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Zyra Build Guide by Netusia

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Netusia

Zyra - Haunting the lane with demon seeds [updated for S4]

Netusia Last updated on December 16, 2013
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Zyra is a very nice champ to play. Zyra is a ranged mage who also can support. You can easely burst with her seads. You can easely poke your champ with your snare and your seeds. Zyra is fun to play and got a lot of damage. She can easely snare a enemy plant seeds and then go for the kill by using her ulti.

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Pros / Cons

- great burst
- good crowd control
- seed do lot of damage
- easy to poke champs
- easy to snare for friendly jungler

- bad if in bad position
- slow movement speed
- squishy
- mana dependend

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Rise of the Thorns

This is the passive of Zyra. When Zyra dies you can shoot a last thorn. This thorn deals true damage (81 + (19 x current level). This is a skill shot and its short ranged. You can activate this passive by pressing any ability (q/w/e/r).

Deadly Bloom

With this ability zyra growss a bud at target location. This bud explodes after a short delay dealing 70 / 105 / 140 / 175 / 210 (+65% of ability power) magic damage to enemy's in current area.
You can use this ability for poking enemy's and farming in early game.

Rampant Growth

Here zyra plants a seed who grants vision for 30 seconds. This ability has a passive who grants 4/4/8/16/20% Cooldown Reduction. The seeds can be activated by casting another spell on the seed. Then the seed becomes a plant who fights for zyra. If a target is attacked by the same plant the damage will be reduced 50%. you can combine this ability with

Deadly Bloom
This combination forms a thorn spitter who deals 23 + (6.5 x level) (+20% of ability power) damage on enemy target.
Grasping Roots
This combination grants a vinelasher who deals 23 + (6.5 x level) (+20% of ability power) on enemy target. When target is attacked by this plant he will be slowwed.

This ability is very usefull for poking enemy's and farming minions early game. You can tank a blue buff with this plants. Also this plants will do a good damage on the enemy champs.

Grasping Roots

This tosses roots who grasp. If the roots hit target they will snare the target for a short time. The roots also deal 60 / 95 / 130 / 165 / 200 (+50% of ability power) damage on target.

This ability is very usefull for rooting targets, chasing down, slowing enemy's, focus an enemy and starting fights,


Zyra summons roots who will knock arborn targets and deal 180 / 265 / 350 (+75% of ability power damage on every enemy in the area. If a thorn spitter or a vine lasher is in the area they wil be granted with a attack speed of 50%

This ability is very handy for ending team fight, damaging whole teams,...

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Skill Sequence

It is best to start with Grasping Roots then you root your enemy. But the skill is when you just started your Grasping Roots planting a seed Rampant Growt behind the target. Then the seed will become a vinelasher. So the enemy will be rooted and slowed.
Then you have to use Deadly Bloom and wile deadly bloom is summoning plant a seed in the area. You can close of by using your ult Stranglethorns.

But mostly after the rooting and slowing the enemy wil use flash. and dodging your ult. If you play this very tactic you could summon your Strangethorns just after you rooted the enemy and wile your ult is summonging then use your Deadly Bloom and Rampant Growht instant This wil do your enemy all the damage. If the enemy is then stil alive a few auto attacks and an ignite will finish the job.

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Haunted Skin

The newly released Haunted Zyra skin does not only affect you're looks, but also your plants. Your thorn spitter become a dark/demonlike thorn spitter, your vinelasher becomes a sort of demon/root hand. This is a very nice skin with nice new looks for zyra. the current price is 1350 RP.