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Zilean Build Guide by LEvel75mudkip

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LEvel75mudkip

Zilean The Supreme Toplane (WIP)

LEvel75mudkip Last updated on March 11, 2014
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Hello readers, This is my first build so tell me what you like and what i should modify.

I chose to make this guide because Zilean is now one of my favorite champions due to me watching the "Zileans Got Swag" video on YouTube found here.
I hope you enjoy the build and guide as much as i enjoyed making it. :D

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Why Toplane?

Why Top lane you may ask yourself, I chose Top lane because Zilean is not like other mid lane champs, and just not as strong as your typical mid lane Syndra or Twisted Fate. While he can deal with these champions it is quite a hassle getting close to them, This makes it hard for Zilean to burst the enemy down. What about support? that is another question i get a lot while playing Zilean, And Zilean is not meant to be played support in my eyes because while his abilities are support like they can also be used to his own advantage.

Now with that out of the way you can see why Zilean is "The Supreme Toplane".

With Zilean top you can really harass the enemy since Top lanes are fighters (most of the time). So with them being fighters they will have no ranged to get to you and you can really wreak havoc on them with your bombs and mobility.

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Pros and Cons


    High damage output entire game
    Put enemy team to shame with last hit bombs
    Annoying to play against
    Easy to play once you get the feel of his kit
    Useful in teamfights (Tons of AoE and a Revive)
    He has an epic beard.

    Squishy early game
    Mana hungry if not distributed right
    If they gank without wards you have no getting away.

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The items i chose will give you an advantage in lane and when pushing. This build will allow you to push fast and not have to leave lane when the enemy or jungler appear in lane. This Build also lets you Support your team in fights without having to build all support items.

Starting out you should choose one of the 3 starter kits, all of them work and i use them depending on who i am laning against. So either of the three starts will work depending on how you plan on playing Zilean.