarizi Build Guide By Amarizi 18,102 Views 6 Comments
18,102 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Amarizi Ziggs Build Guide By Amarizi Updated on March 3, 2013
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Hello, Im called Amarizi. Fire in a hole

After some match makings, I think Igot a good build for Ziggs The Hexplosive Expert
Zigg's a ranged mage pusher and a Burst type damgage dealer, which means you will use all your spells at once in your foes faces almost like Brand does. ziggs can destroy the enemies life bar in a few seconds and if the target is running away he can finish them with his Ultimate.

Overall, I think ziggs is a really good champion for the league.
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Ziggz The Hexplosives Hexpert

Ziggs was born with a talent for tinkering, but his chaotic, hyperactive nature was unusual among yordle scientists. Aspiring to be a revered inventor like Heimerdinger, he rattled through ambitious projects with manic zeal, emboldened by both his explosive failures and his unprecedented discoveries. Word of Ziggs' volatile experimentation reached the famed Yordle Academy in Piltover and its esteemed professors invited him to demonstrate his craft. His characteristic disregard for safety brought the presentation to an early conclusion, however, when the hextech engine Ziggs was demonstrating overheated and exploded, blowing a huge hole in the wall of the Academy. The professors dusted themselves off and sternly motioned for him to leave. Devastated, Ziggs prepared to return to Bandle City in shame. However, before he could leave, a group of Zaunite agents infiltrated the Academy and kidnapped the professors. The Piltover military tracked the captives to a Zaunite prison, but their weapons were incapable of destroying the fortified walls. Determined to outdo them, Ziggs began experimenting on a new kind of armament, and quickly realized that he could harness his accidental gift for demolition to save the captured yordles.

Before long, Ziggs had created a line of powerful bombs he lovingly dubbed ''hexplosives.'' With his new creations ready for their first trial, Ziggs traveled to Zaun and sneaked into the prison compound. He launched a gigantic bomb at the prison and watched with glee as the explosion tore through the reinforced wall. Once the smoke had cleared, Ziggs scuttled into the facility, sending guards running with a hail of bombs. He rushed to the cell, blew the door off its hinges, and led the captive yordles to freedom. Upon returning to the Academy, the humbled professors recognized Ziggs with an honorary title - Dean of Demolitions - and proposed that he demonstrate this new form of yordle ingenuity in the League of Legends. Vindicated at last, Ziggs accepted the proposal, eager to bring his ever-expanding range of hexplosives to the greatest testing grounds in the world: the Fields of Justice.

''Ziggs? Unpredictable, dangerous, yes yes. But quite brilliant!'' - Heimerdinger
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For Items I begin with a , simply because he's AP (ability power). The gives you mana regen, 15 ability power and 100 health. This is a great item for Ziggs, because hes abilities got low coldown but will destroy your mana quickly in earlygame, thats why some mana regen isn't wrong.

For second item I take for some nice movement speed + more dodge-ability. why I take this is because often mid champs have skill shots, and having some extra movement speed can save your life by dodging it.

third I buy another or sometimes 2 more. this is because now Ziggs will use up your mana really quickly by using hes combo : --> --> .

After that you will need to try to build your . Some players save their gold for the , but if you dont have enough gold don't be afraid to buy instead, Because that bonus 40 ability power from the blasting wand can make some nice damadge, and sometimes get a kill --> bonus 300 gold.

Now when you got I recomend you upgrading your boots to because all other players will have it upgraded by now, and you don't wanna be to slow when running away or chasing a low health opponent. + that awsome +20 magic pentration will make your damage better.

Now you will either buy some tanky item like , , . Or to start on a new item. I recomend because of the spellvamp. (spellvamp is lifesteal but for abilities)

Now in lategame you should buy more ability items like , . And if you haven't bought a tank item yet, Go get it. why you really should get tank items is because often in late game enimies will go target you, and if you haven't got tanky items yet, you will die in 2 seconds. :(
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Skill Sequence

So, Your main ability is that bomb ( ). ALWAYS get this when you can. This ability got a quite good range, and + a bouncing range. It takes some throws to learn how the bomb bounce but when you learn it, this spell will be awsome!

your is a great ability for escaping and for making enimies go to/away from you. get this at lvl 4, and upgrade this last because the damage is nothing against Bouncing bomb and all you really want with this spell is the "jump" thingy.

Is a really nice ability, its used to trap your opponents to go around it, or through it. Use this to your advantage, example: trap their way by using it against the wall. they will either go throug it or else go around it. If you see them go around it use your , its almost 100% hit.

is Ziggs Ultimate, This ability is best at close range (my oppinion), but if you see a guy with 10 hp recalling in the bush USE It. Why You should use it at short range? this is because how far the goes, the longer time it takes for it to "fly" to the marked location. If you use it at short range its more chance to hit than if you would throw it across the map, + the target will probably move when hes at low hp (so that you will miss ultimate), knowing what your ultimate does.
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Test - Ignore this...

How to "build"

Hello everybody, me gusta League of legends blabalbalbalblablalblablalblablalblablalb. .
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Amarizi
Amarizi Ziggs Guide
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Ziggs - Bomber guy

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