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Zyra Build Guide by donkeyslap

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author donkeyslap

Zyra - Aggressive Fly Trap

donkeyslap Last updated on July 26, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys for those of you who are a little more aggressive this build is how i go

Since Zyra is fairly new there is no clear way of playing or building her even tho others might tell you other wise. Im not saying this is the build to go for everyone nor am I saying it will work for all. This is just the way i build her for the way I feel she works best.

Zyra still has nerfs and other such things she will come through so the build is not permanent and likely to change at things come along.

I will add more to this eventually but for right now a quick look at things.
i have her built as a aggressive attacker, with the mastery i have done all ability power with armor and magic resistance and mana per level. for the runes i focus ap, ap per lvl, mana regen, and magic pen. i use it this way so i can get as much damage from the start as i can to get the kills quickly, or hurt the other person enough to send them back to base, while i remain. one of the problems i had with the aggressive play is burning mana fast, this is why i pick a few items that will give me mana and keep giving me a bigger mana pool the more i use my spells. the tear of the goddess and rampant growth go well together, every time you drop a seed you gain 4 more mana, and the seeds are very usefull from watching from ganks to extra range damage to take minions out faster.

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Pros / Cons

+ good cc with trap and slow
+ can summon plants to help
+ seeds to help watch for ganks
+ easy farming
+ can gank other lanes easly
+ can be very controlling in team fights

- slow
- hard to escape tight situations
- burns mana if not controlled
- near useless if skill shots miss

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Lane Options

Zyra is a Mid-Lane champ

  • She has seeds for gank detection
  • can control and dominate the solo lane
  • able to gank if needed
  • if skill enough could be used as solo top not recommended though, as being mage caster easy to kill but if hugged turret and landed skill shots would be effective
  • jungle is also a possibility with correct sequence of spells can clear very quickly and easly

However i focus on mid lane aggressive domination

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Summoner Spells


You definitely want Flash, if you were like me and failed at Flash this is a good time to learn. Flash is one of the only escapes Zyra will have, mix flash with grasping routs and your should be home free

Ignite would be the next preferred spell, with you plant slows and root spell slowing them isn't too big of a deal Ignite give you a nice extra amount of damage and can be applied quickly before you Flash away to safety.

Exhaust is another considerable spell, especially if you have trouble landing skill shots. it slows them to give you more time to line and land the skill shots and with used correctly between exhaust your Grasping Roots, and deadly bloom, mixed with Rampant Growth it will be a fairly easy kill


Heal could be used to replace Flash, Ignite, or Exhaust but isn't as effective as the others. I would advice newer players to use Heal just in case you mess up a skill shot or walk into a trap and fail at Flash, using this with Grasping Roots and Rampant Growth will save you and give you some time to get away.

Clarity is also able to replace Flash, Ignite, or Exhaust however it become less affective as you level and gain mana through the items i recommend. Clarity with give you that mana boost to either finish off an enemy or clear more trash while you wait for the enemy to come back.


Any of the other spells i would avoid they do not help as much as the five above and or just do not go well with a mid lane mage.