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Need Suggestion on GP

Creator: Dawson July 8, 2011 9:04am
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Oct 5th, 2010
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AD matters because your main damage output is not AP.
Your Raise Morale is an AD Steroid, and your Parrrley has a high AD ratio.

AP Gangplank may be fun, but he was only any good when he had a deny that allowed him to gain a level-advantage in the solo lane. Oh sure, you use ONE mighty Cannon Barrage. Then what? Early game, it's pretty darn useless. It's not a good build.

If you actually want to win, build AD.

My highest recommended item is:

Executioner's Calling - 15 Critical Strike Chance, 18 Life Steal. UUNIQUE Passive: On hit, you cause 4 damage per second for 8 seconds. UNIQUE Active: Inflicts target enemy champion with Grievous Wound, causing 50% reduced healing and regeneration for 8 seconds. 20 second cooldown.

This has everything Gangplank could want for his first item.
Crit chance for his Parrrley. Life steal for sustainability. An on-hit DoT to combo with Grog-soaked Blade, and an anti-heal to compensate for the anti-heal he lost on his passive.
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